Does Your Race Hurt Your Game?

This article is going to be brutal, so if you need a trigger warning, then you’re not getting one, but you can consider this sentence your ‘warning’. Also, to get my overall point, read the ENTIRE article.

Something I’ve noticed from newbies to game is that they set a standard for the type of woman they desire, then will settle for nothing else.

They refuse to even practice with girls who aren’t their type.

This is a mistake and in this weekend game tip I’ll explain how broadening your horizons will help you get laid more and up your game skills faster along with a healthy dose of tough love.

Let’s talk about types of girls; ethnicity specifically.

The main types of girls are the following:

White Girls

Black Girls

Latin Girls

Asian Girls

There are varying cultures and countries that make up each category, but for the most part, these are the four main ones.

Now think for a minute: which type of these four do you get the MOST IOIs from?

Got it? Good.

Now, when you roll out, which type of girls do you focus on?

Personally, I tend to get the most IOIs from Latin, Asian and Black girls. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get white girl ‘love’, because I do, but overall it’s less than the others. Why? Because I don’t have a traditional ‘white boy’ look. I often get guessed for being everything BUT white. I don’t have a surfer guy look. At all.

Certain looks are held in a certain regard by different cultures. That’s a fact. This article isn’t about race bait, but bear with me.

Asian girls are known to love white guys in general.

Latin girls are known to love white guys who aren’t little bitches.

Black girls are known to love white guys who are alpha as fuck.

Note: the specifics of the type of white guys the aforementioned girls like.

If you’re a weak-ass white boy, then good luck getting with the Latin or Black girls. Being an alpha is more ‘natural’ in their culture for the men and they will expect that you be at that level, or even higher. Pro-Tip: direct game works wonders with Latin and Black girls especially.

Knowing what TYPE of girls are MOST attracted to YOUR look will help you when you’re out trying to pull a girl for fast sex.

Let’s say you’re an Asian guy who loves white girls, but you’re finding it hard to pull them. The white girls you like are looking for Tom Brady Jr, and despite your personal success, you just don’t have that look.

So night after night you hit the clubs and get turned down. Meanwhile you have some sexy asian girls who are eye fucking you all night, but you don’t want that because maybe you’re used to asian girls, or you just want a different type of girl. Nothing wrong with going after what YOU want, but if you’re NEW to game, here’s a tip:

Practice on the girls who are MOST receptive to you FIRST, get your game tight, then move on to the girls you really want.

Now I’m NOT saying to dumpster dive. I’m talking about the type of girls whether she’s an Asian 9 or a white 9.

What happens is, after you develop your game more and more, then your game will be tighter and you’ll do better when pursuing the girls you really want after some time.

I’m not saying to give up on approaching the girls you really want, but I’m saying in the meantime you should practice your ass off with the girls who are already throwing you IOIs. This will increase your confidence AND will help with social proof in a venue. 

Now what happens if you happen to like the exact type of girls who also like your look? Jackpot. This actually often happens as well and then it’s a matter of approaching and finding the girl you connect with the MOST who is most likely to be DTF that night.

But, if you’re in the group of guys who seriously long for a type of girl who isn’t the most receptive to your race, then you have a challenge ahead of you.

Listen up, because I’m spittin’ gold at you that you need to hear:

If you don’t have the look your ideal girl likes, then your Game + Value needs to be exponentially HIGHER than say a guy who has the look she likes, but whose value and game is lower.

Make sense?


There are girls who will date guys they aren’t necessarily extremely attracted to because of the following reasons:

-His personality is alpha and charismatic

-He has money

-He has a cool lifestyle

-His sex game is better than the other guys she’s been with despite her being more attracted to them

-His game is fire. His game is fire. His game is fire.

Think about this for minute: when is the last time you saw a guy of fill in the blank ethnicity with a girl of an opposite ethnicity.

What did he have going for him? Really think about it.

Did he have a certain swagger to himself?

Was he rolling in a Bentley?

Was he buying Ace of Spades at his table in the club?

Was he driving a Honda Accord, but you could tell he had his chick On-Lock and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him?

When they were walking in the mall, was she clinging to him and his body language was aloof to her?

Now I’ll address the elephant in the room: Indian guys.

Don’t toss your can of Red-Bullshit at your screen, just yet.

I get emails WEEKLY from Indian guys asking if they can still get white girls, so here’s your answer:

Yes and No.

“What kind of answer is that Christian??” you might be thinking, but hold up.

I’m close friends with a couple of different Indian guys.

Both pull mad hot white girls.

Both are successful in their personal lives. No, not doctors, but entrepreneurs.

They also have their STYLE on point. If you’re an Indian cat reading this right now and your style is shit, then go read this blog and don’t stop until your style screams swag and get some coaching from Tanner as well if you need it. No, I’m not an affiliate and he doesn’t even know I’m linking to him, but he’s the best in the field at what he does. 

