Episode #4: The Private Man Interview

In Episode #4 of A Man In Demand Radio, I interviewed Andrew from The Private Man blog. This episode is packed with insight and wisdom from an older cat who’s been there and done that and I found this to be an inspirational episode on many levels. Here’s what we covered in the 2 hour interview.

Show Notes:

  • How to develop charisma and the practical steps you can take to better your personality
  • What makes a good online dating profile and the one step you have to take to get results
  • How to jump back into the dating game after a divorce
  • Is it ever too late to learn Game and get girls? (we reveal the truth)
  • One special ‘line’ that Andrew uses to great success to get a date (it’s so good, I’m going to use it!)
  • What it really means to become a man and how you can get yourself on another level above the rest of your peers
  • The effeminization of American men, what it means for society and how you can still retain masculine traits
  • The best wingman a man can have and the optimum way to maximize the results
  • Andrew’s battle with cancer and how he has persevered despite his odds
  • And much, much more

This is yet another packed episode (2 hours in length) where through personal stories and age old wisdom, Andrew from The Private Man Blog gives us insight on what it really means to become a man. We laughed, we got serious, we broke life down and I’m excited to release this special episode that will help improve your life.

Enjoy the show and I’ll have Episode #5: How To Build A Harem (Part 2) available this Friday April 17th at 6am (PST).

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Here’s to a kick-ass week gentlemen,


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15 Replies to “Episode #4: The Private Man Interview”

    1. Yes, it does happen. Generally speaking, it’s guys who have some sort of lifestyle going on. Doesn’t mean you have to be a baller, but a 45yo dude has to at least have his shit together to pull the dimes who are early 20s. Sure, there are outliers, but in general.


      1. He looks Exactly like a guy name Logan Wright that made videos on youtube. ask him is he still gonna make videos?


  1. Hey Christian, I’d like to raise two issues. One, there seems to be an ad about some McCafe coupon on this site, and its driving me crazy. Second, its been a long time since you brought out a post (alright it’s not been that long, but I’m sure you know that your readers very eagerly await your posts). Don’t know if its just me, but since the past few days, I’ve been opening your site every damn HOUR to check if you’ve posted something other than a podcast.


    1. On my blog, or which site? I don’t run ads at all, so it might be a bug in your browser. Try resetting your cache. The monday and friday podcast replaced written posts, but I’ll be posting around 1x a week a new written post. This week I’m traveling so probably will not be.


      1. it was on the blog. i kniw u never run ads, that’s why i was goddamned pissed. done the reset. was some goddamn cookie i guess.


      2. As much as I enjoy your writings and listening to the former CMQ podcasts, it’s a real shame to see this all become pay per view s**t. I understand you have to make money, but wasn’t that the point of the e-books? Now anyone who was looking forward to listening to your great broadcasts is forced to pay if they want to listen to your shows. It especially sucks for those who have been following you for years, like me, and now have to either pay for what used to be a great source of free information or just stick to reading Niel Strauss books. Look the podcasts being paid for is no biggie to me, but don’t go and replace the free weekly articles with PAID podcasts; it’s fucked up to your fans/followers/readers/listeners. I hope that it isn’t a long term thing because I really do enjoy reading your three weekly articles. Don’t mean to go off on a rant or criticize, just disappointing to me as someone who has been around since your early days on ROK and now having to pay for almost all content.


      3. Hey Bill, appreciate you sharing your concerns in a civil manner. The issue is that if I were to keep the podcast schedule PLUS write 3 weekly articles I would burn out. I plan on writing a free article once per week, but missed last week due to traveling. The podcast allows me to communicate in a manner where I’m limited with my writing, but I still have around 300 free articles (plus a new one each week), a free forum and I recently gave away 490 The Alpha Playboy books for free as well. I appreciate my fans immensely. The time invested for each podcast alone is quite staggering with editing, prep etc, and writing and recording starts to become too much. However, you can plan on seeing a new article on Wednesdays as well as a random one here and there.


  2. Random shout out I know but your the man to ask. I’m headed to Vegas solo this week. Where’s a good spot logistically for pulls and just in general?
    Can only spend 4-5bills for the 3 nights.
    TI is the option I’m thinking thus far.



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