From 9-Dime: A Case Study On Approaching Beauties

Case Study #1

“Approach her, you pussy!” my mind screamed at me as I contemplated approaching a stunning girl as she walked towards the front of a major Vegas hotel.

“Doh! There she goes walking right past you and yet you stand here like a twat.” My mind was relentless.

The girl was stunning. Tall, perfect curves, golden hair and blue/green eyes that sparkled in the hot Vegas sun. All of the guys standing around in a 20 feet radius stared as she speed walked past and one guy choked on his drink.

I stood there like a chump chopping it up with some fellow hosts and we all exclaimed how banging the girl was, even for Vegas.

“Fuck this. I’m going go talk to her.” My buddies laughed and I trotted off after her. Now mind you she had already walked PAST me, so I was already behind the eight ball so to speak on my approach. Approaching girls from behind as they are walking is not my forte and it usually doesn’t go well because it gives off a needy vibe, but I still went after her.

“Hold up”, I yelled out. She slowed and half-cocked her head at the sound of my booming voice. She paused in her tracks for a moment and I caught up with her in the lobby of the Vegas hotel.

Now here’s the real key part: I didn’t have a fancy line to say. I hadn’t even thought that far ahead. I just blurted out what was on my mind in that second.

“You’re stunning and I had to come get your number”.

I know, I know, not the most original and leading with a compliment USUALLY doesn’t work, but this time it did.

She giggled for a second, then put her number in my phone. “Sure”. I got her name and realized she was even more stunning up close, then she was on her way.

I walked back to my buddies triumphant and we all had a good laugh at my last minute save. I text her later that night, she met me at a club and I smashed her into oblivion after we partied. We hung out for about a month and this girl was as connected as it gets in Vegas. Her rich daddy was business partners with a major Vegas business man and those connects helped me even further. She liked me, but being the cad that I am, she quickly grew tired of me chasing other ass. Such is life.

Case Study #2

“Holy fuck that girl is gorgeous”, I exclaimed to my buddy AND the girl on my arm. We were standing outside of club and I spotted a stunning girl walking across the street. She was breathtaking and alone. “Alone? It’s 3am and she’s alone?” The girl I had just pulled from the club was a 7 on my arm, but no match for this filly. I told her my bad, but I have to go meet this girl and literally ran across the street.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

Another ‘terrible’ pickup line and another half-running approach. 

“I’m such and such. What’s your name?”

“I’m Christian. What are you doing right now? Are you going home?”

“I was planning on it, what’s up?”

“We’re headed to an afterparty. Come with me”. (Direct and leading)

“Okay” she said. “Okay? Damn was it really that easy?”

My buddy at about that time pulled up, I opened the back door and she got in the car. We hit up the afterparty and I banged her in the bathroom, then took her to my spot and we banged all night and thus began that adventure.

Case Study #3

“I like your hair”. The girl standing in front of me could have been a long lost identical twin of Ivanka Trump. I smirked and said, “Your hair isn’t bad either”. She smiled and I walked inside the club with my two wingman.

Later I saw her inside, (note I didn’t bring her in the club past the line with me, but just made the comment and walked in) walked up to her and asked her name. Our conversation lasted about 2 minutes, I got her digits and that was that.

I hit her up a couple of days later and set-up a formal date.

Mistake #1. 

Because of her beauty I assumed that she was the type of girl who needed to be wined and dined. Dumb.

After the awkward dinner, I smartened up and took her to a dimly lit lounge I had On-Lock for some drinks.

The lounge was empty which was perfect and as my game sharpened up, there was a perfect moment to kiss her, but I chickened out.

Mistake #2

As I stared at her, FEAR kicked in and self-doubt started to drop mental bombs on my swagger:

  • She’s too pretty for you
  • Why is she even out with you? This chick could have anyone
  • If you go for the kiss and she turns away you will feel like a complete idiot
  • She probably isn’t even the type of chick to kiss in ‘public’. She’s classy! (haha)

I didn’t go for the kiss in that moment and the sexual tension dissipated like a pin sticking a balloon.

Mistake #3

I parked in front of her house and walked her up to the door. I went for the kiss at a predictable time and she awkwardly gave me a closed mouth peck. Epic fail.

I never saw or heard from her again. It wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough, it was because I did not act like a man and take charge when the opportunity was presented.

The reality is, if a girl is on the date with you, then there is SOME attraction that she has for you and it’s a matter of taking the lead and making it happen.

I was passive.

I let fear kick in and I started to doubt myself.

I started to feel like I wasn’t good enough and that alone will be the DEATH of your game.

Case Study #4

“Christian meet Christy, Christy this is Christian”. My promoter buddy introduced me to the stunning black girl.

I didn’t hesitate.

“Come with me”.

“Okay”, she said without a moment of hesitation.

