Next Level Game Manifesto


Readers often ask me what differentiates the good players from the great ones. What are the factors in play that take a man from average skills with women to becoming great?

It starts with the mindset. While I’ll be going into more detail very soon (as promised last week), here is an internal monologue of what goes through my mind on an average night out.

This is from start to finish, from first drink to last call, from rejection to success. After reading this, you will see how important your mindset is when it comes to becoming successful with women on a next level scale.

Note: italics are my thoughts, regular type is what is actually happening.

The Prep

-Put on a suit

-Get pumped for a great night by doing my pre-going out ritual

-Last minute before walking out of the house: “I’m going to crush tonight. Girls get ready.”

The Ride

-Uber picks me up usually. I don’t drink and drive. Had enough close calls in the past.

-I engage the driver in light and positive conversation.

Me: “How’s your night going?”

“This guy is driving like an idiot, but hell, at least he’s bound and determined to get me there fast, so I’ll be positive about it.”

The First Drink

-Order the first drink at a sexy hotel lounge. Sometimes the first of many. Sometimes the one and only.

“Damn this hit the spot. Who’s that staring over here? Legs for days. She definitely needs to get fucked by me.”

Me: “You going to keep staring or introduce yourself?”

Her: “I wasn’t looking at you I swear”

After another attempt to start the flirting process, she shuts me down cold.

“On to the next one. Nice legs, but bad attitude. Her loss.”

Club #1

-Walk up, velvet rope gets lifted, greet my people and head to the bar.

“Crowd looks good. I can do some work in here.”

Me: “Looks like this is where the fun girls are”

Girls collectively laughing: “Oh yes, we definitely are! It’s her (pointing at one of them) birthday!”

Me: “Birthday Sex…Birthday Sex” (I start lightly singing the lyrics to the Birthday Sex song)

Birthday Girl: “Oh you’re bad! I don’t have sex on the first night I meet a guy!”

Me: “Come here” (she leans in and I talk into her ear) “I don’t judge and it is your birthday after-all”

Birthday Girl: “You’re baaaad” (glimmer in her eye and licks her lips)

Me: “Birthday kiss. Come here.” (I pull her in and kiss her on the mouth. She kisses back and squeals in delight)

Birthday Girl’s Friends: “You’re trouble!! We’re going to take pictures, so see you in a bit.” (pulling her away)

“Cockblocked, but it is early and I’m not going to pull her at 11pm. Plenty of time and more girls to meet. Sexy chick though and I’ll come back around in a bit.”

Smoking Patio

-Light up a cig and take in the view. Couple of hotties, some average girls and a couple of land whales.

-A cute girl, solid 7.5 approaches me.

Her: “Can I borrow a cigarette?”

Me: “Are you going to give it back after ‘borrowing’ it?”

Her: “You know what I mean” (giggling)

I pull a cig out and she reaches out to take it.

Me: “No. Open your mouth”

She obliges. I place the cig gently between her lips and light it immediately ‘sparking’ a sensual interaction and compliance testing. If she resists, then she’s not attracted enough. If she obliges, there is some attraction and more importantly a willingness to be led by me.

She blushes and looks away.

“It’s on. This ‘move’ never fails.”

Me: “What’s your name?”

She answers and we talk for less than 5 minutes. I put my phone in her hand and she gives me her number. I then tell her about a after-party I’m hitting up and she asks me to text her so she can go too. Done.

“Afterparty in my pants”

There really is an after-party, but my thoughts are devious sometimes.

I make a couple of laps around the club once back inside, but nothing is biting and I’m bored. Time to bounce at 1am.

Club #2

-I roll to the 2nd club. Spot has a line a city block long and I don’t see my door people outside.

“Fuck. Wait, not ‘fuck’. Everything happens for a reason and timing is everything.”

-I send a quick text to my dude asking where he is and decide to chat up some girls milling about in front of the club, but then quickly remember that is usually the worst time and place to chat up girls. They are preoccupied with getting in and idle chat is the last thing they want to do.

-My door guy comes out, velvet rope is lifted and I’m in like Flynn.

-The spot is popping the fuck off. People are waving light sabers, the Dj is throwing down like a mofo and the energy is off the charts.

“Excellent. I thrive on high energy and this is perfect. Chicks chicks come out wherever you are”

-I approach 2 girls who are looking around with cock in their eyes.

“Hungry for dick, these two are perfect”

-I walk up in between them and drape my arms over the shoulders of both of them. They laugh and look at me shocked. Big balls don’t run deep in Los Angeles, so a move like this, is greeted with some hesitation, but most certainly curiosity.

Girl #1: “Well aren’t you bold!”

Girl #2: “Yea I know right? But I like it”

Me: “I know you do. Where’s your friends?”

“Are they truly by themselves or a part of a larger group and I have to watch for cockblocks?”

Girl #2: “Just us. How about you buy us a drink?”

Me: “Hmmm. I buy a drink and afterwards you dip. It’s not my first time to the rodeo doll.”

Girl #1: “Well aren’t you rude?!”

“Silly chick-a-dee no time for games, it’s nigh 1:30am.”

