How Much Time Do You Have Left To Live?

When you’re a young buck you might think that you have all the time left in the world, but do you really?

Something that I’ve tried to drive home on this blog is the concept of living life to the fullest everyday, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

A forum member on the Project Playboy Forum posted a fascinating post on what he does to remind himself that life is short.

He posted an article from another blog that I found to be fascinating and inspiring. In that article the author explains how to break down how many DAYS we have left to live on average. Thinking about your life in the concept of DAYS, instead of YEARS can abruptly bring you back down to reality and help you hyper-focus on what’s really important to YOU in the short time we have on earth.

Here’s the article he linked to:

I posted this on the forum breaking down what my Life Calculator had to say.

So according to the calculator I have 45 years left.

My date of death is estimated on October 2, 2060.

Days left: 16,425

Now let’s shave off another 7 years for smoking/drinking = 38 years

Would put me dying at around 69 years old.

Days left: 13,870

Now here’s the interesting part that the Project Playboy poster and the other blog post author made:

Once you figure up how long on average you have left to live, then use a countdown timer on your computer desktop to show you many DAYS you have left.

This is absolutely brilliant.

I started doing this after reading the forum post and article and just in a matter of a couple of days here’s what I’ve noticed:

#3. The Minor ‘Problems’ of Life Seem Less Important

Putting your life in the scope of DAYS, instead of years, may very well remind you that focusing on minor problems is a waste of time. Getting annoyed over life’s ‘potholes’, other people’s attitudes and even that girl who didn’t text you back 😉 is a complete waste of your most valuable asset: your time.

Let it go. Focus on the bigger picture.

#2. Renewed Energy

For whatever reason I’ve found my energy levels have shot up. I feel like I have more energy because I’m even more focused on taking advantage of every waking hour I have. I believe that seeing DAILY the countdown clock on my computer is the perfect kickstart to the day.

#1. Renewed Perspective

It’s easy to think (especially when you’re younger) that you have all the time in the world, but you and I don’t. Our time on earth is limited and I’ve found that something as simple as this life countdown clock on my desktop has renewed my perspective on what I still plan to get done.

It has provided clarity of vision and that is key to success.

I highly advise that you read that article that I linked to because he breaks it all down step-by-step and it’s truly remarkable.  Here’s the link again:

Cheers to a great week and let’s take advantage of every day we have on earth, because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

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7 Replies to “How Much Time Do You Have Left To Live?”

  1. I know plenty of people who died in their 20’s, and others in their 40’s. So for the first group (although of course they didn’t know it at the time) they were middle aged by their early teens, for the second in their 20’s. You never know.


  2. I don’t think it’s the actual amount of time remaining in days, months and years. One of the wisest, toughest men I ever knew died just shy of his 100th birthday in actually quite good shape until the end. He observed that the thing that struck him the most having lived through the Pacific campaign in WW II and continuing on as a professional soldier until the 70’s was ‘that it all went by so very quickly’. No where near his years, but I have to say even in my more limited experience he was right. Like Seneca said, in Life as with a play the duration is not all that important, no where near as important as the content. Drive on Christian, I admire your success.


  3. (Commenting for the first time even though I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years.)

    This is a great move Christian, props to you and the guy who came up with it.

    I decided to add a little twist to this. I created two countdown timers on my phone: one for my 25th birthday, and one for the literal deadline (heh).

    The idea of the 25th birthday counter is this: I’m currently 17 years old (almost 18). If I don’t become at least somewhat famous / successful in music by the time I’m 25, then I have surely failed myself.

    Even before reading this post, I’d occasionally listen to my watch ticking, because it reminds me that time waits for no man and motivates me whenever I feel lazy or down.

    Keep up the good work, Christian. You’re changing lives out here man, remember that.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock…


    1. The blogger I linked to came up with it and a forum member posted about it, so it’s not my idea, just sharing it. Your added variation is a great idea, thanks for sharing!


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