10 Player Tips

This weekend’s game tip is 10 tips, so lucky you. In this post I’m dropping some serious game knowledge fast and to the point.

To say I’m blunt in this post would be an understatement.

Pay attention, read closely, apply the knowledge and you’ll be on your way to becoming a true player.


If you find yourself hemming and hawing to a girl about how you’re dating other girls, then your Frame is out of whack. While you don’t have to be obvious, you also shouldn’t shy away from her questions with feeble attempts to appease her. Yes, you are a man in demand and a man in demand gets pussy and lots of it.

When a girl is aware that you’re being pursued by other girls, she will only step up her ‘game’ even higher and will be eager to please you. On the flip-side, if you are never in demand, then girls can sense this and will avoid you like the plague.


According to a Google survey, women are 3 times more attracted to a man wearing a suit and tie than shorts and a t-shirt. I’ll let you ponder on that for a moment.

You don’t always have to wear a suit, but the jury’s verdict is in and it’s a clear decision: men who rock well-fitting suits get more IOI’s then men who don’t. Nuff’ said.


Don’t be a needy beta bitch boy clamoring for her attention. Put out some effort to see her. Does she reciprocate? Cool. Does she not and do you chase her even harder? If you find yourself chasing her non-stop, then you’re out of control and she has already slotted you in the Eager Beaver category.

Be in control of your emotions. Be in control of how much Push-Pull you use. Women feel extreme attraction for men who are cool, calm and collected. Be that man. Keep your emotions in check. Let her be the one to lose control of her emotions and become infatuated with you. It’s a beautiful thing.


Fuck having a ‘Man Cave’ in the garage. Your entire apartment, or house is your ‘Man Cave’. Pimp out your palace no matter how humble it might be and create an atmosphere of casual and cool, clean and fresh, fun and sex.

fordgt40gulfmirage-07The moment a man decides to put his focus more on his significant other than his goals, she is already packing in her mind. Be balanced. Get girls, but don’t forget your goals. Having a great life as a man is a balancing act and when you combine great player skills with a playboy lifestyle, then your life really opens up. Don’t forget the star player in your life: YOU.

steve-mcqueen-35Show me a strong player and I’ll show you a cat who can do more with his mouth closed in turning a woman on, then most guys can do running their mouth for 10 minutes. If you don’t know how to work on alpha male body language and develop your voice until it’s masculine and paced, then stay tuned, because I’m going to show you how.

1269306923While that doesn’t mean to go out and get your ass arrested like our late friend above, it does mean that if you constantly get friend-zoned and treated as the Beta Bitch Boy Provider type, that you’re giving off too much of a ‘Nice Guy’ vibe.

Women crave the bad boy for one main reason: he truly does not give a fuck if she likes him or not. So what does she do? She chases him with the hope that she will be ‘the one’ to reform his bad boy ways and he will come to his senses and settle down with her. Good luck.

article-2109709-1201A6E9000005DC-34_964x539I recently turned down a potential coaching client because I told him he wasn’t ready yet (how many lifestyle coaches turn down money?). To put it bluntly, he needed to lose weight. Now, that’s not the issue. The issue is that he refused to listen to me and get on an exercise program to lose the weight. Don’t expect to walk out your door and pull dimes if you’re stuffing your face with Krispy Kremes every night and carrying around an extra 75lbs. Ain’t happening.

Keep up a good exercise regimen and be disciplined. You don’t have to turn into Arnold in his prime, but stay toned, have some endurance for those all night fuck sessions and most importantly, do it because you give two fucks about taking care of the one body you have.

Steve-McQueen (1)Take a risk. That girl you keep eyeing in your calculus class? Go approach her. Without risking falling on your face, you will never reach the heights of being a great player.

It’s okay to be scared, hell everyone gets nervous sometimes, but the difference between the winner and the loser is, that the winner will take the risk despite his fear, while the loser will give into his fear and do nothing.

Live life. Approach girls. Be adventurous. Take risks. Life is helluva short and regrets on your deathbed is no way to go out.


The key to becoming a great player starts with a man’s mindset. How the hell does one do this? Next week, I’ll tell you how.

Here’s to a great weekend gentlemen. Be safe, have fun, and go on an adventure. Hell, that’s all life is, is one big adventure.


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22 Replies to “10 Player Tips”

  1. CMQ
    Do you believe out destinies are shaped by the kind of thoughts we think…
    What kind of thoughts does a game guru like you think when you see a hot girl (a beta will act nervous and an omega won’t even approach her IMO).

    Also in Vegas and LA do you see regular (not rich, famous) mid 30s-early 40s dudes with fine young girls (18-24yo)?


    1. Hey Paso:

      “What kind of thoughts does a game guru like you think when you see a hot girl (a beta will act nervous and an omega won’t even approach her IMO).”

      I’m far from a guru, but the thought is, she needs to get fucked by me. Source: Christian wrote a post about this before. It’s a very simple but highly effective inner game teaching.

      I would habitually tell myself she needs to get fucked by me while closing in for the approach. Over time you naturally begin to believe it, which reduces your anxiety or any inner resistance.


  2. Best voice tip: exercise your voice muscles. Practice breathing and speaking through your diaphragm. Make an “ooo” sound from your chest as deep as you can, holding the note as long as you can. It’s good to have a strong upper range too, but for our purposes we only need to focus on that strong, deep timbre. There are tons of guides online for speaking through the diaphragm and improving the depth of the voice.


  3. Will you be making a post on your way of using push-pull in the future? The technique has been around forever, but I’m probably not the only reader that’s curious about how you use it.


  4. Awesome article! I liked the format too of having a photo with a quote, then a description beneath it too.


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