Seminar Recap

In preparation for the 1st Annual A Man In Demand Seminar the night before, everything that could possibly go wrong was happening. Murphy’s Law was sticking his middle finger in my face and smirking while doing so.

My travel arrangements were screwed up and I wound up not getting into Vegas until 3am SATURDAY morning. I was exhausted, but rest would not come easy.

As I laid in bed staring at the ceiling trying to grab a few hours of rest, I thought about everything that had gone into making this happen. From asking the speakers to attend (all who I asked did so) to getting the logo designed, to selecting a venue, it had been a journey and in just a few short hours I would see the results.

It was time to get up and after just a bit of restless sleep, I hopped in the shower and put on a suit. On the way to the seminar I had to stop for a train that was not moving. As far as the eye could see from left to right this never-ending train was stopped dead on the tracks. The train after a few minutes finally started slowly chugging along, but even after it cleared the tracks the guard rails didn’t raise. A minute went by. Then another minute. Despite my ranting and raving the crossguard rails did not raise.

At this point I believed a conspiracy was at work. Of course I was wrong. Eventually cars went around the rails and I allowed peer pressure to kick in.


From left to right: Goldmund, myself, Rollo and Tanner. Blurry photo, but you get the idea.

Upon reaching the venue I found some of the ‘Rat Pack’, Goldmund and Tanner Guzy playing with the AV equipment. I gave Goldmund a hug and the smell of Vodka hit me hard. “Did you actually go out last night you fuck?”, I asked. He laughed and said, “Just for a little bit. I was in bed by 10:30pm”. What a rascal, but he crushed his session, so more power to him.

Attendees started pouring in and what a diverse group it was. We had guys from early 20’s to maybe 50’s-60’s. Guys in shorts and t-shirts and of course, some suits. Everyone looked eager to see what we would do and I must say that the other speakers blew me away.

To read a detailed attendee’s review of the seminar click here.

All in all it was a tremendous success and as we ate dinner at Sinatra that evening with some of the attendees, you could almost feel an electricity in the air. Everything just clicked. Everything felt right. And it also gave me inspiration on another level. While I created the seminar in order to inspire and help men, they in turn actually inspired me.


The foyer to the venue proudly displaying the A Man In Demand Seminar logo.

Based on the tweets and emails I’ve received (and the other speakers as well), there is no doubt strong interest in us doing this again next year.

I envision something bigger, even better, more speakers, yes a catered lunch and mixer, and much much more.

I believe this time we’ll plan ahead even sooner so that attendees can plan months in advance and save for the trip if they need to do so.

I’ll also take this time to say a very big Thank You to the other incredible speakers and men: Rollo Tomassi, Tanner Guzy and Goldmund. You guys truly impressed me and came through in every way possible as I believed you would. Thank you.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to say a big Thank You to all of the attendees. You gentlemen came from all over the world: from South Korea to Washington D.C., from Orange County to Kansas. It was incredibly inspiring seeing your dedication to better yourself and it just motivates me even more.

Regarding audio of the event: Sam Botta was gracious enough to record myself and Rollo’s sessions. I will be releasing the audio for mine (Rollo has plans to as well, but contact him for more details) at some point in the near future, with possibly a PDF of my speech.

Alright gents, regular posting of podcasts and posts returns this week now that the mayhem of seminar week has concluded. Here’s to a great week!


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  1. Christian–

    Your favorite type of music. What do you listen to on the norm, and what do you listen to before going out?

    I stick to a lot of rap and R&b, curious what keeps you going.


  2. The seminar was more amazing than I had expected. Every speaker was fantastic, but I enjoyed yours the most. We have a lot of the same views on life, and women. You inspired me to better.


  3. I want to be a speaker at the next event.

    Also, I’m tentatively planning a 2016 Spring Break meet-up here in sunny, South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) some time in March. Come on over.


  4. Well done, McQueen. The venue was top-notch, the event was well-orchestrated, and dinner at Sinatra was exceptional–a steal at twice the price. It’ll be a tall order to improve on it next year, but I have every confidence that you’ll do so.

    I believe I speak for all of us who were in attendance when I say that your heartfelt speech, along with the insightful presentations delivered by Goldmund, Tanner, and Rollo, were inspirations and assets to each of us who call for a renaissance of positive masculinity, for the rise of many a Man in Demand.

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  5. Congrats on the first of hopefully many more of these events McQueen. I couldn’t attend this one but fully intend on one in the future, along with some of my own rat pack who have shown interest. Always great to mix it up with kindred spirits across the globe.


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