The Player’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Ah V-Day…

The day where men everywhere are expected to open their wallets and hearts and show affection to their sweetheart.

But is it different for player’s?

If you answered ‘yes’, then you’re correct.

Here’s a short and simple, but tried and true guide to what a player should do for Valentine’s Day.

This is broken down into relationship stages ranging from a FWB, to an LTR.

FWB (Friend With Benefits aka Fuck Buddy)

Do nothing. Yes, it’s that simple. You’re not exclusive to her, you’re not in an actual relationship and therefore nothing should be expected of you, nor should you expect anything in return.

Some girls will mention that they’re getting you a gift. This is a trick to get you to make a bigger deal out of V-Day then is necessary. She may have full intentions of getting you a gift and that’s all well and good, but how you respond to that will set the Frame.

Girl: “I decided to get you a gift”

You: “It’s not my birthday”

Girl: “I know silly”

You: “It’s not Christmas”

Girl: “Yea, I know! It’s for Valentine’s Day”

You: “Ah gotcha”

The end. If she pushes, ignore or go silent on her. She’ll get the message.

Short Relationship (1-5 Months aka The Honeymoon Stage)

You met a sexy girl and the two of you started dating a month or two ago. She’s excited for Valentine’s Day and whatever her imagination has concocted up that you’re doing for her.

Read this closely: Less Is More.

I’ll write it again: Less Is More.

And once again, because it’s that important: Less Is More.

When I was a young buck around 18yo, I made the mistake of going big on Valentine’s Day. Guess what happened? I set the bar too high and way to damn early. When you start out with Tiffany’s Jewelry where do you go from there? Too much, too soon.

So here’s what you do. Now some of you might think, “Well Christian that won’t work, or maybe she’ll get mad and dump me”, and if those thoughts are flying through your brain, then I know your Frame is already weak with her.

When a girl truly is ‘in love’, or deeply infatuated with a man, it will not matter what you get her, it’s more of how you do it. The more casual you are, the more matter-of-a-fact you are, the more wet she will be and content with your choice of gift.


A silly card and a box of her favorite candy.

Like so:


Casually hand it to her, kiss her firmly on the mouth and say, “I’m quite fond of you darling”.


If she complains at all how her girlfriends got fancy dinners, expensive gifts and lavish nights on the town, then my friend, she is not a keeper. Period.

Another note: don’t do an expensive dinner out. Whether you have the money or not, is not the point. The point is that she has not earned this treatment yet.

Read closely: the more you make her earn your affection and commitment, the more deeply she will fall in love with you and ‘work’ to please you.

You can take that to the bank.

Mid-Relationship (6 Months to 1 Year)

At this point you have an idea of the type of girl she is because you followed my golden relationship timeline in this book, however, you might have said you loved her already (let’s hope she said it first) and you feel things are getting serious. Note the usage of the word ‘feel’.

Still too soon to be going nuts on V-Day.

Good relationships simmer like soup on a stove. They take time and are built on concrete repeated actions, not fuzzy feelings that dissipate as quick as they came.

Let’s say that she’s proven herself after a year to be a pretty badass Ride or Die girl. She’s been loyal, feminine and shows through ACTIONS (not words) that she really has your best interests in mind. Then you can step it up slightly. Here’s what you do:


The gift of you. Whip up a sexy dinner at home, throw some candles on, eat and then fuck her brains out.

Total cost: the food that you cooked.

Now let’s say you really want to get her something. Fine, but put a cap on the spending limit. I would recommend nothing more than $50 max. For $50 you can get her something cute and small. Remember gents, a teddy bear could mean more to her than a fancy bracelet, because of how your Frame is.

Once again, this has nothing to do with being cheap, or broke. This is for a specific reason, so that she sees that your actual presence is the real gift. You can’t put a price tag on your commitment. You merely making her the only girl on V-Day is enough. Moving on.

Long Term Relationship (1 Year 6 months+)

Things are rockin’ along, she’s been a great girl so far and after almost 2 years you know you have something pretty cool cookin’ with her. What to do?

If you have the funds, I would do something that you both can COLLECTIVELY enjoy. It could be a small weekend trip, a package deal to go sky-diving, or hell, even take a visit to Wine Country, but the key here is that it’s something that YOU will enjoy too. This creates the understanding in her mind that you put yourself up there with her wants and desires too. It’s not just about her, but about you and that’s just the way it is.

Another note on this: if you’re strapped for cash, then keep it simple. Don’t care if it’s been 5 years, keep it simple and don’t skip your rent to make her happy. You being happy will make her happy if she’s a decent girl. Trust me, I’ve been there and I know from whence I speak. Less is more.

Harem Girls

You know I couldn’t write a player’s guide to V-Day without including what to do for Harem girls, but it’s real simple:

Depending on where they are on your ‘bench’ you act accordingly.


Your main girl, or starter, gets whatever you would do based on your time together. See above.

Second string gets nothing, besides a box of her favorite candy and possibly some time together the weekend of, but NOT on actual V-Day.

Third string gets nothing.

And so on for 4th string and lower.

The main spot should be a coveted spot that the other girls are striving to take over. If they don’t see the value of being your main girl, then they have less incentive to be on their best behavior and won’t work as hard to earn your affection.

Simple right?

Alright gents, there you have it: The Player’s Guide To Valentine’s Day.

Lastly, remember this: she will love you more for being a man who controls his emotions and shows RESTRAINT, over a bubbling groveling beta bitch boy who tries to buy her affection. This is a fact. Get her wet, or she might be fantasizing about a real alpha male. The choice is yours.

On another note, I posted this on Friday and the followup is coming, but I’ve been swamped as hell this week with other business interests. More to come very soon.



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9 Replies to “The Player’s Guide To Valentine’s Day”

  1. I just yesterday contemplated what I would do about Valentine’s day with my Fwb, then today I read your most recent post which tells me what to do.
    Perfect timing, thanks for clarifying what I thought


  2. Ever considered mingling the forum and blog post i.e. threads dedicated to discussing blog post? I think some of these are money and will help some of the newer members finds advice because I don’t think a lot of forum people realize you have a blog or how useful it is.


  3. McQueen,
    In your lifetime where have you seen the best looking girls- big college campuses, clubs, or day game in major cities?

    For me I’ve spent more time in Miami but I like those blonde hair blue eyed big rack German looking Jenny McCarthy types. I’m not into the chicas of Miami because for the high bitch shield you see in Miami for those ethnic girls you might as well be in Medellin.


      1. How often do you get out to Chi-town McQueen? I’m a native and would be curious to know what clubs/restaurants you found to be top notch for the scenery. In my experience, you can’t go wrong with anything considered “small plates” tapas type food-the girl to guy ratio is always pretty solid in our favor.


      2. Truth and McCarthy is from Chicago. It must be all the German and EE blood that lets them have so many fine blondes in the gene pool- I’ve seen some smoke shows at the Ontario Airport/Ontario Mills area too- I love that German blonde DNA.

        Do you have a couple of good spots to reccomended in Chicago? A data sheet would be a good future blog entry. Thanks.


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