The Loss of Sobriety In Society

I am a positive person.

I make a choice (because it is a choice), to look at life in a cup half full type of way, but that does not exclude me from also facing reality.

The reality of society in 2015 is that our world is shifting in ways that were unfathomable just five years ago.

Political correctness and ‘acceptance’ of the abnormal has become the decree of mainstream media.

What does this mean for the modern man?

I don’t have all the answers, hell I might not have any, but here is what the modern man can do to thrive in a world that is hellbent on going insane. Adoption of a systematic core set of beliefs is crucial for maintaining a positive outlook that is realistic, but still full of hope. Without building something and hope, a man has nothing.

#5. Make Money

As the world gets crazier, the elite will survive and the poor will be subjugated to living within the parameters that society defines for them.

The answer is make more money.

Can I tell you how? Hell, there’s always ways to make money, but getting outside of your comfort zone, taking calculated risks and realizing that if you’re working for a corporation your speech will be limited to political correctness and obeying the almighty cat lady who runs HR, are all factors to consider.

If you don’t like being told what to do and you resist authority (my hand is up), then understand that working for someone else will always make you miserable. Being an entrepreneur may not work the best for every man, but don’t sell yourself short either. One of my biggest limiting beliefs was that I wasn’t a smart business man. That was a terrible limiting belief that took me taking risks and proving to myself that that was a lie. Don’t lie to yourself, because you might just have talents you haven’t even discovered yet.

#4. Create A Real Rat Pack

I’ve written about this before, but never has it been more important. You must surround yourself with like-minded men who share similar views on how the world should work. Failure to do so may bring a depression upon yourself due to the feeling of holding isolated views.

Contrary to what mass media would have you believe, the majority of people in the world are not cheering on the Emperor’s New Clothes.

The key is to find these like-minded men and form real friendships and bonds with them. Once again, this will happen through you showing yourself friendly, making connections and getting out of your comfort zone.

Having a core group of like-minded male friends will push you, keep you accountable and help you realize you’re not alone in this cold dark world.

#3. Weed Out The Bitches

As you date, you will experience some hard-core bitches. That is the dating market in 2015. This does not mean that there are not some quality women out there, because there are.

You must decide in your mind that you refuse to be treated with disrespect. If a chick disrespects you whether before a date (when you’re setting it up), on the date, or even 3 months into dating, you will walk the fuck away.

Your time is valuable. You are valuable. She is lucky to be getting a chance to even spend time with you. Adopt that mantra, believe it and watch your stress levels decrease immediately.

In 2015 dealing with difficult women is par for the course, but you are not average, you are not a schmuck and by realizing your worth you will decrease the amount of negative experiences you have with bitches. Ignore the bitches. Find the women of quality who are feminine, have grace and respect men. If you want to, then convert her and start building a harem of quality ride-or-die women who will be there for you no matter what.

#2. Skip College

Before you freak out and toss your Red Bullshit can at your computer screen, let me preface this:

If you do not have a burning desire to become a doctor, lawyer, or any profession where you MUST have a bachelor’s degree and if you are unsure of even what you want to major in, then strongly consider doing something else.

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty (and you shouldn’t as a man), then consider parking your ass in the oil fields for a year or two and stacking cash. You would be better off saving $100,000, then entering college clueless and racking up debt.

Let me be clear: I attended a Big 10 University and while my experience was great, that was 10 YEARS ago.

College has completely changed. Colleges have an agenda to destroy men. Yes, I said it: colleges have an agenda of making men guilty until proven innocent. Is that a gamble you want to take?

I’m not against a good education for men, but the problem is that colleges are not focused on properly educating young people anymore. Instead, they are focused on INDOCTRINATING women to be in competition with men, while shitting on masculinity.

#1. Limit Your Pleasures

Life doesn’t have to be all about working and no play, for we know that will make Jack a dull ass motherfucker who might just get angry, BUT limiting your pleasures will do two very critical things for you:

1. It will make the pleasure that much more pleasurable when you partake in it. Imagine if every single day you had 5 smoking hot 18-year-old virgins waiting in your bed when you got home from work. The first day you would be thrilled. The second week you’d probably be excited. The third month you’d probably wouldn’t even go straight home. By limiting your pleasures and not indulging to the point where you’re saturated, then those pleasures will be that much more pleasurable.

2. It will help you create real momentum to for your goals. Pleasures get in the way of real goals. That is a cold hard fact of life. While it’s much easier to wallow in pleasure, it’s also a hindrance to attaining what we REALLY want and what is truly satisfying.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, what if my pleasure is women?” and my friend I can totally relate. A cat asked me other day, “What’s your hobby?” and I responded promptly with, “Women” and while I think it’s the greatest hobby one can have, it is not EVERYTHING and never can be, or dissatisfaction will creep into your life. I’ve written before about how if all you do is chase women you will never be satisfied and that is true of any pleasure.

Women should complement your life, they should never be your life. Nor should anything else that is merely a pleasure.

