Episode #21 CMQ Game Q & A Part 2 (Podcast)


In Episode #21 of A Man In Demand Radio, I continue answering questions.

Alright gents, in Part 2 of the CMQ Game Q & A, I answer questions from the RealCMQForum.com members. This was supposed to be video, but I lost what I shot earlier, so switched to doing this episode to a podcast. I have a few more kinks to work out using video so it works the first time, everytime, but I plan on using video as well since you guys seem to like it and I can communicate more through that medium.

Lastly, big THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets to the 1st Annual A Man In Demand Seminar. As of today, the seminar is SOLD OUT! Very cool and Sept 12th in Vegas will be one badass day for the ticket holders. See you then!

Anyways, here’s Part 2 (around 30 minutes), so enjoy!


Click the link below to watch.

Episode #21 CMQ Game Q & A Part 2 (Podcast)

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