Are You A Punching Bag For Girls?

“Hold this NOW!” The girl walking towards me on the sidewalk shoved her gigantic purse into the stomach of what I believe to be her boyfriend.

“Okay honey”, he meekly dropped his head in defeat and clutched onto her purse as though it held the secret to his misery.

“Unfuckingbelievable”, I exclaimed and shot her a dirty look. No fucks were given that day.

She gave me a sassy look although with my experienced player skills I could detect a slight sense of curiosity that a man checked her and a stranger nonetheless.

On another occasion I was at a hipster bar (I know I know, but was meeting a friend to talk business and he suggested it) and was waiting three deep at the bar. Finally, after waiting behind trust fund kids in flannels who were ironically buying Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, it was my turn.

“Ummmm, aren’t you going to let a lady go first!?”

I turned and looked for a lady. None could be detected in a 30 foot radius.

I turned back around to face the bar.

My shoulder felt like it was grabbed by a small baby gorilla. “I’m talking to you!”. This time I turned to observe a 7 on a good day in a dark bar vehemently shaking her head at me while grabbing my shoulder.

“Darling, remove your hand from my shoulder. Now”. I smiled as I said it.

Her mouth dropped.

White knight orbiters lifted their head and looked at me and I shot a look at them like today is not the fucking day. They meekly lowered their heads in defeat.

“That’s rude…” she said and looked me up and down.

“What’s rude is you expecting to cut in front of me because you possess a slit between your legs. Wait your turn.”

I turned back around and covered my mouth with my hand to hide my maniacal smile that was escaping me.

I ordered and then felt a GENTLE tug on my sleeve. I turned around slowly and behold it was the young lass again.

This time she approached me differently.

“Listen, I’m sorry for being rude.”

“Apology accepted. You know, you will get much further in life with men if you learn to use your feminine charm, instead of having an entitled demanding attitude.”

“You might have a point. Would you like to hang out sometime?”. She smiled sweetly and I considered it for a few seconds and then shook my head no.

What I have observed over and over as of late is women using men as punching bags verbally.

I chalk this up to the general lack of respect that society has for each other and the growing frustration among women to find men who will stand up to them.

If you find yourself being a verbal punching bag for your girlfriend, or girls in general (even your mother), then you need to not only check yourself, but them.

You don’t need to raise your voice.

You don’t need to act like a raging madmen.

You simply need to call out the elephant in the room that so many guys are intent on avoiding.

You will NEVER be respected by a woman if you allow her to yell at you, belittle you, or treat you with disrespect.

This is an epidemic among men and women and the only way it will stop, is for men to not tolerate it.

Be that man and stand up for yourself. If you don’t, no one will.

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5 Replies to “Are You A Punching Bag For Girls?”

  1. Damn good advice. On the rare occasions that my wife acts rude to me – privately..( she wouldn’t dare do it to me publicly) , I always make shun her until she comes to me and very graciously says she’s sorry and asks my forgiveness. This expectation on my part towards her has done wonders at limiting this type of shitty behavior


  2. Alpha is a Mindeset Rollo Tommassi
    Women only respect Alphas.
    My growing is getting better from this place.


  3. Fighting the good fight.

    Been a year since I’ve been back in the States, sounds like the situation keeps getting worse.


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