5 Tips For Getting Laid This Weekend

The weekend has arrived and the hunt begins for hot girls in short skirts with a penchant for having fun. In less than 700 words, here’s a blueprint on how to make this happen.

#5. Don’t Stop Until You Reach Your Goal

How many times have you rolled out with a buddy, you guys hit up a club, it’s weak and the first words out of his mouth are, “Well, let’s just go grab some food”.


The hungry get fed.

If one joint is dead, leave and keep hitting up different clubs, bars, hotel lounges and whatever is available to you, until you find some girls who are down. There is never a guarantee that you will absolutely 100% get laid every night you go out and any coach who tells you so is a liar, BUT you can control how much EFFORT you expend.

If you want to pull a girl for a one-night stand, you won’t stop until you’ve exhausted all options available to you.

I’m known within my friends to be the first guy out and the last guy heading home, because I’m one persistent motherfucker. Michael Jordan’s teammates (in basketball and baseball), said that he was the first one to practices and games and the last to leave.

Part of ‘talent’ is persistence.

#4. Ditch The Dead Weight

That same guy wanting to quit and go get food, should get ditched like a coke habit.

The reality is, most guys are terrible wings and don’t have the passion for pussy like you do.

Sure, they WANT to get laid, but they are not willing to put in the effort required to figure out this aspect of their life. If you constantly find that your ‘wingman’ is holding you back, then it’s time to roll out solo.

You will have an adventure. You will have a story to tell the next day. You will meet new people. You will extend your network. You will meet girls.

Also, it’s easier to get clubs On-Lock when you’re rolling solo. Go out solo and build relationships. You are a lion out looking for his midnight meal.

#3. Don’t Waste Time With Cock-Teases

Some girls will flirt all night with you, then drop, “Oh I can’t come over! I have a fiance”. These are called attention whores and cock-teases.

Learn to screen and screen fast. Look for signs of a DTF girl. Don’t waste your time spending 45 minutes on a girl and then deciding to physically escalate. Even a light touch on her arm, or lower back within the first 5 minutes of the interaction will help you gauge her receptiveness.

It’s gotten to the point, I make a bold move within 5 minutes, so that I can screen fast and hard. Sure, you’ll have some rejections, but the fishes that bite, will bite hard and it’s game on.

#2. Screw The Number

I wrote about this here and this is a HUGE help for your ONS game. Your objective is not to get a phone number. Your objective is to have sex with her THAT night. Save getting her number for the last move you pull.

#1. Bring The Party

Adopt the mindset that the club, or bar, doesn’t pop off until YOU arrive. Carry this attitude. Bring a tornado of controlled energy into every spot you walk into.

Put yourself out there, approach and show yourself friendly.

Don’t stand in the corner with the schmucks nursing their beers (or sipping on their sugary drinks through a tiny straw), grumbling about how, “All girls are bitches”. That is negative energy that creates a bubble of Not Getting Pussy Tonight around you and it’s hard to shake off.

There’s never a guarantee that you will get laid when you roll out, but in that very ‘flaw’ lies the excitement. It really is a version of hunting and it’s thrilling when you extend the energy and everything comes together.

Lastly, no matter what, enjoy the journey and the seduction. Enjoy the process and even if you don’t get laid, you will have a night to remember.

Make your own ‘luck’ this weekend and remember, I’m your Wingman in Spirit!

Fuck not getting laid. Fix it here.

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