Excuses of Average Schmucks

People who fail to get ahead in life are usually fond of excuses. Scratch that. They love excuses.

Excuses become their friend because it brings them comfort.

Here are the most common excuses I hear from average people. Have you caught yourself using these? If so, eliminate them from your vocabulary. Purge them from your mindset. Choose to look at your situation for what it really is and then you can make a game plan that is effective to your success.


Excuse #4. “Rich people got lucky!”

This one cracks me up. Let’s grab some statistics for a moment to examine how this is not just an excuse, but pretty much a lie.

“Recently, PNC Wealth Management conducted a survey of people with more than $500,000 free to invest as they like, a fair definition of “wealthy,” and possibly “millionaire” once you begin including home equity and other assets. Only 6% of those surveyed earned their money from inheritance alone.” Source

While I don’t agree with having a liquid $500,000 as being wealthy, there are other studies that confirm people with more wealth have generally earned their money, instead of inheriting it.

Here’s the reality of life: if you haven’t won the lottery (and let’s hope to God that’s not your get rich strategy) and you haven’t received a big sum of money from your family, then the ball is in your court to get wealthy, or at least get to a place where you have attained financial independence.

Looking for a handout and hoping to ‘strike it rich’ through chance is the surest path to real poverty, both financially and in your character.

Will it be easy? More than likely it sure as fuck won’t, BUT if you adopt this negative excuse, I can almost guarantee you will never become rich.

Excuse #3. “Game doesn’t work because I’m (fill in the blank race)”

Actually, game works, but the guys who use this excuse DON’T work at game.

Game requires work.

Even though game techniques provide shortcuts and solutions and can shave years off of your learning curve, you still have to actually USE them.

The reality is, some races may have more difficulties in front of them to learn game, BUT I have met excellent players from every race. The major difference I’ve noted with races who are not usually ‘naturals’ is that they built up their life in every way possible.

Here’s an example of a guy who gets it:

Indian dude who’s average in looks. He knows that getting on Tinder with average looks isn’t his best play. Instead, he focuses on building up his game and social skills, while also building a mega successful business.

He also hires a pro stylist who gets him looking sharp overnight, so he isn’t stuck in a corner of cliches. He makes money, becomes rich and now has a ‘hook’ that helps him get the girls he wants. He doesn’t spend money on them, but his lifestyle is such that it puts him in the right circles where the hotties reside. He slays.

Now, let’s say you have another guy from India who dresses like he works for JCPenny and gets dressed in the dark and is too arrogant to develop good social and game skills. Do you think he’s going to pull girls?

The latter Indian cat COULD pull girls, but he has to step it up in the style department and actually put out effort to make himself not be a cliche.

What happens is, a guy will go out, try a couple of canned openers from the Mystery Method days and then is shocked when it doesn’t work. He then looks for excuses and race is a very convenient one to use.

You can let your race control you, or you can control how you are perceived by the public by how much effort you put into your appearance, etc.

Make no mistake: every single race has their burden to deal with. How you deal with yours determines your success level with game.

Excuse #2. “I don’t come from the ‘right’ family / I don’t have the right connections”

Your dad bounced out when you were born and your mom raised you on food stamps.

It sucked right?

Getting gifts on Christmas was a rare occurrence, you never had cool clothes and you felt like a schmuck at school because your mom would pick you up in a rusty car where the passenger door wouldn’t even open so you had to crawl through the window.

I’ve been there.

So fucking what.

You’re an adult now and while without a doubt your life would have been ‘easier’ if your last name was Bush, it doesn’t matter because your past does not determine your future.

You have to realize that life is not fucking fair and that’s the way it is.

You can cry about the lemons life handed you, or you can turn the lemons into lemonade, open a lemonade stand, then franchise that bitch and build your empire.

You can determine that you will start networking the right way and build your OWN connections without the help of a rich daddy and an inherited country club membership. There’s nothing wrong with that if you have it, but odds are you don’t, so don’t just work with what you have, take what you have and create something greater out of it. The term ‘self-made’ is treated with respect because it takes great determination, a steel will and actual work to create something out of nothing. 

