Why Black Men Have Better Game Than White Men


First off, this is not a race post or a troll post. This is merely an observation that I have noticed and am sharing my thoughts to you gents. While some of you may get offended, that is not my intention. I implore you to suspend your personal feelings for a few moments, read the article with an open mind and perhaps you can take away some insight that will improve your game regardless of your skin color.

Secondly, this is not a PC friendly post to make white men feel guilty for being white. I don’t care what your skin color is, this blog is for EVERY man regardless of skin color. If you are focused on becoming the best man you can be, then you are welcome here. If you are asian, be proud of being asian. If you are Indian, be proud of being Indian. If you are black, be proud of being black. If you are white, be proud of being white. Be proud of your heritage.

My observations are based on having black friends, Indian friends, Asian friends and every other type of race friends possible. I only base friendship off of loyalty. If you are loyal, then you are a friend of mine.

This observation started on Labor Day Weekend of 2014. I was at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas at the tail end of that weekend, I believe it was a Monday night, with another good friend of mine from the east coast. He’s a jacked as fuck white guy of average height, good style and a legit real player.

We were standing by the bar close to the outside area and the club was popping the fuck off. After a weekend of partying and hosting a client, I was in a ‘zen’ like mood. Maybe you know the feeling. You’ve partied about as much as your body can handle and you’re just out because your flight doesn’t leave until the next day, but you have just enough energy to chase tail for a few more hours.

My buddy and I are standing beside the bar like zombies, observing the crowd, when my buddy makes an observation: every black guy in the immediate area has style and is with a hot girl. These are not guys at tables, so the default of being at a table and having that DHV was not present. He mentions this to me. I notice it too. I then take a look at the white guys around us. They are acting like idiots. They are dressed badly. They are acting thirsty. One in particular had potential, but was literally jumping up and down like an idiot waving a foam light saber. My buddy and I were literally the only two white (albeit tan) guys in the vicinity who were dressed to kill and had swagger. Why is this?

It took me months of observing in nightclub environments to nail down the specifics as to why this is and here are 4 of the main reasons that I believe play a part in this belief of mine.


#4. Black Guys Tend To Be Hustlers

I’m not talking about hustlers in the sense of drug dealers, but in the sense that many black guys I meet and have seen out are on the fucking ball. By that I mean, they are working the room looking to meet movers and shakers and are grabbing at the opportunities that were not always available to them in the past. The hustler mindset is attractive to women because it is indicative of being a man who is going somewhere. You might not be there yet, but you are taking action steps to get there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: women want to be with men who are focused on their goals of getting ahead in life. If you’re a slacker, no matter how good-looking you are, you will find it’s harder to KEEP a girl if you’re a slacker.

Now this does NOT mean that every other race out there isn’t hustling too. I’ve met hustlers of every skin color, but I’m saying the obvious trend that I’m seeing is that black males are hustling their ass off. Obviously there are slackers of every race, but I’m talking about in the social circles of people who are doing something with their lives in general.

#3. Black Guys Style Has Become Increasingly Better

Excluding the gangster rap style, I’m noticing that black males have stepped it the fuck up in the style department. It’s very common for me to only be ‘competing’ in the style department on any given night out, with black guys suited to the nines. I’m not talking about them just rocking a blazer either: I’m talking about dressed straight out of GQ which yes, is a form of ‘normal’ peacocking and works extremely well.

The reality is, this is an aspect of EVERY man’s game, regardless of skin color, that you can improve. If you want to be successful, dress successful.

#2. Black Guys Have Swagger

While the specifics of this are hard to pin down, I have narrowed it down to a few key points that I believe play a part in this:

-Starting with nothing forces one to either fold, or grow. The growth process of pain and turmoil creates a certain ‘coolness’ that cannot be bought, or taught. One must grow through this on their own. It’s no secret that many black males have had to grow up without fathers and on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. This forces a man to either hustle his way out of the situation, or stay in the situation. The black men I have met who have hustled their way out, have had this swagger. I have also met black men who stayed in their current situation (which was not conducive to a good life) and the swagger was not present, so I chalk this up to being a part of the result of the process that one goes through in getting out of a bad situation. You will also notice this inevitable swagger in a man, regardless of skin color, who has overcome extreme defying odds to get where they have gotten.