I dip and quick. In LA time is of the essence due to the draconian 2am alcohol cut-off and club closure time. No sooner than I turn around from the two gold-diggers then I literally bump into a solid 8 hottie who immediately apologizes for bumping into me.

Her: “I’m so sorry! I was looking for my friend, but I think she left with her friend”

Me: “Off to fornicate I’m sure”

Her: “Probably” (laughing)

“I can work with this. Straightforward, apologized when most girls wouldn’t and she’s definitely a hottie. Game on because SHE NEEDS TO GET FUCKED”

Me: “Let’s grab a drink”

Her: “Okay”

“I’ll buy an UN-ENTITLED girl a drink all night long, but the entitlement is where I had an issue with the previous girls. Don’t ask and you shall receive ladies.”

-I order us 2 shots which get comped because I have the bartender On-Lock, I drop a Jackson on the bar for their tip and pull her close to me.

Me: “Let’s get out of here and hit up this after-party in the Hills”

Her: “Sounds fun. Okay”

“Ahh how refreshing when everything clicks”

-I request an Uber BEFORE walking out of the club so we can walk out and literally get right in the SUV immediately. I take her to a dark corner and we make out while waiting on the driver. Escalation is key.

The After-Party

-Uber arrives and we head to the after-party. In the car I instruct the driver to keep the music loud and party music only. This creates a fun and energetic vibe while I make out with the girl in the backseat.

-We arrive at the mansion Hills party, walk right in past the line and without paying due to my relationships with the owners. Having spots On-Lock is crucial to making your night great.

-I take her in, head for one of the bedrooms and we have sex without me even taking my pants off. I hike up her skirt and we go to town. She’s great, it’s fun and then we leave after a post-sex drink overlooking Los Angeles in the back of the house.

The night has ended and I still don’t know her name. I head home ready to sleep. Not a bad night.

There is a TON of stuff going on in-between the lines of what I just wrote, so take your time to re-read and see what it is. The keys here are:

1. I didn’t give up.

2. I didn’t get discouraged by multiple approaches that fizzled out.

3. I kept my eye on the prize and was ‘rewarded’ by meeting a sexy and fun girl with zero hassle.

4. Having spots On-Lock made my night seamless in transitioning which is HUGE.

Now remember, that last minute pull doesn’t always happen. The night could have ended with me going home alone, however, my enjoyment wouldn’t be deterred by getting laid or not, because my joy was based in having a great night out enjoying the nightlife REGARDLESS. This is key.

This weekend when you roll out, keep your mind clear of negativity, stay focused on the prize and remember it’s 50 Shades of Grey movie release AND Valentine’s Day: This means that there will be multiple lonely and horny girls out looking for the D. Will you provide it?



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17 Replies to “Next Level Game Manifesto”

  1. Christian,
    Love your stuff and appreciate the good tips. My main problem is the lack of girls in my area. At all the bars and decent night spots around me the only decent girls are there with other guys. It seems the only single girls are fat girls or black girls.

    Should I move to NYC or LA or Miami? It seems that being a playboy in New England is next to impossible. Obiously I SHOULD move to one of those places but easier said than done.



    1. Man dont over complicate it.
      My questions to you-
      1-How much do you have to spend/month for cost of living?

      2-What type of girls do you find attractive (white, Latina, blondes, redheads, etc.)?

      Blondes and low budget-
      Indianapolis, Nashville, Charleston, SC, or Tampa, FL.

      Miami- Has tons of Latinas- if you like them and have AT LEAST 5-6k after tax/month go there. Personally, Id go overseas if I was into Latinas bcuz even locals in Miami tell me the best looking chicks there are Paisas (girls from Medellin).

      NYC- Like LA it has cery ethnic group and is more diverse than Miami. It’s the most $$$ to live there- I hear Williamsburg Brooklyn and the Meat Packing District are the best spots.

      LA- I love the laid back West coast vibe. Lots to see and do- beaches, parks, restos, bars. I love this city and would rather be here than Miami bcuz I like white girls and Asians better. It’s spread out so pick your hood wisely- Santa Monica would be ideal but $$$ Culver City is less $$$ and centrally located.

      Less $$$ (1br apts can be had for $800) so consider this as an option. Yeah it’s in the middle if the desert and partying every night is toxic and lame but they have a nice array of Latinas and white girls (CMQ correct me if Im wrong but most white girls in Vegas seem to be brunettes).

      Charleston SC-
      One word Market St. Tons of girls out at night from coeds to cougars, lots of blondes, and cheap. A good city man with enough things to do.


    2. Depending on where you live it can be a challenge to find hotties. That being said there are hot girls in lots of cities, so I wouldn’t paint yourself into a corner with just NYC, LA, or Miami.


  2. Super post Christian. Next level shit. On another note, I recently bought your book bundle and for some reason I cannot seem to open strip club or night club bible due to file issues. Is there anyway I can get help on that? Thank you my good man and keep the great content coming!


  3. Gotta love LA. I think you showed the key to outcome independence, the object of the night is to have a good time, and chase girls while you’re having a good time. If it happens it happens. Nothing is worse rolling with the guy on the “mission” all night.


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