My Brutal Take On How To Eliminate The Bullshit From Your Life

One of the major factors contributing to men not living up to their potential is the amount of bullshit they allow into their lives.

Note the keyword: ALLOW.

That’s right. Whenever you feel like life is holding you back, or kicking you in the nuts, do an ‘inventory’ check.

Could it be you?

Could it be that you’re allowing loads of steaming bullshit into your life?

Personally, I’ve noticed that whenever I become too ‘busy’ to get the important stuff done, when I have a flash of depression, when I feel tired, or worn out, then 9/10 times it’s due to bullshit.

What do I mean by bullshit?

Here’s my list:

1. The News

Mainstream news is generally bullshit. By that I mean, we’re always on the brink of war with North Korea, Trump is a clown (uh okay), somebody got shot and the economy is about to collapse.

Now think about ALL of those scenarios right now: what could you possibly do to change ANY of it? Not a damn thing you can do, so what does it really matter? How is it affecting your life though when you do feed your mind on this content? Doesn’t feel too inspiring or motivating, does it?

2. Garbage ‘Pop’ Sites

I won’t list links, but here’s a checklist you can apply to a site if you’re confused:

-Is every title pure clickbait? There’s nothing wrong with using catchy titles to bring readers in, but the CONTENT needs to be useful. If it’s not, it’s purely an advertising ploy. The company will reel in schmucks, but you think the ballin’ out CEO is reading this shit while flying in his private jet?

-Is it all doom and gloom? This is big right now because misery loves company and there’s a ton of miserable pathetic schmucks in the world right now. Do you want to be one of them?

-Is it full of rage and desperation? These are the most sad because I believe that the people behind sites like this are actually hurting on some level and wielding the proverbial ‘keyboard sword’ alleviates their pain temporarily. Or they’re just miserable fucks who like making money off the backs of the depressed and downtrodden.

Make no mistake: there’s money in those business models, however, at what cost? Men need hope, direction and actionable advice right now, not depressing ‘truth’ and bitching.

3. Bullshit Friends

This one is probably the hardest to cut out of your life, but it will benefit you the most. 2016 is just around the corner and if you start NOW eliminating the slackers, the lazy, the chronically depressed and the haters who call themselves your ‘friends’, then next year will be your best year yet. I guarantee it.

Here’s a litmus test to see if your ‘friend’ is improving your life or not. Apply it to all of your friends:

-Is your friend ACTIVELY pursuing a better life, better business opportunities, better everything?

-Is your friend constantly bitching and moaning about variables in his life that he has NO control over, or is he creating solutions?

-Is your friend content with being average? (ouch, but that’s a big one. If you hang out with average people, then you will be average. Period)

Cut out toxic people from your life, but don’t stop there: find new friends who are BETTER than you who will motivate you to become better, do more and live a better life.

4. Bullshit Girls

You need women in your life, let’s not kid ourselves, however, WHAT type of women are you allowing into your life? A woman can be a nag, depressing and lazy, just like your guy ‘friends’.

Is it time to clear your harem bench and start over? Is it time to dump your girlfriend and find a new one? Is it time to check what type of women you’re allowing into your life?

Here’s a litmus test to see if the girl is improving your life or not:

-Do you feel vigor and energetic around her?

-Do you feel more manly?

-Does she act supportive in spirit of your goals and dreams?

-Does she ‘allow’ you to lead?

Your Frame and what girls you allow into your life is key. There are plenty of cool, fun girls out there, so don’t settle for the slop. A great girl(s) can be a huge motivation in your life and push you to new heights.

P.S. women improve your life if you’re an improved man. And hey, sex is fucking great.


5. Bullshit Activities

Are you consumed by junk activities? Did you know even READING could be a junk activity? Yes, I’m sure I just offended some writers, but you know what, it’s true.

There’s a general consensus that just by reading self-improvement books you too will become successful.


There are great books that will take you to another level in life, by offering a blueprint of what to DO, but if you’re that cat who buys a new book every week thinking it has the answer to everything, then you’re in for a rude surprise. Success comes from ACTION. You cannot read your way to success. You must DO.

I’m not saying to quit reading, but make sure you’re not spending all of your free time reading on how to be successful without putting action behind it.

Read good stuff and then IMPLEMENT it. Too many armchair ‘successes’ who can rattle off every success blueprint written, but they have no actual success that they’ve attained.

The same applies to game.

You can read this blog until you’re blue in the face. You can buy every game product in the world. But, if you don’t go out and actually apply it then you will have a brain full of game knowledge and an angry cock. Read it, then put it into action.

I’m not going to harp on TV, because that’s a given. Sure, I’ll enjoy a TV show here and there, but are you watching something every single day?

Let’s say you watch 1 hour of TV per day.

At the end of the year, that’s 365 HOURS of TV you watched on average.


Do you think if you applied 365 HOURS in 2016 to creating a business, or building your current one, or learning a language (talking to myself here, I have to get on it dammit!), or anything else that will have a positive impact in your life, how much more happy and successful you could be? It’s a given.

Let’s say you don’t even watch TV, but you spend an hour a day on Instagram, or Facebook, looking at pictures of hot girls…you get the point.

Cut the junk. Sure, relax when you need to, but don’t make relaxing into a daily HABIT. Relax when you sleep.

6. Bullshit Family

Damnnnnn, yea I went there. Just because they’re blood doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

Prioritize when you spend time with them, but don’t let them guilt you into wasting your time. Family can be one of the biggest factors with men not reaching their potential. Why? Because it’s easy to make the “Yea, but it’s FAMILY” excuse. So fucking what?

Take care of your family. Love your family. Be there for your family, BUT don’t let them suck your energy dry.

Easy ways to do this:

-If you don’t live by them, decide which holidays you’ll spend with them. Note: you don’t have to every holiday.

-Ignore their calls and call em back when it’s convenient for YOU. Talking on the phone for an hour a day leads to 365 hours per year…you get it.

-Learn to say no. Family will ask for money. They’ll ask for time. They’ll ask for everything and guilt you into it. Learn to have Frame (yea, that’s not just for girls) and stand up like a fucking man. Doesn’t mean you don’t love em, just means you’re putting your quest for success first.

7. Bullshit You

Wait, what?! Yea, that’s right: bullshit YOU.

You see, every one of the factors above are NOT really issues, if YOU get out of your own way.

Most people live bullshit lives, with bullshit jobs, dating bullshit girls, making bullshit money, because they will not take action and make some serious changes.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live like that. I have a strong hunch you have a desire to be more, get more and leave more than most men. That’s why I’m challenging you to eliminate the bullshit from your life and rise to new heights that you never imagined you would reach before.

Eliminate. Grow. Succeed.

What is some bullshit you’ve noticed in your life that has been holding you back? Drop me a tweet.

Happy Monday and here’s to an ass-kicking week!

If you’re content fucking 5’s then don’t click this link.

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    Great post. I believe the most important thing is to get rid of the authority most people are subject in our times: the public oppinion. That is the biggest bullshit in the life of ordinary people. If you can get rid of that, you have already cleaned out the biggest part of your house.


  2. There are times where one start to lose his frame and ground due to the stresses around him. He needs something to remind him of what it takes to have steel balls to lead through life like a man. This post is this. The hammer that hit you back to reality. Thanks boss !


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