What To Do When Your Parents Don’t Understand Your Player Lifestyle

“Son, when are you going to find a nice girl and settle down?”

“Honey, you know I love you, but why are you running around breaking all these sweet innocent girls hearts? Can’t you just get married and give me some grand-kids?”

I’ll bet my last dollar many of you players reading this have heard those exact statements from your parents.

And it’s annoying, right?

You’re trying to blaze your own way in the world and being constantly questioned for your life choices can drive a sane man mad.

I grew up in a fairly conservative family and while I love them to death, I’ve gotten these same questions for the better part of my life. For some reason from a very young age I knew that I was going to slay a lot of pussy. I didn’t know HOW, but I figured that part out over many years, through trials and falling on my face more times than I’d like to admit.

Fast-forward and as I approach 31 years old, I still get these questions from my parents, although much less than before. That’s normal. That’s what parents do.

At first I used to get defensive, even get angry and we would get in yelling matches over the phone, before I would say, “Driving through a tunnel, can’t hear you!”, before hanging up and considering punching a hole in the wall. Then one day it clicked and these tips will help you navigate these questions with charm, but as always: maintaining Frame.

#5. Treat Your Parents With Respect

No matter how much they drive you crazy, your life will go more smoothly if you show them respect. After-all, they did raise you and they probably did the best they could with what they had. Respect that at least.

Your mother birthed you and no matter how much her pleas for you to settle down and get married annoy you, she really does mean the best.

You’ll find that if you show them respect, while still holding your ground, they might just come around a bit. They might just think, ‘well, our son lives a life we don’t agree with, but he does act mature, he pays his bills, he is quite successful and he always treats us with respect. Guess it’s not so bad’.

Newsflash: most parents just want their son to be stable. To be financially on his own two feet, not be asking for handouts and to be an upstanding citizen who stays out of jail. If you can pull that off, then the rest isn’t really that big of a deal to them.

Show them respect when you share your ideals, beliefs and lifestyle and they might just relax.

#4. Smile And Nod Your Head

The easiest way to deal with parents, or hell, anyone who tries to change you, is to simply smile and nod your head in agreement while having no intention of changing.

It diffuses the argument. It throws cold water on the hot flames.

Next time your mother, grandmother, or even older brother or sister start to question your lifestyle choices, smile, nod your head in agreement and say “We’ll see. Just have to find the right one”. Then tell them about the new Bentley you just bought because you don’t have an over priced mortgage in the suburbs and two kids in private school. Watch their mouths drop in envy and their faces contort in jealousy. Act innocent and ask them about their upcoming once per year Disneyland family vacation.

#3. Avoid Bringing Multiple Girls Around Them

This one is big, because nothing gets your parents harping more than you bringing a ‘special’ girl over to a family dinner, reunion, or holiday get together. Avoid it like the plague.

What happens is, your mom will fall in love with your Harem Girl #2, not knowing she’s not even holding the top spot and will bug you for months about that “Sweet sweet girl you brought by the house who would make a great wife”. Little does your mother know, Harem Girl #2 leaves scrape marks on your cock from gagging on it every week. You know better. She doesn’t.

Avoid the conflict and eliminate the nagging by rolling solo to family functions and keeping your girls away from them. Some parents are quite chill and could care less how many girls you bring around, but if that’s case, you don’t even need to read this article. For most cats though, with traditional families, keep reading.

#2. Lay Down The Law*

If it comes to this when the conflict is quite strong, let’s say from you still living at home, then you might have to lay down the law in a RESPECTFUL* manner.

If you live under your parents roof, then yes, they have a say in what you do. That’s how it works. However, you can make this go smoother if you have a pow-wow with them.

Plan out what you’re going to say in advance, get control of your emotions and remember, you win more bees with honey, then vinegar.

A couple of great ‘lines’ that work well with parents are these.

“My focus is on school and work. I go to school. I go to work. I go to the gym. I don’t have time for a girlfriend and marriage is something I’m not financially equipped to handle anytime soon. When I get married, it has to be just right and I will take my time in choosing a suitable mate and a woman who can be a good mother. The reality is, is that finding a quality woman today is harder than ever, and that’s not something I can put energy into. I’m aware that you two aren’t happy about me dating different girls left and right, but that’s the only way I can find a decent one.”

Then put 100% of your focus on moving out of their house. I can almost guarantee you that statement above will come across mature, wise and rational and will calm them down.

There hits a certain time in a man’s life where he needs to get out on his own and blaze his path despite how rough it can be financially. I moved out of my parents house at 17 years old. You’ll do just fine.

#1. Be Bold About It

The opposite approach you can take (once you’re financially independent and out of your parents house), is to be bold about your love for multiple women. That’s the approach I took.

I become the lovable cad of the family who just can’t seem to settle down and always is bringing a new girl around every year or so. It is what it is.

Eventually, your mother won’t ask you to get married anymore. Well, at least maybe only on holidays.

Eventually, your dad will look at you wistfully as he lives vicariously through your jet-set playboy lifestyle.

Eventually, your siblings might call you for advice about their marriage, because who would have thought, you actually know something about how women work!

This tactic is best used when you’re doing well on your own, you have a stable and productive life and you aren’t insulting about it, but throw in a nice dose of charm and wit to convey your lifestyle.

Charm always rules. Learn to use it.

If you’ve been struggling with how to be charming, I want to share something that a member of my support team forwarded me a couple of hours ago. An AMIDA student sent them this to be passed on to me and it’s actually really inspiring. You see, I hope that I inspire you gents. And sometimes I get an email, or someone tweets me something that truly inspires me and what he said did just that. Here’s what he wrote:

“In case you’re wondering, the program has been excellent for me so far. I’ve really stepped up my approaches and prospecting, and have noted a shift in my interactions with women wherever I go.

Social anxiety is no longer an issue, and it’s gotten to the point where the less fortunate who aren’t a part of this program or even trying to improve themselves, are starting to hate on me and are doing what they can to cock-block.

Like seriously, I have so much more fuckin’ haters in life because the charms and things they’re seeing me pull off with girls, that their jealous asses don’t even realize what they’re doing.

Because of the hate I’ve managed to find my more aggressive side which I’ve long tucked away years ago.

Now not only am I having fun being a flirt and messing around with the ladies, I’m developing myself in so many other aspects of my life.

I have no doubt I’ll be a complete turn around by the end of the alpha/first wave AMIDA.

Thanks again Christian. You give other men the hope we’ve been searching for.”

It’s emails like that, that keep me pushing on to share what I know to help men across the world. Thank you gentlemen. And if you haven’t joined A Man In Demand Academy yet, give yourself a huge boost in life and click the banner below. Thank me later.


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4 Replies to “What To Do When Your Parents Don’t Understand Your Player Lifestyle”

  1. As a player in development who graduated college less than a week ago and just recently moved back into his parents home, I needed this article more than ever. Appreciate it, Christian.


  2. Awesome article yet again. I want to join AMIDA but Im in high school so I don’t have a credit card or paypal of my own. My parents wouldn’t understand me spending money on this kind of thing. Is there a way I can pay through mailing money to you or something? I’d love to be a part of it. Thanks


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