A Girl’s Friends Are An Indicator Of Her Future Behavior

If you want an overview of a girl’s future, or even present behavior away from you, who you’re considering leading into a LTR, look no further than her friends.

A girl’s friends are the biggest indicator of her mindset and behavior away from you.

I’ll paint this picture with a fictional story that might explain this in the simplest form. It’s a lengthy read, but an important one, so read all of it.

Betty is a cute girl who was raised in a traditional American home with conservative values and parents that have been married for 25 years. She was raised to be a good girl, but as she heads to college (albeit a conservative university), her new friends will make a play into her life decisions.

Betty has a hard time adjusting to university and finds herself spending her weekends watching House of Cards on Netflix and shoving Ben and Jerry’s into her mouth by the spoonful.

Eventually, Betty tires of the isolation and decides she will find some friends at any cost.

She decides to make herself more ‘attractive’, by showing more skin in her daily outfits, being more flirtatious with the popular guys and makes a real effort to reach out to the ‘cool’ girls on campus.

She meets Tiffany, a bubbly and popular co-ed who always has the in for the hottest parties and Tiffany decides to take Betty under her wing as her new project.

Betty’s lonely days are over.

Tiffany instructs the innocent Betty on what guys like, how to suck dick and all of the necessary ‘skills’ that a young college girl should know.

Betty is so excited to have new ‘friends’ that she quickly abandon’s her parents moral upbringing and dives into the independent and ‘liberated’ lifestyle of a young college girl.

Betty had always noticed a certain guy in her Biology class, but he didn’t seem like the coolest guy and while she had a certain attraction for him, she could never bring herself to actually talk to him. The guy’s name was Jack.

Jack was an average dude, but was intent on getting the best grades he could and starting his life on the right foot. His social skills were average at best, but he started to push himself to be more outgoing. He wanted to learn how to be better with women, but he never truly committed to putting in the time and effort needed to change.

One day, Jack, who had always noticed Betty shooting short furtive glances at him, decided to actually approach her using their homework assignment as an excuse.

“I’m confused as to what they’re wanting exactly with this homework assignment. What are you doing yours on?”, Jack asked Betty.

Betty was delighted he finally read her signals and offered to work together on the assignment.

The weeks passed and Jack took a liking to this girl who seemed slightly different than the other girls on campus. He likened it to her having retained some of her innocence, although as she was only a freshman he couldn’t imagine it could last too long, but was hopeful for their future.

Tiffany discouraged the relationship from the beginning, telling Betty that she should live it up, be free and hook up with the cool guys on campus and that she was wasting her time with a boring guy. Betty would agree in private with Tiffany, but continued to see Jack.

Betty actually like Jack and was intent on making it work, while still balancing her party life with her new cool girlfriends, but Tiffany’s influence was starting to win out.

One night Tiffany told Betty that they were going to the hottest party on campus at a popular frat house. Betty already had plans to attend a movie and get dinner with Jack, but the thought of being at the coolest party on campus was too much for her to resist.

Betty text Jack saying, “Hey baby, I’m not feeling well. Can we rain-check tonight?”

Jack was disappointed, but due to having limited relationship experience and lacking an abundance mentality, he texted back that it wasn’t a problem at all and if she needed anything, he’d go get her chicken noodle soup and medicine.

Betty smiled to herself when she saw the text and for the first time in her life, felt a tinge of evil in her soul. She knew she had him and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Betty and Tiffany put on their favorite song, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, while doing their hair and makeup.

Tonight was going to be so exciting! They gulped down shots and took selfies to show that they were living an exciting life, although more time was spend getting the perfect picture, instead of just enjoying the moment.

Jack had no plans for the evening since his formal date with his kind-of-girlfriend fell through. He thought about rolling out solo and maybe trying to meet some cool guys he could hang with, but the thought of the social repercussions of other college students seeing him out alone dissuaded him and he resigned to watching Netflix and chilling in his dorm.

Betty and Tiffany headed to the party laughing boisterously and feeling on top of the world.

The moment they walked into the frat house, they were greeted with instant attention from the hot muscular frat boys. Shots were poured for them and they felt like celebrities. Who knew life could be this good?

Jack started to worry about Betty because he hadn’t heard from her in a while.

Maybe she was really sick?

Maybe she had to go to the hospital?

Jack started to feel sick himself, because he truly cared about Betty and was concerned for her well-being.

Jack sent Betty a text: “How are you feeling baby? You need anything?”

Betty’s phone went off, but she didn’t even notice because she was having body shots done off her stomach by the hot muscular frat boys.

Eventually, as is the nature of girls to constantly check their phones every 48 seconds, she noticed his text and she replied: “iimm goood beby”.

Jack was puzzled. Why was Betty’s text grammatically incorrect?

Jack felt a cold hand grip his chest and he instantly knew something was wrong.

He sent a multitude of texts asking where she was, was she okay and what was wrong.

Betty ignored them. Tiffany noticed Boring Jack (as she referred to him) was texting Betty, so she told Betty to just turn her phone off and enjoy the party with all of the hot muscular frat boys.