-Having to constantly prove yourself will force you to work even harder. The reality is if you’re walking down the street at night and a black male is walking towards you, you will feel more nervous than if it was a white male. Let’s keep it very real. Regardless of why this is, if you’re a young black male working hard to overcome a stereotype, you will be forced to work even harder to create an image of success and coolness. When faced with this choice, many young black guys will work even harder to become something, thus causing their swagger to increase.

-Lastly on this point, I’ve noticed from Day 1 of getting into Game, that black WOMEN have a thing for me. I know when I see a black girl, my odds of charming her are off the charts. They simply like my direct style (more on this next point), my swagger and sense of style. I’ve even had many of them say, “You have the swagger of a cool black guy”. I chalk this up to the aforementioned points, because even though I’m white, I’ve had to ‘hustle’ my way out of being broke, have developed swagger and style and use a direct approach style of game that leads me into point #1.

#1. Black Guys Tend To Use Direct Game

Show me two equal in looks guys: one white and one black, with both having good style and my money will be on the black guy to pick up a girl quicker. Is this the white guy’s fault? No. It’s merely a game observation that black males tend to go very direct when gaming using a combination of charm and aggressiveness that works extremely well.

Most of my game and what I teach is very similar to this and in fact, most of my Deep Conversion Game is essentially a toned down version of old school pimp game. If you can find a retired pimp to mentor you, your game will skyrocket because many of the pimp methods were repackaged by the PUA movement and sold in a more mainstream user-friendly manner.

Being direct is rewarded when it is done in a manner that is direct NOT out of thirst, but out of confidence. I have observed this over and over the last few months when I’m at a club. I’ll be posted up at a promoter friend’s table and will observe the club. I’ll see white guys (and by white guys I mean any non-black guys) approaching with ridiculous ‘pickup’ lines, offers to buy drinks etc and then I’ll notice a smoothly dressed black cat walk up to a girl in a cool and confident manner and start talking to her like he’s known her his whole life.

Once again, you’ll notice that every point I’ve made is something that you can utilize regardless of your skin color.


This post is not to start a race war among readers. We are all grown ass men who can read without bias and learn from each other. A man can learn something, if only one thing, from every man. To be arrogant and believe that you can learn nothing from someone is to impede your personal growth into becoming the best man you can be.

Everything I’ve written are actual steps that every man can take, regardless of his skin color, that will improve his game.

I’m curious as to your thoughts on this piece. What do you think? Do black guys ‘naturally’ have better game than white guys?


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44 Replies to “Why Black Men Have Better Game Than White Men”

  1. It’s a fucked up shame that we live in world where a lot of people are ignorant and insecure towards other people as if they have a mental illnesses, which causes the unfair balance towards other groups in society. Life is NOT fair.


  2. Interesting article to be sure, although I must admit that this piece puts black men a bit much on a pedestal. I live in LA County which is very diverse for all races and I just don’t find black men to be in a position of envy as far as success with women goes. I don’t mean to put down black men in any way but from what I’ve seen over the years is that the overwhelming majority of non black women with black guys are nothing special to look at in terms of physical attractiveness. The fact is that I’ve seen FAR FAR more white men paired with gorgeous women compared to black men. I’ve been going to a few clubs in the Hollywood area recently (all which have a high percentage of black male patrons) and what I’ve noticed is that most black men arrive in groups with other black men and some women (mostly black) and do very little throughout the night in attempting to approach the other women already there or who arrive later on. Rather they seem more content with just sticking to socializing with the group they arrived in the club with and dancing amongst themselves. Just my two cents.


