New Blog Posting Schedule

As summer has officially drawn to a close and Fall is upon us, my schedule has slowed down slightly, so I’ve made a new blog posting and podcast schedule.

Here it is:

Mondays: Motivation, Personal Stories, Playboy Lifestyle, Current Events with a Game Spin, Scientific studies regarding Game and Social Dynamics.

Wednesday: A Man In Demand Podcast covering everything from Game to Lifestyle to Success.

Friday: Weekend Game Tip. This was readers favorite post of the week by far and I’m bringing it back. I miss doing it and it’s the perfect lead into the weekend. The topic will always be game and will range from lay reports to game tips.

I work better on a schedule and I know you gents prefer a more regular posting schedule, so that’s what I’m doing.

This starts THIS Monday Oct 5th. I will be posting the Monday article late Sunday night, or very early Monday morning for you cats on different time zones. Friday’s post will be late Thursday night, or early Friday mornings for the same reason.

Alright gents, have a great weekend!

P.S. I’m giving you A Man In Demand Academy and CONVERT Deep Conversion Game System right now when you cop Get Laid Tonight Speed System for a joke of a price. Check out the video and get more info here.

3 Replies to “New Blog Posting Schedule”

  1. Excellent! Always loved the weekend game tips. Looking forward to that and everything else! Keep up the great work, man.


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