Betty listened to her friend.

Tiffany started making out with one of the frat boys and another frat guy grabbed Betty’s waist and started dancing with her. Betty went along with it, but felt slightly guilty.

The frat boy poured Betty another shot and the guilt went away almost instantaneously.

Betty was having fun!

Meanwhile, Jack was beside himself with worry. How could Betty do this to him? Didn’t they have something so special that no one else had? Wasn’t she maybe, just maybe…The One?

Betty started to kiss the hot muscular frat boy and he lead her by the hand up to his room.

She mumbled something about having a boyfriend, but the frat boy told her, “He isn’t here, so who cares?”. She pulled her clothes off, and bent over the bed as he fucked her silly. The frat boy shot a load inside her, then told her to stay bent over and he would be right back.

Meanwhile another one of the frat boy’s buddies had slipped in the room and they pulled the oldest trick in the book: the original frat boy said he would be right back, but instead of returning, his buddy started to fuck Betty. She moaned in pleasure and the alcohol buzz caused any guilt she might feel to dissipate quickly. The second frat boy dumped his load inside her, high-fived his buddy and they left her on the bed.

Betty put her clothes back on and her buzz started to wear off. What had she done? She had just let, not one, but two different guys fuck her and cum inside of her and she wasn’t even on the pill. She started to panic.

She ran downstairs and told Tiffany what happened. Tiffany laughed and told her, “I’ve done that plenty of times, don’t worry. I’ll take you to Planned Parenthood tomorrow for the Plan B pill. Here, have a shot!”. Betty took the shot because she remembered that taking shots caused her to feel less guilty.

It wasn’t really her fault anyway, she was drunk. So it probably didn’t count anyway. 

Jack paced back and forth in his dorm room feeling physically sick with worry. He decided to go find Betty.

He stopped by her dorm room and knocked on the door, but no one answered. He continued to call her, but she didn’t pick up the phone. He decided to just go home and try to sleep as it was approaching 3am.

Eventually, the frat guys tired of the girls at their party and kicked everyone out. Betty went up to the first frat boy who had fucked her and asked if they could hang out sometime. He laughed and said, “Maybe”, before pushing her out the door and chucking her shoes after her. Betty wanted to go up to the second frat boy who had fucked her, but she couldn’t really remember his face because it was dark in the room where she was fucked.

Tiffany and Betty took an Uber home hungover, makeup astray and cum dripping down their legs. They were liberated, they were free, they were empowered!

As soon as they got back to their dorm room Betty charged her phone and texted Jack this, “Hey baby! I was knocked out because I took some cold medicine and it made me act groggy and I passed out”.

Jack jumped up when his text message went off and he quickly felt relief. That was why her text was incoherent! That makes total sense he text back along with a smattering of couple emojis and hearts. Betty giggled to herself and laid down for a few hours.

When Betty woke, Tiffany took her to the local Planned Parenthood to get the Plan B pill. She had never done that before, but Tiffany was an expert so she guided her through it with ease.

How lucky I am to have such a good friend like Tiffany, Betty thought.

The weeks pass and Betty grows more distant towards Jack. He tries harder to please her, even surprising her with flowers at class one day, but Betty acts embarrassed and the second frat boy who fucked her, was sitting in the back of the class laughing and high-fiving his friends.

Betty misses her period and starts to worry. She had taken Plan B, what was the problem?

Tiffany gets her a pregnancy test (once again proving what a great friend she was), and the results stun them both:

Betty was pregnant. 

She started to cry and emotionally breakdown, because what would her parents think of her? She had to hide this.

She went up to Frat Boy #1 after class and told him she needed to talk to him. “I’m pregnant?” she said. “How is that my problem?” he responded with. “Well, you came inside me”, she said. “So did my buddy, so I don’t know what to tell you. Go get an abortion”.

She walked away trying to hide her tears that started to run down her face. Why was he rejecting her now? Didn’t he see that she was a good girl who would make a great girlfriend?

“Why are you crying?”. Jack appeared in front of her and she quickly thought up a story on the fly.

“I’m pregnant with your baby”.

“What?! But we only had sex once and that was a while back. Remember you said you wanted to have a pure relationship with me?”

“I know baby, but all it takes is just once!”

“But, I wore a condom and I pulled out just to be extra safe”.

“It’s yours”. Betty looked him in the eye daring him to defy her.

Jack backed down and they considered the alternatives: abortion, adoption, or keep it.

Betty said she would think about it and let Jack know, because it was HER body and HER choice. Jack thought that seemed unfair, but went along with her wishes.

Betty consulted Tiffany on this important life decision and Tiffany scoffed at the idea of keeping it. “I’ve had two abortions already. It’s not a big deal. In fact, I’ll take you to the clinic”.

Betty decided Tiffany must be right so she scheduled the abortion behind Jack’s back. It was HER body anyway and Jack had turned into such a cry-baby it was really starting to annoy her.