  3. Hello everyone and very interesting article although I must admit that this piece puts black men too much on a pedestal. I live in LA County which is very diverse for all races and I just don’t find black men to be in a position of envy as far as success with women goes. I don’t mean to put down black men in any way but from what I’ve seen over the years is that the overwhelming majority of non black women with black guys are nothing special to look at in terms of physical attractiveness. The fact is that I’ve seen FAR FAR more white men paired with gorgeous women compared to black men. I’ve been going to a few clubs in the Hollywood area recently (all which have a high percentage of black male patrons) and what I’ve noticed is that most black men arrive in groups with other black men and some women (mostly black) and do very little throughout the night in attempting to approach the other women already there or who arrive later on. Rather they seem more content with just sticking to socializing with the group they arrived in the club with and dancing amongst themselves. Just my two cents.


  4. Of course I am generalizing with all this, but one difference I have noticed is the difference in attitude.

    #1.To approach and be denied, a man must be willing to risk his ego. When rejected, blacks DO NOT take it to heart. Their inner voice does not turn to self criticism and negativity (“She didn’t like me, I must be shit”- kind of thinking). Black men just laugh and brush it off. That is to put it positively, negatively one may just say – they have no shame. They could give a s**t about what others, especially women, think about them and they refuse to be wall flower.

    #2. Their culture also praises the loudmouth and the personality that loves bragging and telling loud stories and bringing attention to themselves. Women love this.

    I was recently thinking about comedian Bill Burr, who talks about the difference between bombing in front of a black crowd and a white crowd. He noticed when he is bombing on stage, that whites feel discomfort for him, and nervously chuckle, and even sometimes give encouragement. When black crowds see a comedian struggling, they will pounce like a fox on a baby bird. Burr puts it as, “they will have fun and laugh whether the comedian is funny or not”, but I believe it is that – kill or be killed/ruthless mean streets disregard & disconnect for other emotions- that black men apply when dealing with women. The ruthless pimp/hustler that uses women is held in high esteem, but looked down upon in white culture.

    I believe the black culture, being brought up in the mean streets, have less empathetic and more dog eat dog mindset that works well with “hunting” for females. I apologize if this sounds offensive to blacks (I am a college educated liberal for dogs sake), but it is what I have observed.


  5. Medically speaking you can’t have “more testosterone” your body converts excess testosterone to estrogen (the female hormone); the studies that are mentioned measure non-bound testosterone (or free testosterone) which can be a by product of excess cortisol (the “stress hormone”) so you can argue that peripherally circulating testosterone levels are higher in black males (especially younger black males) because of higher cortisol levels (higher overall stress levels).


  6. Something I’ve directly observed, but every white woman will deny. White girls expect and allow black men to approach them in direct ways that they shame white guys for even attempting. I’ve seen black guys open by putting their hands on her waist and whispering something sexual in her ear. A white guy who tries that will be instantly shamed as if he should know better about following a seduction protocol that should have been explained by his mother. I’m not saying a white guy can’t successfully do it, but it’s a half court shot.

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    1. They do? I have always been of the belief that I’d be pepper sprayed, get the cops called on me, or be called a “street harasser” if I tried talking to White chicks, unless it’s the fat, lumpy, and trashy kind that you are referring to.


  7. Your point about them walking up to a chick and how they start talking with her like they’ve known her their whole life – resonates with me. I am now married but when single, although I didn’t fully know/understand/practice game, I didn’t have much trouble having random women I met become intensely attracted to me. My approaches were always this way – just walk up start chatting, put them at ease, get them talking about themselves, make plenty of eye contact , banter etc. It really works.


  8. One of my earliest exposures to black guy game. We’re all familiar with the stereotypical suburbanite white boy archetype: nurtured in a politically correct environment that brainwashes them into giving females precedence.

