How 50 Shades of Grey Will Improve Your Sex Life


“Mr. Grey will see you now”. This already famous line from the best-selling novel 50 Shades of Grey is plastered across billboards pretty much everywhere. The other day driving down a major LA road I counted no less than 10 billboards advertising the film in a 2 mile stretch. That’s Titanic movie level advertising and with the release of the film will only create a wave of change in the dating market.

While some might see that as being extreme, it’s not. Movies influence culture, especially women and this film will be no different. While some are lamenting the release of this film, there actually is a silver lining for the playboys looking for easy sex. Here are 5 ways I see this film actually helping improve your sex life.

#5. Suit Game Is Being Enforced

As girls line up to see this film after being inundated with advertising for months, what is the one image they have consistently seen? The Christian Grey character in a suit. Even the trailer has him in a suit. In fact, you can pretty much imagine that he’s in a suit the entire movie (including a sex scene where he leaves his pants on. Hey, I have my sources).

What this does is tell girls, “Guys in suits are sexy! Guys in suits will know how to fuck me right! Guys in suits are powerful!”. If you’re not rocking Suit Game yet, now might be the time to jump on the bandwagon, because the guys who have been doing it for years, such as myself, are only going to see a spike in the IOIs.

#4. Male Dominance Will Become ‘Cool’ Again

If you’ve read my books, followed this blog and adhered to my game philosophy, then you’re well aware of the power of being Dominant and having strong Frame. The good news is, that I believe this film will actually reinforce these qualities and women will actively seek out men who have them.

We already know it’s natural for women to desire a dominant male, but now we have a movie which actively encourages it. Frame and Dominance will become cool again. Mark my words.

#3. Hardcore Sex Will Become The Norm

It already has to some extent, but after women watch this movie they will get curious and want to experiment on some level. I’ve already covered certain components of this here and here, but if you’re having vanilla sex with chicks right now, get ready to be replaced. How you benefit is that women will be more open to having new sexual experiences. It’s that simple.

#2. Women Will Be Even More Receptive To Direct Game

This movie will cause them to be more receptive to direct game due to the direct nature of the Christian Grey character. While Indirect Game has its place and always will (usually due to the venue or social situation), Direct Game will be the real decisive difference between merely making her curious and making her chase YOU.

Direct Game is the turbo to game and if you haven’t tried it, or learned it, then I highly suggest you grab your balls and dive in. The weak and wishy-washy men will be left behind and the sex will be left for the direct and dominant males solely.

While indirect game will still work to a certain degree, the man who has the balls to go direct and establish himself as the prize from the jump, will be rewarded with the women who are eager to jump into bed with a High Value Male. I’ve used direct game for over a decade and I actively encourage it with my students who have benefited from being ballsy and going for it.

The beauty of direct game, besides being more natural, is that it is an excellent tool to weed out the flaky and indecisive girls who play games. While your rejection rate might go up, your actual closing rate will increase because it saves you time and helps you develop that 6th sense of what girls are DTF in a short span of time. Go direct and reap the rewards.

#1. Women Will Seek To Make Their Fantasies Into A Reality

And that’s where you come in. Never has there been a better time to learn how to Create A  Bubble, practice Deep Conversion Game and take charge with women. If you’ve been sitting back idle and watching ‘the game’, now is the time to jump in and see where it takes you.

Women will go from having fantasies in their bedroom to actively seeking men out who can deliver the Christian Grey experience and if you put yourself out there, you will reap the rewards.

In Closing…

The one large negative I see with this film release is that women’s hypergamy will increase to exponential levels. It’s hilarious that the author made the main male character a BILLIONAIRE. He couldn’t be ‘just’ a millionaire, but a billionaire. Women will be looking to trade up after this movie and it won’t be the hotties. It’ll be the kind-of-cute girls like the girl playing the female character in the film, who will believe that they too deserve a billionaire while having the looks of a 6.5. Good luck ladies.

That being said, it’s easy to navigate around this: have strong Frame and let the chips fall where they may. She might just ‘trade up’ to you.


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36 Replies to “How 50 Shades of Grey Will Improve Your Sex Life”

  1. This post is spot on.
    Just last night I had a girl calling me master and begging me to get kinky.
    She even mentioned the book after she got her ass pounded.
    I laughed my ass off all the way back to my dorm.


