Who’s The Star of Your Show?

This is Part 2 of this weekend’s Game Tip. Read Part 1 here and watch the video here.

“Every time I see you, it’s like you’re in a movie”. An old boss of mine commented while peering at me over his glasses curiously. “All the world’s a stage”, I smirked as dropping some Shakespeare. He chuckled and we went our separate ways.

As I walked away, I thought about what he said. Then I remembered other times where different people had said a version of his comment to me. What did they mean?

I started analyzing my social interactions, everything from my body language, to my choice of words, to my entrances and exits from social events, even down to how I would turn my head to look at people.

I analyzed the hell out of every aspect of myself.

My old boss was right. I carried myself as though I was the lead of a show (even though I wasn’t aware at the time). I created instances of entertainment with everyone I met and then it hit me.

When a man views the world as being his ‘playground’, then this attitude comes through.

When I talk to girls, I don’t think of how I can impress them. Instead, I think of, “How can she entertain me for the next couple of minutes and if she does a good job, maybe I’ll keep talking to her”.

That made all the difference.

What I was unconsciously doing, was exactly what women do.

What? You might be scratching your head, but I’m about to explain.

Ever notice how hot girls carry themselves as though the world revolves around their existence?

How they will make comments like, “I hope there’s some interesting guys at this party. I was soooo bored at the last one!”.

What that is, is a sense of entitlement that the world and everyone in it should cater to them.

While I’ve never had a sense of entitlement (and you shouldn’t either, because it’s toxic to your life), the aspect of making the world your playground and everyone in it is your entertainment, provides a structure of which MEN can learn from.

The difference between the hot girls with this attitude and us as men, is that men are builders! Meaning we won’t sit back and expect entertainment, we CREATE entertainment. We create fun situations and interactions because it’s in our power to do so.

This weekend when you’re rolling out to find sexy girls and have an adventure, I want you to ask yourself this question:

“Who is the star of my show?”

You already know the answer: YOU.

When you walk out of your house carrying yourself as though the sun wouldn’t rise if you died, then you will notice that people will start gravitating to you because they can feel that energy.

Now note: This does NOT mean that you walk around with a chip on your shoulder. Instead, it just means that you know damn well your life has value and you are going to make opportunities to put yourself in ‘starring roles’ through out the day and night.

It means that when you approach girls, you have the mindset of: “How does she fit into my show? Is she good enough? Can she entertain me right now for the next 2 minutes? What makes THIS girl so special?”

You will find adopting that attitude might feel unnatural at first, but after it clicks (through continued use), girls will start QUALIFYING themselves to you right from the start.

The mark of a great player is that he can approach a girl and she automatically jumps in proving herself to him, not him begging for her affection and approval.

Make yourself the star of your own show from now on out and you will see a big difference in your interactions with everyone.

Cheers to the weekend gentlemen!

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