Personally and I’ll expose a ‘demon’ of mine, is the pleasure of alcohol.

I love to drink.

More so than most people I would say and I’ve made a decision as of late to quit. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Hell yes. The decision was simple when I realized that the pleasure was impeding my life goals. When a man decides he will conquer his goals no matter what and nothing will get in the way, then he might realize that some pleasures have to go, if even for a season.

My love for alcohol will probably always be there, but my love for reaching my goals is stronger, so the lesser of the two loves is being kicked to the curb.

Maybe your pleasure is something entirely different, but do yourself a favor and take an inventory of your life: is your pleasure creating a roadblock to what you REALLY want? Then it’s time to let it go, if only for a while, so you can truly focus on becoming the great man you WILL become.

Be a builder.

Create something great.

Focus on creating a real network of like-minded men.

Weed out the bitches who would drag you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

Don’t rush into college if you’re clueless and if it’s going to add a massive burden of debt upon your shoulders.

Limit your pleasure-seeking to within reason and eliminate if entirely if it’s really holding you back from your potential.

Life will never be perfect and to expect it to would be foolish, but in this crazy world a man must do what he can to create the life he wants no matter what.

I believe you can do it, now get to work and prove it to yourself.

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21 Replies to “The Loss of Sobriety In Society”

  1. I am an occasional reader of this blog and I must say the tone is great. Very positive, informative and genuine. I like it ! Keep up the great work. I have learned something every time Ive visited


  2. This post by McQueen borderlines politics. I sincerely hope this site remains a Game blog and doesn’t degenerate to Chateau Heartiste style blogging…


      1. Thank you for writing this. Drinking has stopped my life in its tracks and reading this solidifies my decision to quit once and for all.


  3. Nice post, but I would like to see you go deeper into the subjects. I know you can do it.

    I was surprised you linked ‘The day I died’ in the end of the post.. brings back too many unnecessary memories.

    Anyway, nice to see that you’re still active.


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  4. Great article! I think we are on the same wavelength cause I started practicing these points over the past few weeks, especially points 5 (Money), 3 (avoid negative women), and 1 (limit pleasure in order to focus more on your goals).

    The weird part is that now that I am limiting myself, I have more women wanting to meet me than ever before. Making women your bottom priority seems to attract more women than you can ever handle, so it’s a strange catch-22.

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    1. When a man has a real vision and pursues it with dogged like focus, women can sense it a mile away and hardly anything is more attractive to them. Women don’t want to be your life, they want to be a part of something bigger, i.e. your pursuit of greatness.


  5. This article is right on time. #5 is hitting home like a hurricane. A couple of days ago I had to reevaluate how I’ve spent my last couple of weeks, partying. Was it needed, yes, but I also had to look in the mirror and realize two things: 1) Where has partying got me? While it has helped strengthen bonds and network, all and all I wasted a bit too much time and money. 2) Why am I celebrating? I am not where I want to be and until then the grind continues. Reaching the elite is all about autonomy, so that when the day comes, and it will in some shape or form, you won’t be subjugated to the parameters of society, as you wrote.

    It’s good to have some fun to celebrate events in life (coming back to America after almost a yr), however since I didn’t limit that pleasure I quickly grew tired of it. The good news is that it sounds like the ‘rat pack’ is on the same page, coincidently at the same time. Everything happens for a reason.

    See you at the top.

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  6. For myself I had a complimentary goal to give up drinking. This past year I ran my first 10k (Vegas – run the strip @ night baby!) but leading up to that I really wanted to make a good showing so I was really focused on my training and not drinking. This helped tremendously because I wasn’t just focused on not drinking (moving away from goal) but what/why I was doing it (moving towards goal). Since that time I’ve stepped up and have done 2 half marathons…with 2 more this year – LA in Oct and of course Vegas again in Nov. So, if you can have a complimentary goal that will help tremendously, at least for me it did.

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  7. Posts like these are important for the guys actually in the trenches surrounded by the bullshit. There’s too many super-negative articles out there by guys who can’t see the good in anything and complain all the damn time, but this is a collected, real look at what’s going on.

    I can tell you everything you said about college is absolutely true. I’ve sat through lectures that were nothing less than PC social privilege re-education garbage. It’s hell out there. Posts like this help guys in that kind of environment realize they aren’t the only ones feeling like they’re surrounded by pure insanity. This post isn’t bitching and complaining, it’s objective fact.

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  8. I would love to create or join a rat pack, I just haven’t been able to locate a group of guys to hang out with. I’m seriously suffering from isolation.

    As far as college goes, if you go though an external degree program you should be able to finish for under $10K. It’s a lot of work, but it can be done quickly if you are motivated. One of my soap boxes.

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  9. Once again, spot on. I also love to drink. Drinking is fucking awesome but it definitely gets in the way of being productive and improving oneself. This world is absolutely insane, however, and that makes it tough not to drink!

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    1. Great point. While the world gets crazier it’s easier to drink more to escape reality, but maybe peace is found in creating a reality that one doesn’t want to escape? Time will tell.


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