Episode #3: How To Build A Harem (Part 1)

In Episode #3 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into “How To Build A Harem (Part 1)”, introducing you to the highest level of Game.

Show Notes:

  • The difference between Soft Harems and Hard Harems
  • The #1 essential aspect of harem management
  • What type of girls are best suited for harems (their personality and attitude is super important!)
  • The mindset that is essential for you to successfully have a real harem
  • Why you don’t need to lie or sneak around in order to have a harem
  • How honesty will actually help you long-term with your girls
  • The perfect number of girls for a harem, so you have steady sex and less headaches
  • How many times should you see a girl every week to keep her in your harem? (I tell you the perfect number)
  • Exactly what to say when she wants “The Talk” for exclusivity
  • The mistake I made years ago with a harem of 5 girls that collapsed overnight and how you can avoid the same mistake
  • And much, much more!

This is the first episode of a 3-part podcast series on How To Build A Harem and it’s chocked full of my personal stories from real experience that help parlay the techniques and strategies necessary to build and maintain a harem.

Enjoy the show and I have a brand new interview episode for you gents this Monday April 13th, 2015 at 6am (PST) and then we’ll pick back up with harem game next Friday with Part 2.

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Episode #3: How To Build A Harem (Part 1)

Have a great weekend and remember, I’m your wingman in spirit!


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3 Replies to “Episode #3: How To Build A Harem (Part 1)”

  1. CMQ
    What age do vip hosts, club managers, etc tend to at a maximum who can get18-23 yo girls?

    What’s the age of the oldest dude you’ve seen totally dominating the young and fresh demographic?


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