The Action Takers

Meet two men. Jeff and Dan.

Jeff comes from an elite background, a wealthy family and an Ivy League education.

Dan’s dad was a plumber and he went to a state school with a meager scholarship and busting his ass working 2 jobs to make ends meet.

Both are 25 years old.

Jeff has been handed huge opportunities in his life and does the bare minimum in becoming the best man he can be.

Dan has a deep seeded hunger to become the best man he can be, so he pushes himself in all areas of his life because he knows as a man, self-improvement is necessary to not only to survive, but to thrive.

Jeff wants to meet more women who will appreciate him for who he is, instead of what he can provide.

Dan wants to meet more women too and knows if he doesn’t develop his game, he will be resigned to only meeting women through ‘accident’.

Jeff is a casual observer of game and while he reads many popular game blogs, he rarely applies the information.

Dan while also reading game blogs, actually puts action behind his desires.

Dan gets to work absorbing as much quality information that he can find and makes a schedule to get out and approach girls every week. While his social anxiety is quite high, he pushes through because his vision is stronger than his fear.

Jeff wishes he could get girls. He throws money at the problem, buying the nicest car he can find, buys the nicest clothes a tailor can make and joins all of the happening social circles, essentially buying his way in, but something is missing. While girls can spot his monetary value as a man from a block away, he never actually intrigues them into chasing him, nor does he keep them around past the point where his last table service bottle is emptied.

Dan knows he cannot rely on money because while he is taking action steps to improve his financial situation, the road will not be easy and will take time. Instead, he realizes that he must develop his personality into a man in demand.

Dan gets rejected and takes it hard, but doesn’t quit.

Jeff gets rejected and ‘medicates’ with shopping sprees and extravagant trips overseas seeking lands where he will be a commodity, never realizing that it’s actually himself that is the problem.

Dan realizes that where he lives isn’t perfect culturally, but that you get what you look for, so he will look until he finds that what he desires. Unsurprisingly, he finds girls that fit his criteria because he starts looking in all the right places.

The years pass and Dan becomes a legit playboy enjoying the company of beautiful women and also starting a successful plumbing company that provides him a comfortable living.

Jeff squanders his inheritance on all of the trappings of the playboy lifestyle, but having never developed himself into a man in demand, finds himself in his mid-thirties now scrambling to find a solution to his soon to be money problems and still is only a casual observer of game. He wants. Oh boy does he desire pretty girls, but he did not do the work.

There are two types of men in this world: those who wish and those who do.

Jeff was a wisher.

Dan was a doer.

While Jeff was given golden opportunities to succeed, he was comfortable enough to slide through life never being forced to develop himself as a man. He could attract enough gold-diggers through his lifestyle to get laid occasionally and while he felt proud when he had a pretty girl at a fancy dinner to talk with, he never knew that said pretty girl was texting Dan if she could bring him a steak from said dinner later that night.

The reality of life is we are all handed certain opportunities. Some get  bigger opportunities than others. Some have it easier in certain areas, but we all have burdens we carry. To judge a man based on the external alone, is to not have a clear understanding of what makes up a man.

While Jeff had ‘everything’ on the outside, he was broken inside.

While Dan had nothing on the outside, he fixed his inside and therefore created his outside with time and work.

Without fixing our inside, a man will merely be a shell of his potential. 

Without fixing our inside, a man will never reach the heights he could, if he merely got out of his own way and put in the work.

Dan become ‘the man’ because he would not quit. He was not the ‘luckiest’ guy and was handed nothing, but he would not quit until he became successful. No matter how many times life punched him in the gut, he focused on just catching his breath, then stabilizing himself on the ropes, then looking back up at his opponent, then gathering the strength to pull his arm back and launch a devastating blow.

Jeff became a cautionary tale because he never got started. He was the ‘luckiest’ guy and was handed everything, but he never would take the steps needed to become great. He wanted so badly to become great with women and even life, but his lack of taking action squandered his great potential to be a playboy.

Dan and Jeff are fictional characters, but the stories are very real.

Every single reader reading this blog post come from different backgrounds, different financial situations and you all have different visions, but the one thing binding us all together is our common interest in becoming the best men we can be.

But like Jeff, some of you might not be action takers…yet. I challenge you to change your life story and be like Dan. Take action now, so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of, instead of dreaming about the life you have never lived.


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11 Replies to “The Action Takers”

  1. CMQ
    Can you do one on translation of common chick speak and what the really mean- specifically when she says “I don’t want to be with him any more he’s too controlling” and “i don’t like it when he tells my friends what to do”.


  2. I can relate to Dan when it comes to my background. I didn’t get some fancy education or whatever. I busted ass to get where I am and put everything what I learn to good use. Hard work and taking action are no flukes.


  3. I had a conversation about this yesterday with someone, money vs game and how both are required but developing your self and your personality is even more important than making money. I told him your story Christian, about how a broke guy was getting laid left right and center and how some rich guys with nice cars never get laid. Your messages are always so timely and your blog is helping untold numbers of men to motivate them to reach their potential.


  4. This is just great writing. So motivating and inspiring. Headed to go bust my ass at the gym right now then get up tomorrow at 5am and attack the day. Thank you, Christian.


  5. Once again you write in way that is both enjoyable, and motivates us to get off our asses and get shit done like the men we’re suppose to be fuckin A man!


  6. I assume like most of your readers here, I can personally relate to Dan’s character much more than Jeff, because we’ve both started from a low place in life but have and continue to put in the work to build ourselves up to be the best men we can be. It takes years of hard work, massive action, persistence, patience and faith to go from nothing to a good life, but requires even more of it to go from good to great because comfort is the enemy of growth. This is the stage I am at. Desperation usually propels a man to push from nothing to something, but it takes inspiration to go from something good to something great. Your blog continues to provide motivational material to feed that drive in the mind. Thank you.


  7. This…. is…. Timeless.
    Great story. One of the best posts I’ve read so far. It’s almost as good as the post with that guy that turned a boring plane ride into a lifetime opportunity. And it reveals another side of your character Christian (at least for me)… which makes me respect you even more. It’s not all about the notch count. It’s about becoming a man of value, a self-made man of (his own) success. Truly inspiring.



  8. This…. is…. Timeless.
    Great story. One of the best posts I’ve read so far. It’s almost as good as the post with that guy that turned a boring plane ride into a lifetime opportunity. And it reveals another side of your character Christian (at least for me)… which makes me respect you even more. It’s not all about the notch count. It’s about becoming a man of value, a self-made man of (his own) success. Truly inspiring.



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