See Rollo Tomassi Live In Las Vegas!

The tease is over and I can announce the special surprise guest for the 1st Annual A Man In Demand Seminar Saturday September 12th in Las Vegas.

As you’ve gathered from the title of this post, it’s none other than best-selling author Rollo Tomassi from and author of the life-changing books The Rational Male and The Rational Male: Preventative Medicine.

To say this event is going to be kickass is the understatement of the year!

Here’s the full line-up once again:

Rollo Tomassi (

Tanner Guzy (

Goldmund (

and myself, Christian McQueen!

4 speakers. 1 day. Change for life.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, I highly advise getting it asap, because tickets are limited. VIP tickets are sold out already and this event is sure to provide a day of learning and growing as a man like no other men’s event out there. Click the link below to get your ticket.

Get Your Ticket

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