    In high school, some white guys drove white hoes out to lunch and would HAND her cash to buy something for herself. There were black guys who would step to the same hoes, demand $10 or $20, and take it from her like a boss.

    I didn’t game at the time, but I already knew who’s worth emulating. You can make women bend to you, or you can accommodate them.

    The best commercial game coach I met in my life (THE granddaddy of teaching DIRECT game) said, “I teach Black guy game for white people.”

    In my experience, if you SOUND like a black guy, it’s of huge value to be direct. Take advantage of the blueprint that society has already created in female minds.


  9. I see the extremes with black folks. Agreed with McQueen on much better direct game. The less experienced black dudes go overboard with direct game to the point of essentially cat calling, but when they get blown out, it has less effect on them than your average white guy. I also think many black guys lack polished indirect game. They’ve got the basics down better than most races though. They’re less inhibited to make a move. (I’m white btw).

    Take this for what its worth, but there are white women who date black guys to fit a fad mold. Like tatts, beards, and bisexuality among females, dating other races has become “trendy,” a while ago, so you’ll have some of that as well. You’ll also have chicks hang all over black guys they don’t bang, in front of white guys they want but don’t have, to invoke jealously playing the race card simultaneously so to speak.

    Outside of upbringing, I think there’s an overreaching element black guys have above all others. That is the gift of gab. And in this propensity to converse more than other races, an overall easy going attitude about life that is disarming and creates comfort among females. Those are the two qualities I’ve adopted from my black brethren, especially the easy going part. Funny shit is I’ve actually been turning down advances from two black girls at the gym recently, a 6 & 7, is it because I’ve adopted some black qualities to my game? Maybe so.


  10. White guys naturally have better game because they have resources and global media imagery which helps them tremendously. Then again, I’m only into Northeast Asian women. Never cared for American chicks, especially not the chunky ones that Black men tend to be relegated to.


    1. You asleep bro? Global media imagery for white guys sucks. Every show you watch paints the white dude as a moron, deadbeat, or a spineless idiot or some evil ass hose looking hurt the little guy. 9 times out of ten the only man on TV that gets to act like a man with no apologies is a black man.


      1. Well, I tend to read a lot of right-leaning material and comments on YouTube and forums. Next, I’m into Northeast Asian girls. Maybe life is not always peachy for White guys, and I’m an outsider looking in, but I guarantee you that life isn’t peachy for Black guys, especially Black guys that don’t like fat/trashy chicks, or like Chinese, Japanese, or Taiwanese girls.

        Black men get to act like GAY men without apology on TV; I rarely see the heterosexual Black hero that is widely and internationally accepted.


  11. Witnessed this phenomenon myself in a small venue in Bellevue, Washington called Pearl Bar & Dining. Also seen thirsty Black Cats who didn’t make it too. It’s not a huge race thing, it’s more a Smooth, Icy, Alpha thing coming in different flavors.


  12. I’m Arab and my buddy is white. What baffles me is that I get more sex when I use night game, however he gets on more dates using day game!
    I would assume that more girls would associate “darker” colors as the “exotic”. The caveat to this is that regardless of what color men are, most guys can’t hold their frame in front chicks.


  13. I have noticed this with other races in general that are not white. They are either really good at game and players or the type that has given up and plays video games all day. This past summer my wingman was an indian guy. When we would go the club I noticed I had the advantage compared to him but he had a much bigger advantage in his attitude and the way he approached and consequently he often times got better results. I learned so much from him not only in game but in business too. He was a hustler and had an insane drive to breakthrough and succeed unlike many guys who seem to have this passive approach to life.

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  14. It’s a sad thing modern western society has become so hung up over any issue regarding race that you have to assure people it’s not about race at least ten times in order to avoid becoming a social pariah. Those were some good observations you made. It’s something I tend to see with guys from all minorities that I encounter. Either they realize they have a disadvantage in society and totally give up in order to become total beta losers (most of my Indian friends suffer from this unfortunately) or they push through and become the kind of players I’m trying to learn from.


