The Best Places To Meet Models

You’ve hit the clubs night after night and while the quality is good, it’s still not great. If you live in a top-notch city for talent like Miami, NYC, Vegas, or LA, then you might see plenty of 9’s and dimes, but they usually are surrounded by a plethora of high value men. So where does a playboy in development meet the cream of the crop girls?

Here’s a list that I’ve composed over the last few months based on exhaustive research. Some of my picks won’t surprise you, but some might. This is based on LA data, but from my travels within the US, it also holds true for the other major cities I listed.

#6. High End Restaurants

The ‘newer’ thing for smoking girls (and even the non-smoking girls) is to go to dinner. It’s not just a pre-requisite to their night out, it’s an actual EVENT, where they put as much effort into snapping IG photos at the restaurant as they do in the club.

One of my new things to do is to roll through a high-end restaurant in LA, get a drink (sometimes dinner) and table-tap. 

“What the fuck is table-tapping Christian?”

This is a term used by hosts and promoters, but you can jack the concept and tweak it to suit your needs.

In the promoter sense you would scout the joint for the hottest girls and then approach their table, introduce yourself, find out their names and where they live and most importantly: what are their plans for the evening.

Tweaking it for players, you can do the same thing, but instead of inviting to them to the club you’re contracted under, you’re targeting smaller groups of girls. You don’t want to get caught up ‘hosting’ 5 girls all night because that turns into a cock-block and a half, if you don’t have the right connects to ‘split them up’.

Here’s the key: look for TWO girls having dinner.

Those are two girls who are out to find dick. Sure, they could be having a ‘girls night’, but I know plenty of girls whose intentions for the evening were to “catch up with each other” and they found themselves catching up with my balls and cock in their mouths.

If you don’t see two girls having dinner, then look for 3 girls and so on. Approach like YOU ARE THE OWNER of the restaurant. I can promise you that this is extremely effective because if you’re suited up like a G (and you should be if you’re in a fine restaurant), then they will automatically welcome your approach (at least for a minute).

This disarms them.

The most important aspect of the table-tap approach is that your first impression is everything. The better you look and you feel, the more receptive they will be to you. I’m not talking about physical looks, but how put together you are.

Approach with confidence, don’t hesitate and say something like: “How’s your dinner this fine evening girls?”

“It’s great blah blah blah”

“Excellent. I’m going to join you girls for a moment (pull out a chair and don’t ASK, just DO), because I haven’t seen such pretty girls walk in here in ages”. (wink)

They giggle and act delighted you’re there to relieve them of their boredom. Most girls are bored when out. Fact.

Get to know them. Be interested in them. Be interesting. Find out their plans.

Generally they will have MULTIPLE OPTIONS, so they are undecided on what they want to do. Guide them into the decision that best suits you.

Chat it up for a few minutes and based on their receptiveness you can do a couple different things:

1. If you really hit it off with them, then stick around and lead them to the next joint.

2. If they seem cool but the vibe isn’t right to stick around, then get their digits and bounce.

IMPORTANT: Don’t table-tap all over the restaurant. First off, you might get complained about to the staff. Secondly, it’s painfully obvious if you’re talking to every girl in the joint and the girls who you just got their numbers from will delete it in 5 seconds because it’s obvious what you’re doing.

Secondly, IF you have the dough, start your evening out at restaurants like this and take care of your host/hostess to get you a PRIME table where the action is. This puts you in close proximity to other tables and it’s extremely easy to start conversation with the hotties next to you and then go from there.

If you don’t have the dough, then follow the original plan I laid out and you won’t spend more than you need to.

Also, this is obvious, but make sure to get the restaurants On-Lock which will help you build Social Proof and High Value.

#5. Fashion Shows

Gee, now imagine that? Go where the models are working. The beauty of fashion shows (no pun intended), is that they are brimming with models and aspiring model types AND they are usually free. That’s right. Get connected in your city, do a web search and get on the lists that alert you of upcoming fashion shows. Many of them have open bar as well.

Couple of key things:

1. These type of events are perfect for Run N Gun Game: IF a girl is working the show, SHE’S BUSY. That means you make an approach, get her digits fast  with a, “let’s grab a drink/hit the afterparty together when you’re wrapped” line and like that it’s on.