I led her by the hand over to my table at the club which was now popping the fuck off. I sat her down beside me, poured her a drink and asked what her story was. Essentially I got interested in HER. She started to tell me what her story was and within 10 minutes her endless legs were draped over mine and we started to make out.

I didn’t pull her that night, mostly due to her group of friends and the tragic logistics of Los Angeles, but a time was set-up to hang out again.



“Okay Christian, cool stories, but what’s the point?” you might just be thinking.

Here’s the deal: every one of these stories doesn’t vary from my approaches with 6s, 7s and 8s. I still had to make the effort to approach them and I had to open my mouth (with the exception of Case Study #3 girl with her ‘soft approach’).

I didn’t say anything ‘special’ to the stunners.

They didn’t react any differently, EXCEPT the shit tests were NOT there.

I had an epiphany the other day when on a hike: I have never had a terrible approach with a stunner. In fact, it was always EASIER to approach the stunners then it was for 7s and 8s. Note: that doesn’t mean I never have been rejected by a stunner, but instead that the approach never went terrible. Some work, some don’t, but the most vicious rejections came from approaching 6s, 7s, and 8s.

Why is this?

In each situation the stunner was either alone, or with girlfriends. While guys were staring with mouths agape, no one was actually approaching them.

I’ve mentioned this before in another article, but I truly believe that stunning girls (not 8-8.5s) don’t get approached as much as one would think and here’s why:

  • There’s less High Value Males in the world who think they are good enough to approach a stunner. Most guys would look at a stunner and think ‘She’s out of my league so fuckit, I’m not approaching her’
  • The approaches that DO happen are either by a High Value Male (once again not many of those), or by a guy who’s had enough alcohol so that he feels brave enough to approach. I.e. his approach is sloppy drunk and is usually a turn-off to the girl, especially if she’s not sloshed
  • I’ve point blank asked many stunners if they get approached alot (this is AFTER I’ve banged them and a certain level of comfort is built, so they have no reason to lie) and this is what I get: “I really don’t. Now guys will STARE, or make comments from afar, but they don’t actually walk up to me with confidence and just get to know me”. In every approach I did with the stunners (besides the hair teasing remark with Case Study #3 girl), I didn’t use insults to establish superiority; instead I showed some interest in getting to know them, was dominate and led the interaction, BUT it was simple. No fancy routines, lines or ‘trick’s’. I sum this up to the following reasons:
  • 1. Girls who are cute to hot get approached the most, thus they use shit tests as a way to weed out alphas from betas and guys who are ‘serious’ about them, or pump n dumpers.
  • 2. Girls who are cute to hot KNOW they have some value due to their looks, but their insecurity is paramount because they are not quite on the stunner level. Some aren’t even close. This creates an issue in their mind where they will wonder WHY the obvious High Value Male is hitting on them, which leads me to point #3.
  • 3. Sometimes we as men don’t realize our value, or our perceived value and UNDERESTIMATE it. In other words, we’re hitting on 7s and 8s, when we should be hitting on stunners. Now granted, there is less stunners in the world, then 7s and 8s, so by statistics alone we will hit on more 7s and 8s, then 9-dimes, BUT by letting fear and self-doubt sneak into our mindsets, we actually SHORTCHANGE our potential success with women. When we’re hitting on 7s and 8s, the 9 in the corner might be wondering why the fuck we are going for the ‘sure’ thing, when it’s actually not sure at all. The most difficult women I’ve dealt with are in the 7-8.5 range. As it hits 8.5 and up, it actually always got easier (in my experience).

Now remember, that no matter how hot or unattractive a girl is, you can approach a bitch and get blown out. There are sweet girls and bitches in all of the look ranges, BUT if you’ve been letting fear hold you back from approaching the hottest girl in the club, or that banging girl at Whole Foods you see everyday when you get your lunch, then you’re shortselling yourself.

An easy way to get around the fear that kicks in like a motherfucker when you consider approaching a stunner, is to not hesitate. You have to JUMP on your initial INSTINCT to approach and do so. Here’s how it works usually:

>You spot the stunner

>OMG she’s fucking stunning, I have to meet her!

>You hesitate. You keep looking at the steaks while sneaking glances at her from the corner of your eye. As you hesitate, the fear starts to kick in.

>Fear and bullshit self-doubt thoughts: You suck, you’re not good enough, she probably is Tom Brady’s mistress, she doesn’t like short guys because she’s tall, she’s out of your league broooooo!

>At this point, maybe you start to sum up the courage to approach, but the self-doubt and fear has contorted your body language into that of a beta bitch boy and your voice croaks when you open your mouth. You’re dead in the water already.

Here’s what you should do from now on out when you spot the stunner:

>You spot the stunner

>OMG she’s-woah dude. She’s banging, but she shits too and she’s probably on her period. Relax.