  15. Good article. I’ve always wondered why no one in the sphere has written about this. All your points were spot on and really resonated with me.

    It wasn’t until stumbling onto the sphere did I really start critiquing my methods and game in general as a lot of things had been internalized from an early age–your exact reasons from #2.

    While I am still building on it, I just started recently suiting up in the past couple of years (inspired by C. Mcqueen himself) and I noticed the difference immediately. Del Mar Racetrack opening day 2012/2013 no suit, and opening day 2014 suited up with a flashy pocket square was a night and day difference. Connections were made, women were swoop, and while I have always done very well with women, I still knew it would never be the same. Next level. #3 valid.

    #1…a lot of black “alpha” males tend to be athletes or have some other hustle (#4) to make for a better life. Growing up all my football teammates developed direct game primarily because we didn’t have the time to take it slow with someone (practice, school, season, etc.) and everyone was on the same page when it came to an abundance mentality. When you have a locker room full of cutthroat cats who will take your girl at the first sign of you slipping and then clown you, you can’t afford to a) slip and b) care if it ever happens, on to the next, so direct game developed unintentionally. Also young inner city [alpha] black men aren’t known for finesse, they tend to over pour the milk and break things. Indirect game game is championed by older cats (26+ in the black community) and usually the more intelligent younger ones as it involves some sort of verbal sparring.

    Black women do have a thing for confident white men. Many of them aren’t used to being opened by one who has his way with words and I have seen my white buddies clean up if they go after a black woman. It’s the same feeling people get when they see a black guy well dressed, well spoken, and a decent member of society, all preconceived notions go out the window and opportunities present themselves. You essentially become exotic. Like you said, with your “swagger and sense of style,” I can see you doing very well with black woman. Solid post.


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  16. Hey Christian, as a black man (22 years old) I can attest to most of what you’re saying. But here’s the funny thing, I am in no way shape or form “hood” nor do I come from there. I am articulate in speech and talk like Will Smith ha. Didn’t grow up on the wrong side of the tracks. I grew up in a military family, so etiquette, maturity, and sternness was the nature of my upbringing. Yet with women I have a cocky idgaf attitude (mostly from soaking up your advice for years and just plain approaching).
    I’ve been called “Oreo” most of my life, but I own that shit. My confidence in my “Oreo-ness” actually gets girls curious of what I’m about.

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  17. One main reason that isnt mentioned is because black male culture is and has been so much more red-pill than what us white guys are usually exposed to. Fathers, uncles and cousins teach young men in their families game concepts at a young age and the kids apply it from junior high and on. How many black guys have been told “your woman always gotta love you more than you love her”? Or taught the importance of keeping your cool and not appear to chase? White men, on the other hand are taught to give up their seat for a woman and to lay down their coat over a puddle for her to walk on


  18. I get where you’re coming from, Christian, but I just don’t see it, at least in OC. Black guys often have a chip on their shoulder because of their lot in life and the resulting bitterness is a turn-off to girls. Plus, they can be surprisingly inept and socially awkward, which belies their reputation. Overrated.


    1. I don’t think the OC is a good sample size/area to observe black men and their frame. I think it’s safe to assume the black men from there [did not do well in life and move there for work on their own accord, but instead had parents who brought them/raised them in the area] are going through a sort of identity crisis, thus the social awkwardness. It’s the same difference you’ll see with black men who live downtown San Diego and those who don’t. Different level of game by a longshot.


    2. Do you do anything but read manosphere blogs all day and comment promoting your white nationalism? It’s not direct here but it is in most of your posts I’ve come across on other blogs.
      If you actually go out in the US at this point in time, not 30 years ago, nobody can really deny that black guys don’t have better game than everybody else. Now they might not have better results. The white guy in China or the white frat boy athlete who has girls fall in his lap might have a higher notch count, but that’s rather due to status, not game.


