Episode #17 5 Signs She’s Going To Flake (and the perfect backup plan)

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In episode 17 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share 5 signs that she’s going to flake on your date.

If you’re sick of getting blind-sided by flakes, then check out these signs that will show you the writing on the wall BEFORE she flakes, plus a perfect back-up plan so your night is never ruined.
Big shout out to the fathers listening and Happy Father’s Day this weekend!
Click the link below to listen.

Episode #17 5 Signs She’s Going To Flake (and the perfect backup plan)


4 Replies to “Episode #17 5 Signs She’s Going To Flake (and the perfect backup plan)”

  1. serious question Christian..hope u can provide some input

    I injured my dick earlier this month and doctor told me to abstain from sex for 12 weeks. I told some of the girls I’m dating this and they are cool with it (for now). I’ve been using my hands and a vibrator on these chicks and make them cum atleast 6-8 times everytime we chill…they orgasm more now then when I was using my dick. my question is how long can I keep this up for? my dkck is in bad shape and needs rest but is this kind of sex enough to keep them around? I usually make them scream and give them super strong orgasms with my fingers and other vagina rubbing methods but I feel like intercourse is the deepest form of sex


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