How To Prevent Hair Loss (it might just work for you)

Losing your hair as a man can be one of the most depressing aspects of aging. If you were lucky enough to spend your twenties with giggling girls commenting on your hair and running their fingers through it, then congrats, I know the feeling. For some men though, losing their hair happened fast and now they’re bald, but that’s okay because being bald doesn’t mean you go without fresh tight pussy as I wrote about here.

The reality is from a personal perspective is that my hair has started to thin.

That sucks. I’ve always been ‘prideful’ about my hair and now maybe I’m in for being humbled, BUT I have found one possible solution to at least slow down the process while I look into alternatives.

Now before I drop this tip, I’ll be very clear: I am NOT an affiliate for this product in any shape whatsoever, nor do I have anything to gain from writing about this besides hopefully helping some of you out.

I was at my barber around ONE month ago and I commented on my hair thinning.

It could be the pack a day habit, because smoking can obviously block the blood vessels in your head decreasing hair growth, or it could even be alcohol (another reason I’m pulling the plug on that activity for now), or even damn genetics, but regardless of WHY it’s happening, it bugged me out enough to ask for his advice.

He reached over to his backpack (didn’t know people still used those) and pulled out these suckers:


“Before you laugh, these actually work”, he said. He commented that they cost less than $20 and to at least give them a try.

I promptly hit up my local GNC and copped some for around $18.

I don’t have before and after pictures because the thinning wasn’t so severe you would probably notice, but after taking them consistently for just ONE month I’ve noticed a drastic difference and supposedly you don’t start really noticing a difference until around two months in.

Now here’s the deal: they might not work for you, BUT they also might.

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning, then it’s worth a shot and they’re so cheap it’s not a big deal to test them out.

If you get em, note that your nails will be growing at a rapid pace as well.

I don’t think this is the end all and be all solution, but even if it slows it down while seeking alternatives, then I’ll take it.

Reviews for the product are pretty good and even external (non GNC site) reviews are good, so it looks like I’m not alone.

Hope this helps and here’s to none of us losing our hair. 😉

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4 Replies to “How To Prevent Hair Loss (it might just work for you)”

  1. I’m 31 and my hair started to thin rapidly after I tried the baking soda shampoo. I learned that it lowers the PH of your scalp, which is not good for hair growth.
    It seems like this GNC supplement is a just a high dose of biotin. They just added some other junk to increase the price.


  2. My fiance had a high hairline when I met him. Not receding or particularly thin yet, just a high hairline. During the last few stressful months when he quit his last job in despair, his hair thinned noticeably. After quitting his job, as the stress faded, his hair grew back thicker and now he’s in a job he enjoys his hairline has actually moved down from when we first met. He’s also got bodyhair in more places and it’s much thicker. I’m unsure how much of the problem is that when he’s stressed he loses his appetite, eats too few calories and resorts to junk foods and energy drinks and how much of the problem is the inherently pro-aromatase nature of stress (turning T into E is actually a mood-improving process for the human body at times of stress and depression).

    But if there’s something in your life that’s seriously stressing you, get rid of it, meditate and eat a high-T diet.


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