    3. I got kicked out a hotel in San Diego for pulling a hot white chick who was rich and was going to provide everything the racist white manager couldn’t stand that this financially deprived but confident and intelligent and extremely hot mixed race guy pulled a hot rich white chick. He even went as far to threaten to kick her out the hotel even though she was wealthy. he just couldn’t take the fact that a colored guy did what he couldnt. In fact in socal half the pop of middle and lower class racist white males with prison records and gang affliction and nazi ties do nothing else with thier time but cock block black, brown and mixed race men. They don’t even want any pussy as long as they stop u. some went as far to fight me cause I was on a date with a white chick that was a 9 .

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  19. You’re spot on, here are my observations/thoughts.

    Most white guys are soft because their environments have allowed them to be. Life is fairly comfortable/easy.

    For the black guy in the hood, this isn’t the case. The rules of the game are different. It is much more cutthroat, it is much more difficult. There isn’t a lot of comfort or abundance, it’s suffering and scarcity. At the end of the day the odds are against him and he’s being pressured/challenged at every corner.

    Really it comes down to a difference of culture and experience. A dude who makes it out of the hood has a ton of life skills/experience that a nice suburban white guy will know nothing about, nor be able to comprehend.


    1. I’m black.
      It isn’t necessarily a “hood” thing. More times than not I’m usually the only black guy in my class, in my workplace, or sometimes in the club. Hell for a while I was the only black guy in my high school (I went to a private high school). Having that much attention on you almost forces you to over perform, and that’s just so I won’t look like a “stereotypical black guy”, and in a way it’s harder than almost any other race.

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      1. yeah that’s bcuz socal is racist ass fuck I am a exotic mixed part black guy who dated hot white chicks in socal and on every date I had with these 9 and 10s racist white men always fuckin hated cuz I look fuckin hot mixed with irish, isreali, and black but since they regonize my black features they lose thier fu kin mind


  20. Also, it should be noted that feminism is not directed at black men. It is only directed at white males. White males have been feminized INTENTIONALLY as per the ideological beliefs and objectives of the Cultural Marxists who now dominate our culture. This is all the legacy of the Frankfurt School whose goal was to delegitimize and pathologize everything and anything associated with traditional European patriarchal culture.

    Game-wise therefore it is not surprising that black men are more masculine and dominant in their dealings with women. PUA has helped white males and it has given them a chance to compete. Although PUA has gone through what some would call a number of effeminate stages; ie the Mystery years. Your style of game is really a simplified form of behavioral confidence. It seems that most mainstream PUAs are moving in that direction. Everyone is now teaching “natural game”; ie direct male to woman intent based seduction.

    Good post.

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    1. Without a doubt there has been an ‘assault’ on white males to effeminate them in society. I was in Starbucks a few moments ago and saw a straight white guy carrying a purse. These men need help. They have been led astray. Good comment.

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  21. Wow, thanks CMQ for putting some of the thoughts I’ve had about this subject onto paper. You’ve articulated some of the thoughts and observations I’ve subconsciously had about black guys in the game for some time.

    As an Asian guy, I’ve always liked and enjoyed black rap / hip hop music such as Jay-Z, Coolio, 50 Cent, Snoop, etc. Eventually I realized why. It wasn’t because I was trying to act gangster” or posing as somebody I wasn’t. Aside from the music itself, what attracted me to “black people music” was its lyrical themes of overcoming struggle and poverty, defying the odds, of hustling every day with a relentless drive and desire to achieve success. This mindset is what makes some of its music so inspiring, if you can overlook the over glamorized parts about violence and drugs.

    As a general observation, most Asian guys (or most guys in general) are too soft and lack the balls to approach women directly if at all This is also another area from which we can learn from black dudes and build that swagger which is so attractive. This smooth boldness is definitely something that can benefit all guys. Every time I meet a cool black player I try to learn as much as I can from him. So like you said, I don’t get hung up on race and we can all learn from each other to improve ourselves. I could be wrong, but if some black guys have naturally better game, it’s probably because of subculture which promote certain masculine traits that are attractive to women.