The day came for the abortion and Betty had the procedure done. Afterwards she felt an emptiness, but decided it would go away based on Tiffany’s advice. Tiffany after-all, had this done before and she seemed just fine.

Jack reached out to Betty wanting to know her decision, but Betty was tired of Jack and couldn’t be bothered to respond. Plus, Spring Break was arriving and with it a Girl’s Trip to Panama City Beach to party like rockstars!

Betty felt liberated. She felt free. She felt empowered. She felt free from the chains of a boring guy who was only trying to hold her back from her potential to hold a mid-level HR job. It was time to meet more hot muscular frat boys who would show them a good time.

I will tell you right now gentlemen if you do not screen women before jumping into a LTR, you will be in for a world of surprise and pain.

This story is not to discourage you from meeting women, or having relationships, but instead it is to caution you to be wise when selecting women who you invest in.

Consider her friends. 

If her friends are whores, then she will join them soon in promiscuous behavior, if she has not already.

If her friends are losers whose only focus is partying, then she will quickly join them on the path to nowhere.

If her friends constantly badmouth you, then it is only a matter of time before their grumblings about you drive a wedge between the two of you that will not be removed.

There are girls out there with positive friends who are not whores, but you must search for them. They are not easily found.

If a girl starts to preach to you about how she feels held back by the relationship with you, then end it immediately. I can guarantee if you don’t, she will dump you within weeks, or months.

The reality is that MOST women are followers within their circle of friends.

There are the ‘alpha’ women who lead their groups and are not easily swayed by their friends, but they are smaller in numbers. If you can find a woman with a backbone, then you will find a girl who might be the type to take a stand and have your back despite her friends. Or she might be willing to find new friends, but overall, women are easily influenced by their friends.

We see this not with just young college aged girls, but in all ages.

I’ve received many, many emails from grown men who’s wives decided to leave them after she starting to hang with a freshly divorced female friend.

Women are hive-minded and adopt a herd mentality.

If Jane gets divorced, it won’t be too long before Shannon starts to question her marriage.

On a smaller scale this is true of girls who have boyfriends. Summer is coming and once one girl jumps ship, the others will often consider jumping ship too, so as not to “miss out on all the fun of being single”. There’s a reason why women living together will naturally get on the same period cycle.

If their friends are rotten, then she will be affected before too long. This is a fact.

Choose your LTRs carefully, consider her friends’ behavior, screen for red flags and above all else: put yourself first.

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16 Replies to “A Girl’s Friends Are An Indicator Of Her Future Behavior”

  1. Yep.. Truer words havnt been spoken..

    As I’ve learnt from my life.. There are these things called “gut feelings” and “instincts” that often tell you that “well dat seems fishy” or “something’s off” and we wave em off saying “aah no.. Xyz person wont do this to me.. Because we are diff than other people and we knw each other.”
    Trust those feelings.. They are right most of the time if not all the time.. Just be cautious..


  2. Friends, not just among females, are always a reflection of each other. We surround ourselves with similar people, but when we purposefully place ourselves among better people, they rub off on us. It’s a chicken and egg issue, but it’s an easy one to be on the right side of.


  3. Great post and I hope more men “stumble” upon your blog and learn Game and female hypergamy (borrowing from the rationalmale.com) from your writings!


  4. This applies to men as well, as has been mentioned on this blog before. If you desire to succeed and become a HVM, you must begin to surround yourself by likeminded individuals. Solid read keep up the good work Christian.



  5. I love your semi-subtle jabs at the prevalent mantras of “you go girl-ism” like “liberated, free, and empowered”, which have resulted in nothing more than sluttiness, entitlement, and mental issues in Western women because of their bad decisions.


  6. Haha, man this post is spot on. Happened to me not that long ago with a girl I really liked. It really is a shame but it opens your eyes to some hard truths about the world and female nature.


  7. God Damn Christian. You probably will save a lot of guys who let their emotions control them with this post. Thanks bro.


  8. Well written post and very true. This is one of those things that I definitely try to deny because I don’t feel comfortable both being a man who loves women and also seeing their less-pure nature. Or rather loving women and knowing how susceptible they are to pursuing that less innocent side with anyone other than me. I know this isn’t a healthy mindset but still something that bugs me from time to time.

    How do you balance off those two things yourself?


    1. If you leave the trash out and your dog digs through it, can you be mad at him? He’s acting in his nature.
      The easiest way to balance it, is to view women unemotionally and realize that they will follow their nature 9/10 times. This allows you to use their nature for your own purposes and how to ‘regulate’ their actions by using their emotions to keep them addicted to you. There is never a 100% chance a girl won’t cheat, but taking necessary precautions by screening for red flags, taking months before committing and spinning plates are the best way to minimize risk.


  9. Damn good advice. You have a real heart for helping to make the men of our generation much wiser. As the Bible says ” we are to be wise as serpents but as meek as doves” i.e. shrewdness coupled with humility. The Good Book also says a wise woman will work to build her house up while a foolish one will tear it down. Many many foolish women out there today


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