2015 Vegas Nightlife Datasheet

It’s that time of the year again when Vegas starts to pop with pool parties packed full of bikini-clad girls ready to make ‘bad’ decisions and the nightclubs are packed with A-List Djs spinning the hottest EDM tracks.

As I have done the last couple of years, I’ve put together a MASSIVE free datasheet on Vegas nightlife. 2015 is no exception. Here’s how you can read the 2015 Vegas Nightlife Datasheet:

Go to my new Vegas site: GetGirlsInVegas.com > Top Menu > Click on ‘Free 2015 Vegas Party Guide’ > Read

Cheers gents.


8 Replies to “2015 Vegas Nightlife Datasheet”

  1. Excellent rundown. No way those of us who live 1000 miles away could keep up with what’s rising or falling without it.
    You mention that (as always) tipping is the way to a doorman’s heart. What’s a normal range? With cheapass on one side and overspending tool on the other, it’s good to know the ballpark.


      1. Fair enough, though I still don’t know what cheap means to a doorman – and now that I look again, what I should have said is “host”. Jumping the line is what I had in mind, but how it applies to drink tickets could be good to know, too. Around here, $20 is freakish overkill almost any time, and can be even in L.A., the major city I visit most often, though like you said, it depends on the venue. On a normal Vegas weekend at the places you list it’s… normal? Cheap? Pathetic? My experience says the best amount is a bit more than most. Establishing that “what most tip” is the challenge, then.
        It’d be hard to make a tipping guide, unless restricted to a certain set of venues or categorized somehow. Still, it’s an idea.


      2. $20 is okay in LA, depending on the venue, but let’s say you’re in Vegas MDW and you want to skip the line. $20 would get laughed at. $50 and you’re getting warm, but standard is $100. It’s all city and venue specific. I remember years ago back in Indianapolis a $10 tip was looked at as gold.


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