    1. Interesting comment. Yea it’s interesting how rap music is quite ‘misogynistic’ in nature, but yet has been ignored by mainstream media (for the most part), but alot of that is that they are afraid to speak out against a minority race. Regardless, I enjoy certain rap artists as well, as a form of motivation to overcome obstacles.


  22. I was actually talking to my friend about this the other day. From what I see black people tend to be more cocky. When they hit on a girl and rejected they take it with a grain of salt and on to the next . I get where you’re coming from on this post Christian.


  23. Thanks for sharing this Christian. I am an Indian man and I have always appreciated black men’s success with women for exactly the reason that a hard life forces you to up your alpha to survive. Swagger is earned through overcoming obstacles. A rule of thumb I got growing up in NYC is to always shop for clothes where elegant black men do, and it is has upped my personal style by spades. I agree that we can all learn from each other, and one of the reasons that I appreciate your blog over others in the men’s movement is that you do not endorse racism, which unfortunately is spreading as the manosphere becomes more of a political place than a place for men to improve themselves. Keep up the great writing and practical advice — you are changing many lives for the better, including my own.

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    1. Inferiority stems from a lack of confidence. I am not intimidated by any man, whatever his race might be, which is the place that every man should strive to reach. Real concrete confidence will cause one to be free of racism.

      It is interesting to see the race issue come up in this corner of the web. I posted this without knowing too much about what’s going on right now because this post has been simmering in my mind for sometime, but apparently it might be pretty timely. Thanks for the comment.

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      1. “Inferiority stems from a lack of confidence.”

        It is interesting to see the race issue come up in these parts of the web. Honestly the way it is discussed (emotional, irrational observations) has detracted the value from a few writers. I don’t think of a man when I see non stop complaining or deep disdain for other men, that shows a person’s insecurities.


      2. I agree with your assessment. It was honest and quite thorough.

        I’ve noticed too many white guys around me are either closeted gays who need to just come out already, socially awkward, terrible style, and/or just very insecure. Even the white guys based on their disposition who look like they should have the least insecurities and social awkwardness are in fact either too effeminate (I know so many “straight” white men who love saying fabulous) and/or lame. It explains the large exodus of white women to black (sometimes Latino) men and why so many white women secretly lust after black men. But despite the shortfalls of white men, they still manage to marry in large numbers (are they happily married is the bigger question) because I feel women are looking for security and white men are more prone to provide that by walking down the aisle … so women are able to overlook it generally speaking.

        Also another factor hindering white men is the creepiness factor. I’ve seen too many porn videos and sex ads of “straight” or married white men lusting after black dick and wanting to watch black men have sex with their ole’ lady or some random female. Like what the fuck, you don’t see straight black men lusting after white dick whatsoever. It’s very strange and reeks of an inferiority and homosexual complex.

        White men are generally very corny in a nutshell and It won’t change. But with the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, white men are more pressured to step it up in the bedroom and in the masculinity/charming department.


      1. I looked this up out of curiosity, apparently some studies have found this. Here’s one (I can email you a copy of the full paper if you are interested):
        Ross et al (1986) Serum Testosterone Levels in Healthy Young Black and White Men
        The authors found testosterone was about 13-15% higher in black men – however, these scientists were looking into it because prostate cancer is higher in black men. I guess there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

        The recent book “A Troublesome Inheritance” is supposed to be quite a good and accurate overview of racial genetic differences. I haven’t read it yet, so can’t comment, but it was definitely fell afoul of the P.C. brigade when it was published.

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    1. Sound wierd but they have less testosterone, and some behaviors above can suggest this thing: emphasis on clothing, “swagger” attitude, etc.


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