Do you want to be nothing, or do you want to create something out of nothing?

Excuse #1. “The timing isn’t right”

This excuse is #1 simply because I’ve heard it out of the mouth of EVERY SINGLE average person I’ve talked to.

“I’m going to get my real estate license, but the timing isn’t right. My girlfriend wants me to spend more time with her.”

Bitch slap.

“I’m going to start looking for a job that pays me based on performance, instead of by the hour, because that makes much more sense in terms of getting ahead in life, BUT I love hanging out with my boys on the weekends so I haven’t had the time to look and maybe the timing isn’t right.”

Bitch slap.

“I really want to bang models, but I don’t have time to read about game, or take a course on developing my skills, because I’m too busy whining about my ex and web stalking Instagram wanna-be models. The timing just isn’t right.”

Double bitch slap.

I’ll let you in on a life secret: the timing is never really ‘right’.

The right timing is when YOU decide.

Cut the excuses out. Get the fuck ahead because you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that all of those excuses piled up and buried you into being an average schmuck. You might just be surprised at how much power you actually have over your life when you take action right now.

Read More: Why Being ‘Content’ Is Bullshit

“I have made more progress with women and in my social circle in the last three months, then in my entire life. Thank you Christian! The Academy has far exceeded my expectations and I am eternally grateful.”  Troy (AMIDA member)


9 Replies to “Excuses of Average Schmucks”

  1. CMQ, first off great article as always.

    Secondly, you sparked my interest a bit with this quote; “I’m going to start looking for a job that pays me based on performance, instead of by the hour, because that makes much more sense in terms of getting ahead in life”.

    I was wondering if you had examples of positions like this for a college student. The first thing that comes to mind to me is waiting tables but even then there is a component of hourly wage.


  2. CMQ
    This article was mind blowing good stuff. I’d read a book like this article-I wish I had read that at 16 or 18. Regrets suck-all the 18yo kiddies don’t realize how good life can be if they go all out of you can be like the way it got for me live in ignorance, fear, and self denial develop a mental disorder from ruminating about it and almost commit suicide butnfor the grace of God (literally a Pastor saved my life). But yeah-being an idiot when you’re young and not following your dreams with passion is not the way to live.


  3. One excuse I find myself telling myself a lot is about logistics. I’ve got no problem getting girls numbers, going on dates, getting them in the mood to fuck, but I live in a country that I am not going to name where the vast majority of women live with their parents until marriage so banging her at her parent’s house is out of the question (considering how conservative this country is) and I myself am a married man so I can’t bring the chicks back to my place. Now I am working hard to try to find a solution to this challenge and in the meantime while I’m building up my business and network to earn enough to be able to buy hotel rooms and a second apartment, I’m trying to find a friend who has a decent place that I can bring chicks to. Overall my progress in game will be a bit slower since I’m married and therefore don’t have such a strong impetus to go out and pull chicks but I’m dedicated to game simply for the social skills and personal development it brings. One last excuse I find myself telling myself a lot is that the chicks in this country I am presently living in get fucking crazy after you bang them and get really emotionally attached to you to the point of stalking you and calling you 20 to 30 times a day (true story bro). Obviously as a married man I can’t have chicks fucking stalking me nor do I have the energy to maintain a married life while having one or two girls who have been deep converted. It just seems like a lot of trouble with not a whole lot of return.

    What do?


  4. Excuse #3- Living in South OC as a hispanic dude has forced me to hone my game, and develop myself to overcome any perceived disadvantages. You must focus on self improvement, some things you can change overnight, and some things take more time to develop.

    Excuse #2 – Part of me is happy that many people have this attitude, it just means less competition and more opportunity for me.
    If you’re too stubborn to improve then you don’t deserve the spoils of being with beautiful women.

    Liked by 2 people

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