How To Get Laid On Instagram

A poster on The Project Playboy forum, a free forum for men, to discuss everything from how to get laid to making money and everything in between, posted this excellent data sheet a while back and now I’m posting it on my blog (with his permission).

This data sheet is easy and step-by-step and most importantly WORKS according to multiple guys who are utilizing it and many of them I know personally, so I’m vouching for its effectiveness.

Here it is.

What you need:

An IG account (ok if private) with more followers than following. Obviously don’t buy fake followers because the small number of likes will reflect that.

Try to have some selfies, some pics doing cool stuff, hilarious memes, travel pics, one or two food pics. If you have a cool job, then some job related pics. Obviously if you have good abs – half-naked gym/beach pics.

What kind of chicks to go for:

The chicks with less than 1000 followers are much more likely to reply and/or follow back. Needless to say, if she likes and comments on a bunch of your pics, that in itself is an invitation to approach. If she likes one of your good profile pics or selfies, that should be the pic you DM to her.

I also go for chicks with more followers. 5000-10000 followers are still relatively approachable. Over 10k is like playing the lotto but if she’s hot as fuck just DM her anyway.

Tip: check on their map where the majority of their pics is, so you don’t waste your time on girls across the country. Even though I did get some numbers from hot east coast chicks who I’m planning to have some fun with when they’re in my city.

If a girl hasn’t expressed interest in your looks by liking one of the pics that show you, go with a funny pic that will catch her off guard.

I sometimes send girls a pic of me flipping off the camera with a smirk. The reaction is usually “why are you flipping me off, you do that to all the girls, bla bla”, you can segway that into a playful conversation.

I also have an arsenal of fake dick pics – a dog shaped like a dick, a “brontosaurus that looks like a dick” meme etc. The girls who have a sense of humor will respond.

Opening message:


Topics to talk about:

What ethnicity is she, can she guess your ethnicity, where does she live, she resembles a celebrity etc.

After some back and forth, say “lets move this over to texts whats your #”. Then say “texting u” and text her right away to make sure she sees it.

After that i just suggest drinks. I’m clueless on what else to do with a chick other than meet up at the bar. All the same first date rules apply – kino, lead, venue bounce, comfort, attraction.

Keep in mind the blowout rate is high. A lot of girls won’t respond. If she’s super hot I give her a week or two and then DM her again. That’s beta and needy but there have been girls who actually apologized for not replying earlier and I got them offline, so whatever works.

Some girls will block your ass. But who cares. I’m following like 500 chicks right now who are all potential prospects.


Q: How do you find IG models near me on IG?

A: Friends of friends of friends. See who’s taking pictures where and click on the location, click on the hashtags, click on the following lists (pretty girls follow other pretty girls).


If you’re on tinder and you’re scrolling through chicks – some of them post their IG. That way you know how far she is from you, that she is single, and you can proceed with IG game even if you don’t match on Tinder.

What’s been your experience with using Instagram to get laid? Leave a comment sharing your tips.


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2 Replies to “How To Get Laid On Instagram”

  1. Been waiting for this post!! Christian you are the man!!!! Keep it up brotha. One day we will meet up and fuck hotties together!


  2. The opening picture on Instagram DM’s has been a tough one for me. I like the middle finger but I’ve got another that I’ve used twice now with great success. Both times I had gone out with a group of girls so I’ll admit I’d met them once before following on IG.

    Wait until more than one girl in a row is staring at their phones while at the bar. This doesn’t take long, lol. Snap a picture of them and make fun of them for it. They love it. A few days later DM one of them on Instagram with the picture of them staring at the phone. No Hello, no comment at all. Perfect opener and allows you to playfully tease them


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