>Approach. Even if you DON’T know what to say, just get your ass over to her and say anything. You’ll find that the adrenaline that was telling you to run, will switch to ‘fight’ which will help you when you approach her. Just get some words out. The more that you’re approaching girls whether 6s, 7s, or dimes, you’ll be smoother in your approach because it’s a daily habit.

If you make approaching into a special once a week event, then you’ll struggle with it. Make it a DAILY habit.

The Real Intel On Stunners

You have a few different categories of stunners and here’s a breakdown:

  • Stunner who grows up in a small town and never leaves. She marries her high school sweetheart and he had her On-Lock because he got her when she was young and he’s all she knows.
  • Stunner who grows up in a small town and leaves after high school. If you get her BEFORE she becomes spoiled and tainted by big-city life and High Value Males, then it’s easier to ‘keep her’.
  • Stunner who grows up in a small town and leaves after high school and gets the red carpet treatment in the big-city. Before you know it she’s dating celebs and is used to the high life due to sugar daddies. These are the hardest to keep locked down, because she has exhaustive options.
  • Stunner who grows up in big-city, has seen it all and isn’t that impressed by money or status and she is just looking for a dude who has his shit together and truly wants a worthwhile relationship
  • Stunner who could grow up anywhere, but due to an erratic and abused childhood is a basket case mentally and is NOT good LTR material on any level. Have sex, but get out while you can. These types tend to be BPD (borderline personality disorder), BP (bi-polar), or any other type of mental disorder. Note that they can tend to be absolutely stunning and into you from the jump. Tread carefully.
  • Stunner who has has extreme insecurity issues, tends to date ‘bad boys’ and guys who ‘abuse’ her. She doesn’t know her worth, but regardless she’s damaged goods.
  • Stunner who knows she’s pretty (but doesn’t realize HOW pretty), comes from a normal upbringing, but doesn’t DEFINE her life by her looks. These can be real catches, because they tend not to be shallow and artificial.

As with any girl, Deep Conversion can work well. The key is not to Deep Convert a BPD, or BP chick. You can get more than you bargained for. Lastly, the only way to figure out what type the girl is, is to screen the hell out of her, put through tests (Deep Conversion tests) and take your time getting to know her. What a girl shows in the beginning, isn’t usually what she is like after 6 months. Take your time. Make her prove herself to you over and over so you know what you’re dealing with BEFORE getting into a LTR with one.

One last note on stunners is this: while most game ‘gurus’ will lie to you, so they can make a quick buck, you gents know I tell you the truth, whether it’s good for business or not, so read closely the following paragraph.

Getting a stunner to share your bed for the night and KEEPING a stunner are two different animals.

The higher the value of the girl, the ‘harder’ it can be to keep her. This is simply due to supply and demand. If she’s a high maintenance type who knows her looks are strong and knows she is in demand by the high value males in her city, then she will take stronger Frame and Deep Conversion to convert.

You cannot be a pussy on any level.

You must lead 24/7.

You must spin plates.

You must have options.

And most importantly, any girl who is emotionally stable and is healthy mentally, will not want to settle down with a loser.

You guys are men who are either HVM’s already, or are working on becoming men in demand, so you can understand this concept: as long as you are focusing on improving YOUR life because it’s important to YOU (not to impress others), then your value will shine through. What I’m referring to is the guy sitting on his couch doing nothing with his life, while expecting to pull dimes. Not happening.

This is why this blog will ALWAYS be about Game + Lifestyle. You need both. No exceptions.


  • We all want the hottest girls possible. It’s a part of being a high value male, a man in demand and a man who wants and gets the best out of life in every capacity
  • In each of these case studies, it wasn’t so much WHAT I did, it’s just that I DID something. I took action.
  • Hesitation is the little brother to the fucker who we call Irrational Fear. If you hesitate to approach, then you let fear win. Fear is bullshit in these scenarios.
  • The stunners don’t get approached as often and thus you’ll stand out for even having the balls to do so. This is exactly why you’ll see an average looking dude with a stunner sometimes, because he actually approached and got the ball rolling. It’s easy to say, “well he must be rich, or have a 12 inch cock, or drive a Ferrari, etc”, but that is not always the case. Sometimes it’s because he actually made shit happen, instead of admire from afar.
  • Make approaching a DAILY habit and it won’t be as big of a deal to approach the stunners. It will be just a habit in your day. Even if you get blown out over and over, the next stunner you approach might just be the sweetest girl you’ve ever met.
  • ONS with a stunner and an LTR are two different things. Know the difference and you will be fine. Be a chump with nothing going on in your life and you will not keep her.

Lastly, the easiest way to get over the anxiety of approaching stunners is to do this simple exercise:

The next time you walk into a party, bar, or club environment, scope the crowd. Where is the hottest girl? Unless she’s walking hand in hand with her husband, approach her. 

