10 Habits Every Man Should Stop Doing

When learning about game and being a man, oftentimes it’s easier to learn from what NOT to do, then always remembering what TO do.

Many students of mine greatly improved their game when they simply stopped getting in the way of themselves.

I’m an observant type of person and here are 10 of the bad habits that stand out to me the most that many men today are guilty of doing. If you find yourself doing any of these, then simply stop. Your game will become better and you will stop getting in your own way on the path to progress.

#10. Saying ‘Umm’

If you don’t know what to say, then don’t say anything. It’s easy to get in the bad habit of throwing an ‘um’ in your conversation, but what it is really communicating to the girl you’re talking to, is that you’re indecisive and are unsure of what you want to say.

#9. Apologizing

A growing trend among men that I’ve noticed is becoming quite prevalent, is constantly apologizing.

Twice in the last week I was walking down a sidewalk when a ‘man’ was approaching me. Each time, each guy actually verbally apologized for being in the way. “I’m sorry, I’ll move”. Really?

The sidewalk test is a great way to see if you’re perceived as the more dominate male.

Next time you walk down a sidewalk, see if others move for you (and apologize), or if they shoulder check you. If you’re consistently getting pushed into the grass, or having to move on your own, then your physical presence is communicating that you’re weak. The exceptions are that I will move for old people and children. That’s it.

While I’m obviously passing the sidewalk test with flying colors, I don’t want you adopting this weak and pathetic behavior.

In addition, if you find yourself constantly apologizing to girls, then stop it. “I’m sorry, I’m running 5 minutes late, but I’ll be there soon!”. No. Just stop.

#8. Moving In The Bar/Club/Social Situations

This is another HUGE one that I constantly see. Let’s say you’re standing at the bar waiting to order and there really is no room for anyone else on either side of you while you wait to order. Why in the world would you move for a girl? I’m seeing this trend of guys moving themselves out of line in order to let the girl and her friends barge in and order first. Pathetic.

It forces her to actually ask for you to move when you’re concrete in your stance and gives you an opportunity to hold Frame. Why cancel that out? You don’t have to be a dick, but a simple “I’m ordering”, with good eye contact will make her quickly realize that you’re not a Beta Bitch Boy who is going to change his plans so her life is easier. If you feel guilty for reacting this way, then next time you need to order a drink, ask a girl to move out of line and see what happens. Good luck.

The other night this exact situation happened to me and I told the girl, “Obviously I’m ordering”. While I threw in a dash of dick, that’s who I am and it is what it is. First off, she smarted back with a snarky comment, “Well there are OTHER people in the bar!”, to which I replied calmly (as though you would address a child), “Obviously dear and they will each wait their respective turn”.

Her mouth dropped. I laughed and turned back around to wait on my refreshing double vodka-tonic.

What happened next shocked me.

She tugged on my sleeve and I slowly turned my head to her. “I’m sorry. That was rude of me.” She apologized because I wasn’t weak. Then she offered me her number. Gentlemen, when you stand your ground and act like a man, you might just be surprised at the outcome. Women are craving men who can lead and not be walked all over. Be that man.

#7. Slouching Like A Sloth

Whether sitting, or standing, I’m seeing many ‘men’ doing this as well. While it’s also a sign of the times where many men feel beat down by life, it’s not the way of men who are making moves in life. Pull your shoulders back, don’t stick your neck out like a crane and adopt a powerful posture. You’ll find men will show you more respect and women will give you bedroom eyes more.

#6. Using Straws In Your Drink

This drives me nuts. Guys bending their heads down to their drinks, gently holding the straw with two delicate fingers and eagerly slurping their sugary alcoholic drink. Throw the damn straw out. It’s for women and gay dudes. Enough.

#5. Asking For Permission

Listen, people can’t read your mind. They also generally are so caught up in their own life that they don’t have time, nor the social skills to ask what you would like. Stop asking for permission and just do it.

A perfect example, albeit a simple one, is you sitting in a restaurant eating some food and running out of ketchup. The normal thing to do would be to ask the waitress. Let’s say you do and the minutes tick by while your fries grow cold and she is nowhere to be seen.

The normal thing to do would be to patiently wait. But you’re not ‘normal’. Instead, spot that empty table with a ketchup bottle on it? Yea, that one. Stand up, walk over and grab it. Then return to your seat and use it before you fries get cold. That’s a basic ass example of what I’m talking about, but if you get where I’m coming from with it, then you get exactly what I’m talking about. Stop asking and start doing.

#4. Over Thanking

This is another bad habit that I’m seeing more of. While you SHOULD be thankful and show appreciation when the time is right, I’m talking about for the basics. In other words, if a girl agrees to go on a date with you and your text back is a ‘Thank You’, then it’s too much. Remember, she is lucky to be getting a date with you. You are the prize. Stop over thanking people for mundane shit. Have a King Mentality and you can show your thanks in more subtle ways that actually stand out more.

