Interview With Amazon Top 10 Best-Selling Author Rollo Tomassi: What Are Your Questions?

Thursday April 2nd marks an exciting day for men everywhere.

I am pleased to announce that I will be having Rollo Tomassi (Amazon Best-Selling Top 10 Author) from the and author of the must reads, The Rational Male and the recently released The Rational Male: Preventative Medicine (Volume 2), on the 1st episode of my brand new podcast: A Man In Demand Radio, a once per week show that discusses topics for men, ranging from sex to dating, to making money, to getting more out of life.

If you’ve heard my ‘old’ podcast (you can listen here), you’re in for a treat, because everything is being stepped up to another level, including top-level guests and consistent episode(s) every week.

I personally loved doing the podcast and can’t wait to dive back in. I had my flaws, like talking too much and being overbearing, but I ‘fixed’ em and the Golden Voice is back with a new attitude 😉

We will be discussing his new book, how current events tie into a man’s world today and the necessary ingredients for a healthy and lasting relationship with a woman. When I say this will be packed with content, I mean just that. 

This show will be 1.5-2 hours in length, perhaps longer (heh), but it will be packed with quality content for you, the listener.

As a part of the inaugural show for A Man In Demand Radio, we will be answering 3 listeners’ questions on the show.

How do you get picked?

Post YOUR question for Rollo and I below in the comments. We will select only 3 from them and those will be answered on the show.

The deadline for posting your question is Wednesday April 1st at 11:59pm due to recording on Thursday April 2nd.


22 Replies to “Interview With Amazon Top 10 Best-Selling Author Rollo Tomassi: What Are Your Questions?”

  1. Posted this also in the Project Playboy forum and would like to hear Rollo’s response:

    With red pill and understanding the true nature of women/female hypergamy etc, it begs the question:

    Why are only men the victims of the blue pill-beta supporting society we live in?

    From the second we are born, we grow up to believe all this blue-pill rhetoric that gets shoved down our throats 24/7, whether that’s from Hollywood movies we watch to actual bullshit that comes out of women’s’ mouths that totally contradicts their actions.

    Every human being is product of his environment and surroundings and is capable to believe anything, so why haven’t women also believed that this is actually how its supposed to be and acted conducive? Meaning that being a beta would truly be the desired male to a women.

    If the true desire of a women is the red-pill alpha male, then why hasn’t that true desire been suppressed in the way that it has for men to act in their unnatural form of being a beta as a product of our society from day 1?

    Thanks McQueen,



  2. Rollo

    I have been a reader of the blog for about two years. I have thought a large amount about your concepts and compared what you say to my previous experiences with the Women in my life.

    My issue/misunderstanding with what you teach is reconciling the true (specifically the feral) nature of women with more idealised expectations when it comes to choosing a mate. Part of red pill acceptance is learning to accept this nature for what it is and also be more honest about our own.
    Where I am specifically unsure of is when a women would be acceptable to engage in a commitment with.

    If a Women demonstrates all you mentioned in ‘alpha tells’ toward a man, demonstartes (via action, not words) deep romantic feelings toward him, does this trump the ideal state of a more ‘virtous’ woman who waited out prizing her intimacys for a specific partner. I could not personally ever deal with a frigit realationship under such circumstances, which I feel would be the realistic way such a relationship would be obtained.

    Of course the assumption of a fairly active sexual past is fair here on both sides.

    I’m interested to know what you think. You post alot about women lying/covering up pasts to rope in Betas. Would these Women make good/loyal mates/LTR/wives to these Alpha lovers

    A little more info: Lifelong blue piller in love, work & play. Been activly working on mindset and action since reading the rational male. Nothing but positive improvements in all these areas. 27 years old.

    Christian, I think I missed the deadline.. please consider this question


  3. If women want “Masculine” Men… How come in many parts of the country there is a move for more feminine men? Especially in Asian cultures, there has been a growing obsession for androgynous looking males. (Watch any K pop music video.) Where does this movement come from… Is it valid, or is the female deceiving herself, and will in the end prefer or more masculine man if she were to actually been in the presence of both types.


  4. I just finished the rational Male yesterday, and watched the last podcast with Mr Tomassi.
    First of all I want to say thank you to Mr Tomassi, Rational Male was by far the most interesting thing I’ve read in years.

    I have a few questions, my first is very personal, so I will not be upset if you do not answer. Are you Mr Tomassi faithful to your wife? Why, or why not? My second question is do you ever think marriage gets in the way of your quest to fulfill your potential as an expert on gender relations. In my opinion a man would gain a lot more knowledge trying his theory with multiple different women instead of being in the same living situation with little to no major living variations… Truthfully I do not see much room to grow in Mr Tomassi’s situation for you can only learn so far from analyzing actions of other people. I see the community of psychology, and “Game” full of people who like to think intellectually, and rarely apply their advice themselves to get realtime feedback. This is not meant to be a personal attack for I have nothing but respect for Mr Tomassi, his theories on hypgeramy, and his observations are revolutionary, I just wanted to address some tough questions that came to mind when I read the book.


  5. Question for Rollo on your podcast April 2 — Rollo has published a huge amount of material, theory and explanation. For a new RP guy, can you point us to a series of posts that will be a practical guide thru implementing self-change?. Kind of a step-by-step path for beta removal.


