If This Was My Last Blog Post Ever

What would I write about?

This thought came across my mind the other day and it’s a helluva question.

What if I had just one more opportunity to share with you guys, one more blog post, one more chance to hopefully inspire and help you become the best man you can be; what would I write about?

What would I want to communicate to you?

What would be the most important topic I could talk about?

This was tough. Really tough.

The reality is, I’m not guaranteed tomorrow. None of us are. Our time in life is fleeting and goes by in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday that I was 21 and slinging back Jager shots at college bars. Time flies.

If this was my last post, here’s what I would do: I would write an open letter to you in the form of telling my younger self some life advice. Here it is.

Dear Young Christian,

You’re 21 years old and one cocky motherfucker. Your cockiness will diminish and turn into confidence, but you still have your insecurities. Everyone does. It’s okay to feel down sometimes. It’s okay to wonder what your purpose is in life. Everyone does at one point or another.

Life is going to kick you squarely in the teeth, knock a couple out and at the same time punch you so hard in the balls you fall to the ground and vomit. But you will get back up.

Every girl you meet (and there will be many) will add to your journey called life. Some will crush you. You will crush some of them. Some you will love and some you will hate and some you will love to hate.

There will be some real beauties and there will some chicks that you would be embarrassed for anyone to see you in public with. But that’s okay; they’re practice girls. The important thing is, is that you will learn how to handle them and your life will smooth out in the relationship department.

Money and Girls. Figure those two out son and your life is pretty much figured out. You won’t figure them out for some time. You’ll be broke, homeless and heartbroken and confused. But you’ll come out stronger because of it. You’ll develop true grit that cannot be bought. It has to be learned through the school of hard knocks.

At one point you start writing and you write for men. You write so that they can maybe get a leg up on life. Maybe your advice and stories will give them a glimpse of how pain and hardship can develop into something great. A mentor of yours will one day tell you that, “through pain we create art” and you will create. Some will listen. Some will not. That’s okay. You’re planting the seeds, but you might not see the harvest.

At certain points in your life you will feel like giving up. Quitting. Throwing in the towel and saying “fuck this”, but a quiet voice in your head will say “Don’t stop. Keep going”. You will listen to that voice. You will fight it at times and truly be on the verge of settling in life for average, but you will keep kicking, fighting and pushing until you reach your goals.

You will make friends easily, but you will also experience the pain of getting stabbed in the back by those closest to you. You will develop trust issues, but over time you will learn how to trust, but not be foolish. You will learn how to lead, but also how to follow. You will learn how to grow through pain, but not be paralyzed because of the pain.

You will learn that at the end of the day you have your balls and your own back. Looking to others can be a waste of time and you will learn that if you don’t do it, it simply won’t get done.

Life has a funny way of throwing curve-balls, but you will learn to hit a few out of the park. Sometimes life will strike you out, but you don’t stay on the bench. Instead, you will get back up to bat and try, try again.

You will learn the only thing that defines a failure is one who stops trying. You will learn it is not failing if you haven’t quit.

This will serve you well in life.

You will reach certain goals and realize that much of your joy came from the journey, not the actual accomplishment of the goal. You have always been impatient, but eventually you realize that you must do what you can and let the rest go.

You will learn that pity parties, feeling sorry for yourself and wishing, is one big waste of time. Only through doing and doing and doing will you realize that you actually control more of your life then you realize.

Grab life by the balls son. Kick life in the teeth. Never take ‘no’ for an answer and don’t dream your dreams, get up off your ass and go out and make them fucking happen. If you don’t, they won’t.

I would say good luck, but you know you make your own ‘luck’.


Old Man Christian


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9 Replies to “If This Was My Last Blog Post Ever”

  1. Great post my man….this is the type of reading people need to do everyday until they get where they want to be. Then they need to read it twice once they get there so grey don’t get complacent. Your work is much appreciated Christian


  2. I really liked your quote about failure. That was me for a year and a half after college, during the “great recession.”
    I blamed society, I blamed timing, I blamed my lack of mentors – but I never took personal responsibility. The words “fuck everyone” just kept replaying in my head. I stopped trying to get a job, and just played videogames and watched netlix for months at a time.

    I was a failure because I stopped trying. It was the worst feeling in the world, it was anti-life. Naturally, with that attitude I was not able to get any dates or jobs. It was a terrible time in my life.

    When I got to law school, I made girls my priority. I would not give up until I figured out that aspect of my life. Because I knew what it was to be a failure – to stop trying – I knew I had to keep going until I figured it out.

    It took nearly all of law school, but now I am a zen master with women. The best part of it all is that once you start self improving on one area of your life, you are forced to fix other areas. Women motivated me, but my health and fitness, attitude, style, professional mindset and resilience all improved by necessity.

    Telling guys that “failure is giving up” is spot on advice. As long as you keep trying, you will eventually be far from where you were – and even if you don’t get to your goal – you’ll be somewhere a helluva lot better. That’s where I am now, a few years later.


  3. Excellent post Christian on all counts. I could but add one accent on the issue of heartbreak and disappointment. What I have found isn’t that mine were any more extreme than other men’s and often much less so, the thing is they are never from the direction you expect nor the venue you expect. One thing that keeps me reading your blog is your emphasis on being your own man and self reliance; for the most part Conan’s father was right in his paternal chat with the youthful barbarian. We’re all lone wolves out there, pals, pretty girls, and family notwithstanding – nobody has your back except in your imagination. Christian, keep up the good fight. Joe, never fear…just look at the competition in your target age bracket. Party on, men!


  4. Christian,
    I was just thinking about this the other day ago. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you be content with what you have done in the past? Looking back at my successes and mishaps, I realize that girls and money are trivial to what I want to accomplish in the long term. Money is definitely useful and helpful towards developing your purpose, although it’s simply a medium means of a transaction. Girls; not so much unless there is a girl in your life that genuinely cares about you. And if there is one or a few that have helped you out, I think you should discuss. This also makes me ask if you have an end goal for women? I certainly enjoy the company of women and have no thoughts of settling down, yet overtime their importance has gradually declined in my life. Insightful article and thanks for the thoughts.


  5. Money and girls…very true. It’s evident from your authentic style of writing that you have massive amounts of life experience to draw from, unlike some of the charlatans bloggers out there who type the words but lack the emotional depth.
    Your post reminds me of how I once had an assignment in university where the prof made us write our own obituaries, of how we want to be remembered by the world. As touchy-feely and morbid as that sounds, at the time it really narrowed my focus and allowed me to go after what’s important. If I had to rewrite it now, it would be different though as I have taken the red pill and many things have happened to me since then.
    Do you think your advice to your 18 year old self would change 10 years from now, 20 years from now, with even more maturity?
    I’ve recently thought about writing an open letter to my soon to be 18 year old brother as well…as that could help to collect, reflect, and share on my own experiences and hard earned life lessons with younger men.


  6. Ah, the old letter to a younger version of ourselves. Of course mine would be blunt and to the point: grow a pair, quit being a bitch and stop giving a fuck what people think. Something like that.

    Anyway..good post, Old Man Christian.


  7. McQueen
    That letter was art. I hope we see more of your writing well into the future man.

    Let me ask you- for dudes that are just waking up and taking the red pill that are a bit older (35)-
    can these older dudes still break into a cool scene (LA Vegas etc) to get early-mid 20s white girls or is it time to travel elsewhere where feminism hasn’t eroded reverence for masculinity as much?


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