#3. Beta Bitch Boy Blabber Bullshitting

If you find yourself filling dead air with random nonsense with no point, then learn to close your mouth and scan the room. One of the biggest mistakes I see newbies to game make, is thinking that they have to be talking non-stop. While you DO want to drive the conversation and lead the interaction, that doesn’t necessarily mean verbally. You can also lead physically. The other day I was talking with some girls and I caught myself turning into a blabber mouth in order to fill the dead air. I mentally checked myself and shut the fuck up.

Have a point. Make it. Move on.

#2. Telling People Your Plans

This is a big one, because it’s natural to want to share with others, but a good strategist tends to only let on to those close to him, or those who have to know, about his plans. Those plans could be life plans, business plans, or any kind of plans, but if you find yourself feeling like you need to let others know in order to pursue it, then you have a discipline problem.

I don’t know where the quote is from, but I saw this somewhere: Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.

That sums it up perfectly.

#1. Giving Up

If you’re reading this blog, then you are obviously a man who hasn’t given up, but look around you: how many ‘men’ do you see who are literally giving up on women? How many men are literally giving up on life? How many men are throwing in the towel, because it’s “too hard in our culture right now”?

Tons. And it’s pitiful.

We need men right now more than ever who will stand up and lead.

Now is not the time to quit. Now is the time to lead. To build. To create. To succeed.

Will you be that man?

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20 Replies to “10 Habits Every Man Should Stop Doing”

  1. Tried the sidewalk test today on Oxford Street and the only thing that happened is that I shoulder checked people and once with a dude that then dropped its phone.


  2. In regards to point #2 (telling people your plans): there was some research, I do not remember where, which claimed that when one speaks of one’s own future plans, that person is actually tricking his/her own brain into thinking the plan/action was already taken; consquently, the individual who verbalized his/her plan does not act on it in reality. This is why people who say they will go to the gym and vigorously exercise, for example, end up not going because just by the mere fact of talking about it, their brain makes them feel as though they actually went to the gym; hence, it is better you DO rather than SAY.


  3. I tried the sidewalk test today and it worked, a lot of people moved out of my way when I walked confidently and relatively quickly. Also tried the counter one, I simply don’t move while ordering and will only move once my food or drink comes. It feels kind of shitty at first but that’s life. In all situations, you either fuck or get fucked. There is no equality in any situation except amongst true rare male friends that you have.


  4. #9 – watch the video for “Bittersweet Symphony” – yeah, it’s a staged video – otoh, try walking down the sidewalk with that sort of IDGAF attitude – hell yes.


  5. Lessons from high-brow society.
    On 10: The British drawl kills the hesitance, the verbal punctuation and the likes. Long, throaty vowels and sharp, deep consonants (like the “barking” R) let you finish a sentence with a pause for thought that isn’t a strange sound or an invitation to be interrupted.
    On 7: Walking in full, three piece suits, sports jackets and overcoats can massively improve your posture. They look and feel wrong if you slouch, crouch, lean or shrink into them.
    Also, unsure how, but society’s best and brightest often apologize as a matter of fact (“sorry, I need this seat”, “sorry I made you wait”) and thank everyone for almost everything, from confirming times to serving drinks, but definitely don’t come across the way anyone else does when thanking.


  6. I’m liking these kind of posts as you match up theory with examples. The qualities of the post have increased tremendously. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.


  7. Damn you pay attention to the small details. Good call how using a straw makes a man look so weak. Ive always felt straws were for women.


  8. You’re writing has gotten WAY better Christian. I’m also really enjoying what you’re writing about.

    I’m guilty…

    Of 2, 4 and 7 the most. The others, not really. I do #9 from time to time though.

    About #1. There’s still hope. You’re definitely playing a part of it in many guys’ lives, including mine.

    – Diesel


  9. As a frequent lurker here, I just have to say, I felt compelled to sign up and comment here simply for the fact that it spoke to me in a simple yet brilliant way. Thanks Christian, for helping a man who’s going through tough times, to be inspired. I know that what is most holding me back, is myself getting in my own way. And I know I have the power to master myself. I can’t control others, but if I can master myself, I have half the world in my hands.


  10. McQueen
    All of this makes sense. The elitists who run society want everyone to be a submissive slave so a lot of this wuss behavior is cultural brainwashing and chemical warfare (wtf else is gmos, plastics that lower t, high fructose corn syrup, and chemtrails man?).

    if you get really intense in a bar with the wrong person you can end up in brawl easily which is not a cheap hobby should you wind up in the system due to a lack of quick withdrawal from the area.

    Btw- with your cocky persona have you been in many bar club or street fights?


  11. Appropriate ending. As this country continues to sag and slouch real men will become a scarce commodity. This was allow us who are on the move to really make a difference


  12. I won’t say I’ve given up, but the severe shortage of women who pass my boner test is a real problem. It’s a lot of time, energy and money just looking. Years without success have worn me down.


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