Episode #22 Lay Report & Practical Tips To Get You Laid


As a part of A Man In Demand Radio, I’m adding a new topic to the roster: lay reports. The purpose is solely to better your game through the tips I’ll share as I tell what happened with my one-night stands.

Some people learn through lists. Some people learn through doing. And some people learn through stories. In these stories I’ll breakdown WHAT I did and HOW I did it, so you not only are entertained, but get real practical knowledge from which to use right after you listen to the episode.

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Episode #22 Lay Report & Practical Tips To Get You Laid

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5 Replies to “Episode #22 Lay Report & Practical Tips To Get You Laid”

  1. Keep up the bang report podcasts. You have a loyal listener in me. Not only do these stories instill valuable game lessons, they are a way to learn how to tell stories, which is a great social skill in itself


  2. That cover photo reminds me of a girl I danced with and how I thought her ass would look like without pants on.


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