The 4 Most Common Mistakes ‘Naturals’ Make (and why my mentor failed me)

Every player who isn’t a ‘natural’ wishes he could be one, but is the grass really that greener on the other side?

The reality is ‘naturals’ have their own burdens to carry and you might be surprised at what they are. Whether you are a natural, or a player who’s honed his skills for years, you’ll benefit from this post.

I’ve mentioned my game mentor in the past, a cat named Derek. He was a ‘natural’ and taught me a solid amount about game, but in another way he completely failed me. I’ll tell you at the end of the post how he did so.

Here are the 4 Most Common Mistakes ‘Naturals’ Make.

#4. When A ‘Natural’s’ Sense of Entitlement Is TOO Much

It’s good to be entitled to a certain extent. This helps give you an air of cockiness to women that is flat-out irresistible.

The flip-side is when that entitlement swings out of control and takes over a player’s overall attitude. This turns an otherwise cool cat into a complete raging asshole who is alienated by everyone due to his crass actions and toxic demeanor.

Entitlement to the extreme will also cause a ‘natural’ to never reach his potential because he’ll think that learning game and honing his skills is beneath him. I’ve met many naturals who never reached their potential due to entitlement and arrogance.

#3. A ‘Natural’ May Sometimes Settle For Low-Hanging Fruit

Let’s imagine you’re 6’3″, jacked and have a jaw carved from granite. ALL the girls come up to you, right? You can get ANY girl you want, right?

Not true.

The reality is the higher in looks you go with either males or females, the less of a hunter they will be.

If you’re a girl who’s a dime, you will probably never approach a guy, simply because you don’t need to. The High Value Males will approach you.

In regards to a model looking guy, he may settle for the 6’s and 7’s who drunkenly throw themselves at him at last call in the bar, but if he is not a hunter he will never reach his potential. He will never spot a girl who HE wants, approach, flirt and close her. This can cause frustration in naturals because on paper and in person they seemingly should get any girl they want, but won’t due to lack of taking action.

If a ‘natural’ can use his physical looks AND actively learn game, then yes, he probably will slay until the sunrises, but it won’t happen without taking action.

#2. A ‘Natural’ May Only Go For Dimes

The opposite of the aforementioned issue is the ‘natural’ whose standards are so high that he refuses to practice with 7’s and 8’s.

This is a mistake.

While it’s great to have standards, it’s better to hone your player skills on a variety of women and then use those skills for the ones you really want. Without that experience and practice, a ‘natural’ will short-change his skills.

Usually from what I have observed, this behavioral flaw is tied into #4 on this list: entitlement.

They might perceive themselves as being so high on the food chain that they wouldn’t dare hit on a 8 at the club, even if 8’s are the best looking girls that night. This arrogance causes one to do what? Lose out on valuable experience dealing with women. A 7 or 8 will shit-test you in ways a dime will not. Learning to deal with shit-tests is paramount to creating your Frame and fine-tuning it until you know exactly what to do in ANY situation with ANY girl.

Practice girls are great to practice on. If you’re a natural, don’t lose out on valuable experience because you feel every girl who’s not gracing a Victoria’s Secret runway is trash and beneath you. You might just be surprised.

#1. A ‘Natural’ May Not Approach Like He Should

This is the #1 flaw I’ve seen with naturals. They have a good body, they have a handsome face, they have above average people and game skills, but yet they cockblock themselves NIGHTLY because they will not approach. Combined with a sense of entitlement to the extreme, formed in past experiences of always getting some pussy, and reinforced by IOIs daily, these cats are not known for approaching.

They become their biggest enemy.

The easy fix is they have to approach more. If you’re a natural reading this, understand that you have been blessed with genetics that many guys would kill for, but all of your potential doesn’t mean shit if you do not take action. Check your entitlement, take action, approach,  and you will crush it.

Back to Derek.

Like I mentioned in the past, Derek my former mentor in college, was a ‘natural’. He was blessed with great genetics and would get IOIs left and right and usually got the low-hanging fruit with a smattering of damn hot girls, but he failed me in that I never learned HOW to approach girls from him. I learned about getting clubs On-Lock, building a social circle, body language and flirting with girls, but the actual art of approaching was foreign to him because HE DID NOT APPROACH.

I tried that angle and failed.

I’m one of the cats who HAS to approach, open my mouth, be witty and charming and then shit falls into place and that’s okay. Everyone has their burden, but in the process, I became a greater player than him pulling girls I wanted of higher caliber because I became a hunter, a beast, a man who sees what he wants and goes after it.

That killer instinct can be developed, but it requires taking action. What are you doing today to take action? Are you approaching?

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One Reply to “The 4 Most Common Mistakes ‘Naturals’ Make (and why my mentor failed me)”

  1. Good article – interesting and correct insights. I have a Natural as a friend and his Game took off into space only after having been introduced to it formally. At least he took to it like a fish to water and he is now x-times better with women.


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