Blog Update

As you’ve obviously noticed, I changed the theme of this blog.

I was deeply, madly in love with the previous one (slightly serious), but the damn videos rarely played like they were supposed to, so it was time for a change.

Also, many of you emailed me saying that it was difficult for you to find blog posts without having to scroll for hours through tons of posts to find one. Yes, that’s a pain in the ass, so the new theme is set up with previews of each posts, along with categories and archives in plain sight, so it’s not a struggle.

Whenever you visit the blog, simply scroll past the icons and all of the latest posts will be displayed in an easy to read format with previews. Scroll down further and there’s a button for Older Posts. On the right is the Archives and the Top Posts/Pages.

The menu at the top is exactly the same, just on the left side. You can select categories, etc from there if you like.

If you don’t know already, I also launched my new blog which is a new artistic outlet for myself. It’s not a commercial endeavor and I’ll just be sharing stories, thoughts and posts I find interesting. FYI: there are topless chicks on that blog and there will continue to be, so if you’re in a public library, or at work, you were warned.

What else is going on? AMIDA will be accepting PayPal very soon! This is exciting for those of you who have contacted me about paying with PayPal. Whether you select monthly, or upfront payment, you can use PayPal. The option is almost here, probably within a day or two. I’ll update when my tech guy is done.

Lastly, I will be dropping a new podcast episode tomorrow for premium members, BUT Monday’s podcast with Tanner Guzy from will be FREE. We already recorded and it’s a great STYLE episode over an hour long that is packed with useful info for men as we head into summer.

Alright gents, that’s it. Any questions/comments/concerns, leave em in the comments below.



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