Episode #11 How To Handle Cockblocks In The Club

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In Episode #11 of A Man In Demand Radio, I break down advanced techniques on how to handle cockblocks in the club. Learning the strategies and lines you can use to deflect the Mother Hen and whisk away your damsel for the evening is paramount to becoming great at pulling for one night stands. In this episode I break down my secret strategies that I’ve never shared before. Get ready to take your nightclub game to another level in an area that usually is the most difficult to master: dealing with cockblocks in the club.

Click the link below to listen.

Episode #11 How To Handle Cockblocks In The Club


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4 Replies to “Episode #11 How To Handle Cockblocks In The Club”

  1. Personally, I avoid fat women, women with fat fat friends, women with gay friends, etc. The real key to having a good time – choose your target audience. If a group of women has a ‘mother hen’ present, I move on to a different location. A man has to respect his time, when women (or their friends) give me bullshit, I just stare them down and start making plans where to move on next.


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