Weekend Game Tip: Are You Overlooking Some True Beauties?

“She’s alright I guess. Nothing special though.” My friend and wingman for the night gave a half disinterested glance at a girl I pointed out to him in the club. I agreed, tossed back my drink and walked to the bathroom to freshen up, spray some cologne, grab some mints and tip the old school bathroom attendant.

On my way back from the bathroom that same girl caught my eye again. What is it about this chick? I thought, because on the surface she really wasn’t hot in that club girl sense. She didn’t have any makeup on (or barely visible), her dress was okay, but she wasn’t a fashionista and her hair was bouncing all over the place, but in a good way I mused.

What was holding me back?

I looked around the club and spotted more girls. Hot girls. Club girls.

And some small land-whales as well. There’s always one or two who sneak in somehow.

She glanced over and gave a flip of her hair. You know the look. The I’m-Interested-But-I’m-A-Girl-Living-In-Los-Angeles-So-I-Can’t-Act-Too-Interested look.

She is kind of cute. If it wasn’t so dark in here…Fuckit, I’m going over there…

I was already on my way to approach her.

“You know it’s rude to stare and not introduce yourself” I smirked as I said it, like ‘yes doll, I know you’re curious’.

Her face blushed for a moment, or maybe it was just the strobe lights in the club causing a reflection on her actually pretty cute face as I could now see up close.

“I wasn’t staring” she retorted, but she turned her body fully to me. Body Language doesn’t lie.

“Lying is bad for your health. What’s your name?” Stick to the narrative. Frame is king.

We flirted for a bit, then I led her by the hand to the smoking patio. She didn’t smoke, but that’s okay. I’m doing what I do and she’s along for the ride.

We make out. Damn, this girl could kiss. As we kissed I ran my hands around her waist and gave a good squeeze of her ass. This chick is hiding a super body under this average outfit!

I led her back into the club and dropped her off by her friends before making a lap and rejoining my wingman.

“Dude. That chick is actually pretty damn cute. Make an eye appointment”.

He laughed and took a gulp of his Old Fashioned.

A few minutes later, after giving her time to miss my presence, I swooped through her group of girlfriends, spit some charm and whisked her away.

Grade A sex. And yes, she had a Grade A body. However, I almost skipped on her because she wasn’t the ‘ideal’ at first glance. Or second glance. It wasn’t until I actually approached her that I saw she had potential. It wasn’t until I made out with her on the smoking patio that I saw she was actually fire, she just didn’t know how to present herself.

There are girls like this everywhere.

In your Starbucks. On your college campus. And yes, even in the club. She might not be in the VIP, but she might be VIP material.

Here’s a few tips to ‘discover’ these type of girls:

#3. Take Your Wingman’s Opinion With A Grain of Salt

One man’s treasure is another’s trash. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You’ve heard these famous sayings, however, it’s easy to be influenced by the opinions of your buddies.

Listen, if you think she’s attractive in ANY way, then fucking approach. Worse case scenario, you get closer and realize she’s missing a front tooth, or she’s actually hit, BUT you won’t know until you do. Here’s the easy way to remember: Approach for You.

#2. Some Girls Are Diamonds In The Rough

Just because she’s not impeccable from the jump doesn’t mean she’s not actually a true beauty. I’ve personally ‘transformed’ multiple girls from very cute into bombshells, by giving some ol’ G advice:

“Go get your hair done professionally”

“Wear this dress. Yes, THIS one”

“You look kind of like XYZ celeb chick. Copy her style and you’ll look better”

Guess what happens? You turn a cute chick into a hottie through leading and some wisdom. And guess what happens? She becomes hotter and is more loyal because she looks to YOU for being the one to open up her world. That’s a whole other article, but you get the jist of it.

And for the naysayers saying, “Well, she might become super hot and then leave me!” my advice is simple:

Tighten up your game young blood. Period.

#1. The Sex Can Be Fire

Never underestimate the diamonds in the rough. Some of the most mind-blowing sex you’ll ever have quite possible is from that cute girl you don’t think is hot enough for you to approach. Test it out.

So whatever happened to Ms. Bouncy Curl Hair Girl?

Fast forward around four months and lo and behold myself and that same wingman buddy are at the same club. He taps my shoulder about an hour into the night and says, “Damn man, check this number out!”

I turn. Wow.

It’s the SAME girl I banged four months prior, BUT some alpha got ahold of her and now she was truly hot.

Her dress was on point. She was rocking expensive heels. Her makeup was flawless. But her hair was still bouncy which somehow looked even better. She had been ‘upgraded’ and the transformation was complete.

Approach for you. You might just be missing out.

Have a great weekend playboys and catch you Monday with a brand new post.

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