  6. This sounds like a great pairing: the playboy style of McQueen with the philosophical and old-school wisdom of Rollo.
    My questions goes to both gents, but more so Rollo who has been married for a long time.
    I’m in a new relationship (4 months) and so far we work well together. She’s also morphed her lifestyle to mine and sincerely enjoys it.
    What would you recommend for a young man like myself in his late 20s in order to have the best frame with this relationship and keep it on a good track going forward?
    My second question is conerns how we butt heads every now and then. What’s the best way to deal with confrontations as they arise in a relationship? Any personal anecdotes would be appreciated. Thanks!
    – The Chef


  7. Rollo:

    What are you supposed to do if a girl “queefs” during sex? This is something I haven’t really heard anyone talk about before.


  8. Your book holds obviously great validity for the Anglosphere and probably most parts of Western Europe in describing a woman’s different life stages. Do you have any experience with, and how would you consider your observations’ validity of, that in different parts of the world whith slightly different gender roles? I’m thinking of the obvious Russia/South America/South East Asia combo. Feminism is arguably less strong there, at least in its American/Western form. Many in this community see these party of the world as sanctuary without acknowledging that they have their downsides too. Would be interested to hear your take on that.


  9. Few questions:

    1. With men becoming increasingly more Red Pill aware, and American women becoming less feminine, something has to change soon. When do you think we will see a sexual revolution and what do you think it will look like?

    2. There seems to be almost no upside to being married these days. I know you’re married and would like to hear your thoughts on why you chose to be married and if it is still worth it/ possible for todays younger men to have a healthy marriage.

    3. Do you think it is possible to have a healthy relationship with an alpha-like woman? I seem to attract independent women who are very career oriented, very sexually open, and generally like to hold court when in social situations. These women seem to love being dominated however, at least sexually. There seems to be a lot of these women out there now. Thoughts and advice on how to date and handle these women?


  10. So many of us after learning from your posts & books say “if I only knew then what I know now…” etc. In addition to that for me, I’m a father. So here’s where the rubber meets the road — my son is 11 y/o, and while he already understands inter gender things like I’d only begun to at 45 (now 56), could you please recommend sources that would be helpful to him as he grows? I shudder thinking next year he enters Lord of the Flies… I mean middle-school. (And thank you so very much for your work, Rollo!)


  11. I have greatly appreciated the wisdom and advice of both yours, Rollo, and Christians’ work. It has led me to make substantial and significant changes (improvements) to my life that have only benefited me. However, I have had problems with one-itis with a particular girl. I have not let it dissuade me from spinning plates, or achieving personal and professional goals, or let it compromise any of my decisions (other than to not see her at all). Nevertheless, the feeling about this particular girl seems to nag at me no matter how long I have stayed away from her. My logical and rational mind are aware that I will not get what I want from her, and that my interests are best served elsewhere, but the feeling persists. My question for Rollo would be, Why do you think this feeling is persisting, and to Christian, What should I do about it?


  12. Rollo you often say that your writings are descriptive but not prescriptive (like Roosh, Roissy and Christian McQqueen). But this podcast gives you the opportunity to give some of us in the Manospere some welcome tips on Demonstrating Higher Value. And to get over the depressing thought of men always having to perform or they will lose their girl.

    Can you give us some broad tips from your own experience on how you recommend that a man at different stages in his life can perform his best? In their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc. Single and dating, spinning plates in a LTR, or married. Not everyone has the looks, intellect, resources and skills of a Christian McQueen or a Rollo Tomassi. Give us a prescriptive pep talk. Thanks.


  13. Grandmaster Rollo: like many guys who are “intermediate” red pill, i find myself somewhere after the anger phase, but before the plate spinning phase. I interact easily with women in general social situations, I had always been confident and charming with girls. Red pill understanding has made me even more confident and successful than before, especially with some Patrice O’Neal style asshole-game. However, when it comes to dating/plate spinning, I find myself not even giving a shit about making an effort to meet and acquire new plates. It is as if i am stuck on just playing out whatever pussy comes my way, without actually wanting to go through the time and effort to go out and find new plates. I know you’ll probably refer me to your Buffers post, but I don’t think it has as much to do with buffering against rejection as it does with being generally unimpressed with women as a sex, like I’m taking a long time to deal with the bitter taste of the red pill. Notwithstanding the above, I still very much want to get laid more often, and start building up a solid collection of plates. I have been spending some time working out, with “okay” results, but I don’t quite feel ready for Tinder level posing yet. I definitely don’t want to be an Isolationist, I like interacting with women in all situations. I had always had sex in blue pill relationship contexts, and I feel like I’m struggling to make the shift to red pill plate spinning, even though I am fully on board and conversant with Red Pill praxeology. So ultimately, my question is: is this normal in Red Pill terms, or should i just man the fuck up and start approaching girls and/or getting my ass on Tinder to start acquiring and spinning plates?


  14. Hey Christian,

    Just wanted to thank you for A Man in Demand Academy. I’m on Module 3 and already you’ve helped me in my journey to being a man on the rise with confidence and charisma.
    Here’s my question:
    What are some solid, concrete ways for a young man (20-25) to start setting himself up for success in not only with women but regarding business and lifestyle. In situations where you’re not making crazy amounts of money and you’re still living with the parents.


    1. Hey Christian,

      Great that you’re bringing back Rollo….If the interview is 3 hour long….no worries….
      here a couple of questions for Rollo:
      What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received?
      If you had the chance to make a phone call….and talk to the 21 years old Rollo T. what would you tell him ?
      what’s your top ten list of books…any topic?
      what are they going to say at Rollo Tommassi funeral?



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