Los Angeles Free Meetup

It’s been a few months since I did a meetup, the last one being in November in NYC.

This time, I’m doing one in Los Angeles, this Saturday April 25th.

Here’s the details.

Date: Saturday April 25th

Time: 8pm-? (I will be there from 8p-10p and then perhaps we’ll go somewhere else, but as long as you get there within that time frame, then you’ll get a chance to meet and talk)

Location: The W Hotel back outside bar area. It’s called The Station Bar. Walk in the lobby of the W and walk towards the back where the big outside area is. You can’t miss us because it’s usually a good sized group of suited up cats.


Address: 6250 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

There is NO need to RSVP and it’s FREE like all of my meetups. Just show up between those times.

I look forward to meeting the gents who come out for it. These meetups are always a great time to meet like-minded men, form new friendships, and have a great evening out.

See you then!


10 Replies to “Los Angeles Free Meetup”

  1. I phone typo- meant LA guy
    Like you knew you ways wanted to be an LA guy and live there as opposed to middle America.


  2. CMQ-
    What’s your favorite cocktail, beer, wine, and shots?

    For me it’s Long Island Teas, dark Euro beers like Warstiner, Moscato, and bourbon on the rocks.


      1. I was at a bar in LA and this dude that was jacked had this vodka drink. He said it kept him from storing fat unlike other selections.

        Did you ways know your be anA guy? We’re you a college kid in Indiana and were like man this place is boring and I want more out of life?


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