Disclaimer: I’m not picking on Indian guys, but in fact helping them right now, so don’t get it twisted. I have some other races I’ll address in a second, so everyone is catching ‘heat’ today, even white guys because we have our own issues.

I’ve also had multiple Indian clients who some were open to being helped and some were not.

The underlying characteristic of the ones who couldn’t be helped was them being STUBBORN.

If you’re one of those guys, then check your ego if you really want to up your game to the level where you score blonde bunnies every weekend.

What happens is the ego gets in the way and men of ALL ethnicities say:

“But, but, but I don’t want to change who I am to get a girl!”

Let me explain some cold hard game truth: who you might be RIGHT NOW might be low value, boring and unattractive to women.

Don’t get mad and close out your browser, because this real talk is what will help you become the best man you can be.

The good news is you CAN change and improve yourself into the BEST man YOU can be.

Can you change your race? No.

Can you change your height? Not necessarily, but you can rock boots with Dr. Scholl’s inserts and gain a couple inches of height. Boom! There’s a golden tip for you.

Backing up a bit back to your value, understand that if you’re an Indian guy and if you really desire white girls, then understand that your game needs to change and you need to make your externals as cool as possible.

That means discussing your degree with them will dry their pussies up faster than you can say “pink pussy”.

That means wearing a button up from Sears stuffed into khakis will NOT get you laid.

That means not perfecting your accent so that you speak perfect English will become your biggest cockblock the moment you open your mouth. I didn’t say it was FAIR, but life ISN’T fair so deal with it.

That means if you don’t ditch your group of buds who are cockblocks and learn to roll out solo like a mysterious stranger then you can plan on just throwing away your game products and subscribe to Bang Bros porn.

Here’s what you want to do my friend:

  1. Get your style in order. This is crucial as fuck. I cannot stress it enough.
  2. Work on your accent even if you need to hire a voice coach to lose the accent. This will take WORK.
  3. Ditch the groups of cockblocking bros you roll with. Work on YOURSELF first, then lend a helping hand.
  4. Become a man of High Value. If you’re educated, then awesome, but learn to present that fact in an interesting manner. Don’t rattle off that you have two engineering degrees, because the white blonde chick does not give a fuck, she just want’s to know that you have your shit together.
  5. Develop a social circle OUTSIDE of your race. Both Indian cats I know who clean up have massive social circles of non-Indian friends. Think that’s harsh? Just keepin’ it real.
  6. Get your Game on point. The fact is, if you’re considered lower on the totem pole of the races (because of most girls preferences), then your game has to be even TIGHTER. Once again, I understand that’s frustrating, but that is the reality of it. Either sink or swim.


Alright, so let’s move on, because I have some brutal truth for white guys now.

White guys get a lot of flack for being white now. Yes, we actually do. Without diving into the politics of it, all one has to do is turn on the news (don’t waste your time) and see how every issue known to mankind right now is because of white males (*ahem*).

However, that’s not what I’m addressing right now.

The #1 issue I see with white guys in 2015 is that they act like weak ass beta bitch boys.

In fact, I’ve seen more masculine acting homosexuals than white guys.

In fact, I’ve personally been told by MULTIPLE girls that white guys today act like little bitches.

In fact, I’ve seen with my own two eyes white guys waving light sabers in the club and jumping up and down on couches with as much fervor as the 19yo girl who got in with a fake ID.

In fact, I personally seen the Great White Thirst (white guys with ZERO standards) beg, plead and bribe bitches who are 5’s at best.

White guys listen up: you have got to return to your roots of being strong males.

The main issue white guys are dealing with now is that white girls (and girls in general) only want the BEST white guys. So what does that mean?

That means you better man the fuck up, develop your game, raise your value and get in the top echelon of white guys. Just because you’re white DOES NOT mean the world is your oyster. Times are a changing.


My black ‘brothers’, I have much love for you, but I’m about to drop the hammer on you.

Black guys are experiencing more variety in the chicks they are pulling now more than ever, however, there are some issues to be addressed:

I already wrote an article about how black guys have better game than white guys here, but what I’ve noticed as of late is actually a certain arrogance.

Now before you flip out, note that MOST of my close friends are black, so this isn’t a race thing, this is my observations from being out and about with my black player friends.

While you guys are crushing the game right now, don’t rest on your laurels. Just like white guys and Indian guys need to develop themselves into the best men they can be, so should you.

The other issue I’ve noticed is the lower standards for no apparent reason.

There is no fucking reason for a 6’5″ jacked black guy with great style to be hitting on a sloppy 5 in the club. Realize your value. Raise your standards and start swinging for home runs with bad bitches, instead of sloppy 5s.

Moving on, I’m about to deliver some ‘blows’ to Asians, so here we go in 4…3…2…1

The #1 issue I’ve noticed with Asian guys is you fucking apologize too much. 