There, now that’s out of the way. I can promise you that after approaching the most beautiful women in the room, the other approaches will seem like a joke with the ‘lesser’ girls. It also shows the stunner that you started with her, instead of digging through the dumpster and then approaching her.

Start with the best, then test the rest.

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28 Replies to “From 9-Dime: A Case Study On Approaching Beauties”

  1. Great post Christian

    Come to think of it, you are totally right, in the majority of times where I approached the hottest girls in the bar, they were welcoming and receptive. Even if I didn’t end up getting them in the end.

    I really like the idea of going straight to the stunner in the bar as soon as you enter.


  2. Back in the day, I did a test where I went to the mall and said Hi to every girl who was semi-attractive. What I noticed was, the hot ones were the friendliest. It was the avg to decent ones that were like “uh, ok”

    Maybe you have touched on this before (if you did, I missed it) but how do you dress during the day? I know you like to suit up (as do I) but is this just a night thing? Wearing a suit when I’m heading to a coffee shop, or the mall or whatever daytime activities I am doing is a bit uncomfortable (especially when it’s warm out, which is often here in Southern California). That said, I want to look my best


  3. WHAT THE FUCK! hey christian, I’m a great fan of your writings but where the hell did the “How to dominate a social setting” series go? Every time I search for it “Page not fucking found comes up?
    sidebar: cool article, something at last that contradicts the theory of “hot girls are bitches”. Well, now we know that most are actually good.


  4. Interesting article. I don’t see stunners too often, but when I do, they are usually with stunning men, very rich or very high status guys (top club promoters, etc). I think this is why most guys will approach 6s, 7s and 8s. These girls have way toooooo many options. I remember dating this 8.5/10 for a month and a half and she literally had 10K instagram followers and dudes hitting her up daily. I think most guys are turned off by this –


    1. Or it’s more likely that many guys are intimidated by her consistent flow of attention and feel like the following:
      1. I can’t compete
      2. She’ll cheat
      3. Why is she with me?
      I’ve guys say stuff like, “I don’t want a really hot girl because I’ll be worried about guys hitting on her all the time”.


  5. CMQ
    Have you ever had to get into a physical fight with a dude for approaching a girl (ie approaching a girl who’s out with her bf while you were out day or night)?

    I agree about looks- the best looking girls have usually been friendly one time in Burbank I cold approached a 9 brunette fashion model and she was real snotty but the hottest number close I ever got in my life was a tall, gorgeous German blonde working in a men’s clothing shop.


    1. Not a guy ha.
      Once was flirting with a sexy black chick, when I got cold-cocked in the eye by her butch lesbian girlfriend. Didn’t see it coming and the chick could have been an NFL linebacker.


      1. I remember that podcast with dagonet- and you said going out in LA was like going out in a combat zone. Those hood black chicks can be crazy.

        What’s dagonet up to now? Will see more podcasts?


    2. At the particular club we were at it was like a combat zone ha.
      Dagonet moved to Miami for work. I rebranded the podcast to A Man In Demand Radio and it launches first week of April with Rollo Tomassi.


  6. Awesome stuff McQueen-approaching and having an outcome independence mentality will get you laid much more often. I’ve pulled some girls that the old more beta me would have considered out of my league. I assume no girls are out of my league now and just say fuck it, I need to chat her up and see where it goes. One recent slip was not approaching this Maxim model named April Rose(look her up by all means) who was walked right past me in the Merch Mart in Chicago. Closest thing to a 10 you’ll see and I should’ve said something to her, regardless of the outcome.


  7. Great article, i always realised that, and had to let go many wings for not believing in their potential to get stunner girls -because for experience, they try, and might even accomplishe to drag you down in their ansietys and fears-, the ones who start their approachs in the night with 5-6s. I’m always following your blog bro, keep it up.


  8. Brilliant stuff. I’ve always wondered why top of the line girls don’t shit test like the others, and you have it right up there: Their looks are their test. Or more accurately, shit testing is what the others have to do because they don’t have their looks as an innate filter to weed out the weak and unworthy.


  9. Great article CMQ. Currently casually dating a small town stunner who had a very complex past with her previous boyfriend of 5 years. As much as I really like her and enjoy her feminine presence, I cannot cope with her emotional mood swings, especially when she is drunk. It is quite amazing how the hottest girls I’ve been with, have also been the most open to being approached.


  10. I also remember when I had that lightbulb moment, when I finally realized “Holy shit, the hotter the girl is, the NICER she is. It’s mostly fat and ugly girls that are bitches”. And I’m experiencing this at present. A “stunner” who is totally down to earth and nice, and talking to fat ugly girls who are total bitches with massive egos. This point just keeps proving itself true time and time again, that the hotter the girl is, the nicer she is. Therefore Julian Blanc’s advice “Diss Fatties, Bang Hotties” is pure gold.


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