2. These circles are SMALL. Act like an idiot at a show and everyone will know in the industry and word will get around. Be sauve. Be on point style wise. Be THAT guy in a good way who shows support by attending, talks to everyone and doesn’t monopolize important peoples’ time.

#4. Art Gallery Openings/Shows

This is another golden one, especially if you’re looking to meet girls in certain social/financial circles.

Broke people don’t hang out at these events (besides some starving painters), so odds are, the girls you meet will come from money and influential circles and I cannot stress how invaluable those connections can be.

Once again, search the web for your local listings for art gallery openings/shows, look fly, show up and mingle. Odds are you’ll see some real dimes and an art gallery is a perfect spot to open girls.

Still stuck?

Here’s a line that will work until the end of time: “What is your thoughts on this piece? (referring to a piece at the exhibit) How does it make you feel?” (key word: FEEL. This gets her emotions going)

#3. Whole Food/Trader Joe’s Style Grocery Stores

Organic, high priced grocery stores can be gold-mines for meeting models and chicks who take care of their bodies. I’m not going to get into what approaches to do, but you probably have an idea. Go around lunch hour to the salad bar and get yourself some lunch.


Then approach.

#2. High End Private Parties

This is a bit more difficult, unless you get connected, but some of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever met are at private parties. Could be a mansion party, a boat party, or any type of party NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

The key is that this takes time. You need to get connected in your city, get invites to these type of events and then do the ‘work’ once you’re inside.

Pro-Tip: your value will be perceived as ‘higher’ than normal just by the fact that you’re there at the party. The girl knows it’s tough to get in, so you “must be somebody”.

Use that.

#1. High End Pet Stores

I bet you didn’t see this one coming.

Yes, high end pet stores (not talking about PetCo) have a steady stream of smoking women that come through daily due to the fact her lap dog ‘needs’ a new pink collar.

This one is a bit more tricky, because you don’t want to stand outside like a beggar and if you’re inside you better look like you’re shopping for Fido, but it can be a secret goldmine for meeting models if you figure out how to work it.

If you don’t think this works, let me ask you this: when is the last time you saw a smoking hot girl who didn’t own a lap dog? Thought so.

Now note: this experience of mine is indicative from LA only for this one specific venue. I can’t speak for Columbus, Ohio, but hell, try it out.

If you’re content with fucking 5’s then don’t click here.

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10 Replies to “The Best Places To Meet Models”

  1. Agree with art gallery openings. I would add in modern dance performance openings. Dancers and models, in my experience, are often friends.


  2. Good informative list. But I’d have to disagree on the art openings – at least in NYC. Most of the time I go to those in Manhattan – I see old people and I see youngsters and broke cats trying to get in on the free no-id alcohol. I should know I used to be one of them 🙂


  3. I’ll try this out in Delhi, too. Especially fashion shows, art gallery openings and high end private parties. I was fortunate enough to attend a 20 million dollar wedding a couple of months ago that was extremely exclusive in northern Delhi. They even had Russian/Ukrainian women walking around serving drinks. I networked and made some high profile contacts there. Of course indian women are pretty hard to game because they are very distrustful towards men due to the fact that most indian men are social retards and think “game” means going to a bar, sitting across the table from a table of women and just staring at them. But if you act like a nice gentleman who is dressed well and especially once they find out you’re from America, many of them will open up but for the most part it is very, very slow to game them if at all possible and it’s very, very subtle too. Direct game would work at a high end party in Mumbai or very high end party in Delhi but for 97 percent of indian women it just won’t work, nevermind the massive number of indian male cockblocks around. It’s mostly just social circle game and try to get into the upper income social circles, but you have to have very tight game (money, business, and charisma) for that because the upper class circles in India can be absolutely brutal. For the most part, India is a country that is best avoided. There’s just too many negatives and very few positives.


  4. Along the lines of the pet store you could also try volunteering with a dog (animal) rescue. I wrote about this previously. While you won’t be running into all hot chicks it will expose you to talking with women so if you have any anxiety talking with women this can help. You will run into some hotties though and you are now in a position where she is coming to you, you both have something in common. Plus the fact that you volunteer to help these homeless animals will probably make her heart melt. Can make for an easy transition if you have a good vibe with her with minimal work on your part


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