The #1 Reason Your Game Might Be Stuck

“She’s not like that

“She’s a good girl”

“I don’t want to rush sex, because I don’t think she’s like THAT

“This girl is really different. I don’t think she’s slutty”

“She’s not the type to give blowjobs”

Have you ever caught yourself saying one of these statements?

Newsflash: it’s holding your game back.

I’ve been noticing a trend lately, on the forum and in conversations with clients and friends, that I find disturbing.

Somewhere along the line of our childhood development we were taught to believe that women are innocent, sweet and that they don’t like ‘nasty’ sex.


Somewhere along the line of us being adults we caught the notion that our ‘special’ girls aka girlfriend, or wife, doesn’t want to be fucked like a pornstar and if we do that to her, we’ll defile her.

I’ve been guilty of this too.

This isn’t unusual.

We get an idea in our heads that our ‘special’ girl doesn’t want to drop to her knees in the kitchen and suck every last drop of cum from our cocks.

We get an idea that our ‘special’ girl doesn’t want to be tied up (consensually of course) and have her ass spanked with a BDSM toy.

We get an idea that we can do all those ‘dirty’ acts with our club sluts and side chicks, but we really shouldn’t fuck the future mother of our children in the ass and then make her suck our cocks.

Backing up a moment, this attitude is also affecting newbies who haven’t even fucked the girl in question.

“Well, I don’t know if I can text ‘dirty’ sexual texts to her. It might scare her off.”

Scarcity Complex.

“Well, I really do want to fuck her, but I think I’ll wait because she seems like a sweet girl.”

The chick has 5 tattoos and a tongue ring and she’s 19yo. Yea, she’s real sweet and doesn’t want you to got direct.

The reason is because there is a disconnect between our fantasy and reality.

The fantasy is that our sweet girls will not have those ‘dirty’ desires and we can just keep them in the kitchen and fuck them ‘normal’ style, aka she’s not cumming and she’s getting off the bed with a discontent look on her face.

The reality is she WANTS to be your ‘slut’ in the bedroom and if you don’t make it happen, she will guaranfuckingteed get it somewhere else.

Most of us who have struggled with this issue generally were raised by sweet mothers who taught us to be respectful to women at all times and they would love us for it. Our mothers meant well, but that was when? In the 90s? It’s 2015 and the game has changed.

If you don’t fuck your girl right, if you don’t bring some fantasies of her to life (within reason), then she will start eyeing the door.

ScreenShotSalesPage-e1434158570294 (1)

How do you change your mindset?

If I’m reading your mail right now, then here’s some steps you can take to shake off that old mindset that is based in fantasy.

  • Understand that women are sexual as fuck. In fact, I dare say they are MORE SO then men, BUT they are more shy about expressing it. I have seen this play over and over and over with girls throughout the years. Unless I would lead, they wouldn’t dare express their horny desires for fear of being labeled a slut.


  • Understand that because what a girl does with YOU in the bedroom does not mean she’s a slut. It means she’s trying to please YOU in the bedroom. Now if she shows red flags of being one, then that’s different, but this article is based off of the understanding that your girl is ‘solid’.


  • Remove the blinders and the fantasies about girls YOU BARELY KNOW. Stop thinking she’s “different” and a “a good girl” because my friend, you have no idea. Until you REALLY get to know a girl, assume she’s talking, dating and fucking other guys. This will keep you from setting yourself up for disappointment. If you still don’t believe me, then go through her phone and try to hide your shock at what’s REALLY going on.


  • Understand that your woman WANTS to be your ‘slut’ and that’s a GOOD thing! If your woman can’t provide you some level of sexual pleasure then why are you with her?


  • Understand that if you don’t start fucking her right, her hypergamy will kick in and she will start looking around. I swear this is true, because I’ve been on both sides of it: I’ve been the guy whose girl’s eyes started roaming and I’ve been the guy fucking the girl who’s eyes were roaming. While you should ALWAYS have an Abundance Mentality, there is a certain modicum of maintenance that is required for keeping your girl in check and addicted to you.

Adopting these mindsets and actions will help you remove the fantasy Disney bullshit mentality you might be dealing with and help turn you into a real player. Get rid of the mindset that certain women don’t want ‘dirty’ sex, get rid of the mindset that this one girl you met is ‘special’ and start realizing it for what it is: she is a woman who is obviously attracted to you on a certain level (that’s why she’s talking to you) and go for the gold.

Women despise beta bitch boys, but will destroy anything in their path to get to that alpha cock.

Be that alpha cock man.

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4 Replies to “The #1 Reason Your Game Might Be Stuck”

  1. “but will destroy anything in their path to get to that alpha cock.”
    I have boyfriend comes up a lot
    But yeah women everywhere will show that in abundance…


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