  2. Hey Christian. This was a great post. The only one that I don’t remembrr you going in depth ( correct me if I’m wrong is #2. Direct game. If you haven’t can you write a little bit more about it. I will really appre iate that, and if you already have can you give us the links for those articles. Also what could be a good alternative during summer for a suit. In Texas sometimes we have 100 degrees, so its kind of hard to rock a suit specially during the day. Any suggestions? What about wearing vests only? By the way I appreciate that you always reply on everyones comments. You have on mine. By the way what is your email address that you check the moat. I will like to share with you a success story that in part got me inspired from your blog.

    Thank you


  3. Here’s an idea for a blog. On grabbing your balls and going direct. How about building your confidence so you have the balls to go direct – especially if life has been kicking your ass for a few years and it’s difficult to rebound from it.


  4. Thanks for the article, Dr. McQueen!
    wait, “only if I had that dr. title before my name”? I have a doctor title. i never mention it. at all. would it help me get laid though?

    on another note: I have been using a blazer to go with long hair and an overall rock star look. blazer, boots, jeans, T-shirts, scarf, some accessories. is that look less powerful as the “full suit” look with pocket square?


    1. I like suit game but much of my personal life revolves around an edgy casual look (rock star aspirations).

      I would say, limited experience, that a jacket brings it close but different. When I go thebrick star route, I seem to inadvertently peacock. In my music circles, I am almost always the best dressed. A full on suit definitely changes my presentation to more powerful.

      I think what it amounts to is playing to your audience.


    2. I’m sure it would, but depends if you want a girl to know that about you from the jump. While it raises your perceived value from the jump, it also could attract the gold diggers.
      That look can be good as well, as long as it’s up-to-date rocker style aka Russell Brand and not late 90’s rocker style. Dressing your best isn’t necessarily about rocking a suit and square, it’s about dressing the best in your specific style niche.


    1. Search on google images…”blazer and jeans.” Always wear a pocket square. Tie is optional.

      This is my standard wardrobe. Women always compliment me on my “nice suit”. Bar sluts dont know what a suit really is cause men never wear them out. You will get the same effect for less with this.


  5. There are going to be hoards of women looking to upgrade after this movie comes out. Women are going to look at their current beta, feminine, aloof boyfriends and say, “WTF am I doing here?” The single man will clean up for weeks/months after this release.

    I needed to read that book to understand what the hype was about and why every woman I had ever been with had read it cover to cover. The takeaways were that women love the idea of being dominated and powerless, and also are infatuated by the notion of a man exclusively focusing on them, without any care in the world for other women. For those of us who always practice physical dominance in the bedroom, it is an eye opener to think of all the guys out there who simply are placeholders until their girl gets ripped away by a confident, masculine alpha male who can give them that “Christian Grey experience” in #1.


    1. If you read this blog you’re not missing much. There’s sone BDSM, but the main point is how overly dominating Christian’s frame is, even outside the bedroom.

      Stuff like:
      Demands her to get tested because he doesn’t like condoms

      Hates her outfits because she dresses like a scrub so he buys her outfits and demands that she dresses properly.

      Specifically has blonde desirable secretaries and such at his office.


      Oh and I THINK that Christian Grey was actually black in the book.


  6. ive been saying for months to my mates that it will be a huge power move to go to bars close to theatres after show times for already primed girls. That will honestly be the night that I take the most time of any to iron my pants and shirt to perfection


    1. Playing the Monday Morning quarterback, I have to agree. While the clubs weren’t as packed last Saturday, girls bitch shields were considerably lower from my experience and were sending IOI’s like it was their last night on earth.


  7. Speaking of the suit, I’m glad I took your advice on it, Christian. Chicks go ape shit if they see a guy who knows how to rock a suit.
    Pro-tip gents, go for a charcoal slim fit suit with a pocket square.


  8. I’m totally on board with the suit idea, I look at men like Don Draper and James bond they kill it with the suit. I won’t see the movie, but I will step up my game with a suit.


      1. Because it will add fuel to an already raging fire of female delusions and entitlements.

        I’m just not as optimistic as you are. I always see the worst before the best.


  9. Was just talking about this with some friends. This Saturday night can be a poon bonanza for guys with good game. You have lonely, single girls going out in groups to see this movie, then hit the bars after. They’ll be an intoxicating mix of sad and horny-the pickings don’t get much easier than this. Happy hunting to all this weekend.


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