“What Makes For A Great Night Out?” (VIDEO)

For this Weekend’s 2-Part Game Tip, I’m sharing with you a snippet of a Los Angeles interview Goldmund from GoldmundUnleashed.com conducted with me a couple of weeks ago. We also did some filming with girls out and about, so stay tuned for that.

In it, I discuss what makes for a great night out.

That single factor that gives you a playful vibe, an undeniable alpha magnetism and a pep in your step, that makes girls take notice of you when you walk in a joint.

I’m a drink or two in, so if I look real happy, you’ll know why.

Note: Wistia doesn’t allow WordPress.com users to embed, otherwise it would be embedded below.

Check out the video: “What Makes For A Great Night Out?”

After watching it, drop a comment if you’d like to see more quick videos like this.

Part 2 of the Weekend Game Tip will be out later today, so stay tuned.


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5 Replies to ““What Makes For A Great Night Out?” (VIDEO)”

  1. The videos are great man. Sometimes you can get a lot more across with a 30 second soundbite than a 2 page article.
    “What will my adventure be tonight? What will the story be I can tell tomorrow?” That’s a powerful message.
    Badass jacket by the way.


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