The “I Know” Factor That Took My Game To The Next Level

There comes a time in a player’s life when he thinks he knows it all.

I’ve been there. I had arrived. I knew pretty much everything there was to know about meeting and seducing women.

How foolish of me.

Then one day I walked past a chick at Starbucks and our eyes connected for a few seconds. The look on her face was, “You would fuck me silly and I would love it.”

My exact thought was, “I know”.

A couple of days later I’m walking out of the mall and another chick and I connect eyes and she gives me the same exact look and I thought, “I know”.

I didn’t approach either chick because I really could care less, but I’m 100% confident in that I could have gotten their numbers and moved it into fucking territory.

About 3 weeks after those incidents, I was at the club. A sexy little thing connected eyes with me and after a few seconds she gave me the same look.

What the fuck was happening?

Was I reaching a level of playerdom that was on another level?

I approached her and SAID, “I know”.

She giggled, her cheeks flushed and it was off to the races.

The power of THINKING “I know” when you look at a chick is unbelievable.

I felt like I’d unlocked another level in game. Some might call this ‘eyefucking’, but it’s on a different level. I looked the same, hadn’t gotten a new hairstyle, or anything, so what exactly was it?


Michael Fassbender nails the “I know” look in the film Shame.

The Science Behind It

After experiencing this for about a month, I started to wonder, would I lose this new ‘power’?

I still haven’t.

In fact, it’s increased even more to the point where I’m getting extremely strong signals from girls who are with their boyfriends or husbands. Yesterday I walked past a girl and her Beta Bitch Boy Boyfriend (who was trying to keep his arm around her) and she shrugged him off, looked me right in the eyes in front of him with the look of, “Please fuck me like a man, this guy is making me sick!”.

I smirked and thought, “I know”. 

I walked into the restaurant and she followed me inside and sat at a table within close proximity with her pathetic BF pleading with her to give him attention.

I sat back and ate my meal throwing “I know” looks her way here and there.

I considered pulling a move I’ve done in the past, where when I leave, I write my number on a napkin and place it on the couples table, “In case things don’t work out here, give me a call darling”.

It’s worked before and would have worked then, but I considered his feelings and decided maybe he’ll Google something to do with relationships and click on my blog. I’ll save him the agony, for now.

I did more research on the power of “I know” and unsurprisingly, science backs me up…once again.

Apparently prolonged EYE CONTACT (not the weird kind, but when she gives it BACK to you induces feelings of ‘chemistry’).


“Kellerman et al took 72 unacquainted, undergraduate students, split them into male-female pairs and then studied the effects that two minutes of uninterrupted mutual eye contact had on their feelings towards one another. In their study, they found that if the two strangers gazed into each others’ eyes for those two minutes, they later reported they had increased feelings of passionate love and affection towards the other person.

Another phase of the experiment had the pairs of students interact in other ways like looking at their partner’s hands or counting blinks of their partner but it was mutual eye contact that best fanned the flames of attraction. This suggests that long periods of eye contact can connect you to someone and even ignite feelings of love inside you for that person you have never previously met.”

So How Do You Do It?

I’ve thought about the process of how this came about and here’s what you can do to create this chemistry instantly without saying a word.

You might expect me to tell you to get jacked, pray to God for a chiseled face and wear a suit. Nope.

As a part of my continued research into this, I INTENTIONALLY went out during the day in more ‘ragged’ clothes, aka a wife-beater, basketball shorts and running shoes.

I also was rather unkempt compared to a night out on the town. No hair product, no cologne and nothing that someone would instantly be like, “Oh wow look at THAT dude all suited up and sexy!”.

Nada. I was dressed as plain and ‘normal’ as possible.

I also tested this multiple times over a period of a couple of months and had two close friends of mine experiment with it as well. Neither of them are traditionally good looking guys, rather average chaps, but they had the same positive results.

It’s all in your VIBE and ENERGY.

Here’s my thought process when walking down the street, into a sub shop, at the gas station, hell, just about anywhere.

I am a fucking beast

I could rip my shorts off and stick my cock into the ass of that sexy bitch in the corner.

Matter of fact, I feel like flipping these tables over, raising hell, throwing her over my shoulder and leaving.

This comes across in my BODY LANGUAGE and my EYES. Gentlemen, if you have apologetic body language you will never reach your potential as a player. Get your body language in check.

Girls have a 6th sense for energy and vibe. What happens is, they feel that vibe and energy you are communicating WITHOUT saying a word.

She just knows you could ‘punish’ her pussy and that is exactly what she wants.

When she looks at you, she’s HOPING you look back at her with STRONG eye contact and that subtle Smirk of The Eyes, that says, “I know”.

Starting today, walk around like you are a beast who will fuck any pretty girl in a 50 foot radius until she can’t walk. Adopt dominate alpha male body language and don’t apologize for it.

The Real Badass Part of This

Guys go back and forth about whether to do Indirect or Direct game, but the beauty of the “I know” look, is that it DOES NOT MATTER.

If you go Indirect, it makes that ‘indirect’ approach ‘Direct’, because you could be asking where a Starbucks is, but your vibe and energy scream “SEX!” and she knows it.

If you go Direct and have this vibe and energy, it will make it even MORE powerful and she will be rocked by your confidence and sex appeal.

Fuckin AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Gentlemen, I can’t express how badass this is through a blog post, but I just tried.

When you look at a chick THINK, “I know”.

Because you DO know.

You know you would fuck her silly.

You know you would make her pussy drip on the floor of Subway.

You know you are a fucking beast of a player, the world is your playground and girls are your playthings.

You know that I know that she knows that’s exactly what she wants.

Now go and “I know” to every sexy chick you see this weekend.



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13 Replies to “The “I Know” Factor That Took My Game To The Next Level”

  1. This is so true. I used to be beta bitch, but once I hit the gym, boosted my frame, and owned myself, I noticed just how much easier it got to talk to women and how excited they get to even be spoken to by a man in that mindset. It all flows from one’s inner belief in himself. It’s definitely an “if you build it they will come” type thing.


  2. I know exactly what you mean by that look and have thought similar things previously, but ‘I know’ is a good failsafe phrase. Thanks.


  3. Fine post. Reminds me of guys who say “I just went out to get gas, looking schlubby and avoiding everybody. Then some chick randomly started giving me the eyes, I opened and got a number as if I weren’t literally wearing sweatpants, amazing!” Lesson here is that there’s no off-switch on the Game… no use for one. But seriously, don’t go out in sweatpants, guys.


  4. Hey Christian, what’s the best JOBS for men who wants to better their day game/frame etc?

    Currently selling insurances over phone… which really requires you to have game and frame… but you can’t really use the power of eye contact/body language and such…


  5. Not trying to be a negative nancy here, but this only works, if you are at least average looks-wise. Tell an ugly guy to do this and they will call the police on him (this creep tried to creepy-stare-rape me!!!!!) Otherwise, solid post, keep up the good work!


    1. Looking average (or well above average) is well within any man’s capabilities, as Christian has made a point of at least one or twice. If you aren’t at least average looking, you aren’t eating well, exercising, dressing decently, keeping good hygiene, a fresh haircut, etc. All within your control.


  6. I always wondered if this happened to other people. Where chicks give u that same look and u give it to them back. Your vibe, eyes, and body language give of sexual vibes therfore the result of this “power”. Good to know I aint alone with this.


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