I understand the cultural differences (yes, I have Asian friends as well), but this passive, needy, apologetic frame many of you carry is detrimental to your sex life.

Nothing turns off a girl more than a guy being needy and apologetic. Stop fucking apologizing. I don’t care if your mother drilled it in your head 10 times a day everyday you lived at home, you need to stop that shit.

The other issue I’ve noticed is that some of you believe that because you MIGHT be smaller in stature, that working out is pointless.

I know some first-class Asian players. I’m talking real bonafide players and they all have the following in common:

  1. They dress well. (Notice a theme gentlemen?)
  2. No noticeable accent
  3. They hit the gym and develop at least an athletic body. You don’t need to be Arnold, but get SOME muscle on your frame
  4. They are successful personally
  5. They have VARIED social circles of non-asians
  6. They have real concrete game skills only learned by getting out and practicing over and over and over

Alright, that’s it.


Now that I ‘beat’ you all with some tough love (and it really does come from a place of love), I want to offer you some hope and some final strategy tips. Still with me? Awesome, let’s do this.

#1. Be proud of who YOU are. Whether you’re black, white, brown, tan, or even blue heh, hold your head high and have confidence.

Listen up:

If you despise your race, culture and skin color, you will never find happiness and never find real success with Game because girls will sense your self-loathing and will be repelled by THAT more than anything.

#2. Every single one us no matter our skin color should be focused on becoming the highest value males we can become. Your competition? YOURSELF. Become the best version of it. The more you increase your value the less resistance you will get from your ideal girls who might not be necessarily attracted to your type.

#3. Develop swagger. Swagger is color blind. Swagger is color blind. If you develop real swagger you will have ALL types of girls interested in you. Swagger is NOT dependent on looks. If you’re lost on how to do that, then listen to this podcast I did on it. Total fucking fire.

#4. Make sure your game is rock fucking solid. No more half-assed approaches. No more quasi-attempts. Get your game tight and the tighter your game is, the better you will do with your ideal type of girls even if they’re not necessarily attracted to your type.

#5. Develop your social circle. If you’re a cat who only sticks to who his race, then you’re cockblocking the fuck out of your options with girls. Mix it up. I hang with EVERY ethnicity and guess what? I have sex with every ethnicity of girls. This is a great way to get an ‘in’ with girls you might not usually have one with.

You black dudes can testify to this, so don’t even bullshit: you know you built a white social circle too in order to get with white girls. And it worked, didn’t it? I know.

#6. Get your style on point. I already addressed this for Indians, but I don’t care what you are, you need to make sure that you’re fresh to death and not just for girls: do it for YOU first and the girls will come.

#7. Get positive. The #1 common issue I’ve seen among coaching clients who were struggling before I helped them, was their negativity. If you think that the world is against you, then it will be. If you think that white girls hate you then they will. If you think models are unattainable, then guess what? They will be

If you got offended by this article then I ask you to do just one thing for YOURSELF: sleep on it.

Get up tomorrow and read it again, but read it with an open mind. I didn’t write this to incite any races, but instead to offer some God’s honest game truth that NO ONE wants to talk about.

I wrote this from a position of caring about each and everyone of you, no matter what race you are, or what your skin color is and I wish you all the best as you strive to become the best man you can be.



Ramp up your game skills here.

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16 Replies to “Does Your Race Hurt Your Game?”

  1. Christian, any specifics for white guys who want latinas? In terms of how you dress or behave?


  2. Where do you get this idea black men are great with women? 95% are fucking horrible and women are repelled by them. “hey bitch!” “What’s up mama?” WTF is that?


  3. I have to say that some of your observations are spot on. I am a girl of mixed race (white/black). I am pretty and for my age i appear at least 10 -15 years younger than I am. I am educated, intelligent, speak and dress well and am also a bit airheaded. I know I am exotic and this has been my experience – Black men, once they find out my ethnicity, act as if they are doing me a favor! Pfftht! Really, get over it, I am still a sweet treat that few can boast of…i see them looking at me even when they try to act nonchalant. / Asian men very rarely approach me, but when they do, they are often alpha types, or at least comfortable with themselves and I am open to the possibilities. / Indian and Middle Eastern men love me because they think I am from whatever country they hail from and yet i still look unique somehow. My problem with them is mostly cultural. I believe that they dont have much respect for western women and I am generally on guard in most of these encounters. (I was once stalked through home depot by an Indian man….clue, dont do this!) I worry, also that should I fall for such a man it would only be trouble as I will not fit into their culture. (Maybe my own issues). Latin men….yes, no real issues…i am latin crazy too! And my favorite are white males. You do have to bring your “A” game. 🙂 I dont think white guys are wusses, at least not the ones I grew up with. However, I think they have been conditioned to tone things down. Don’t! 😉 Be your wonderful, crazy, we used to rule the world and still rule most of it selves. When a white guy approaches me, I know he has stepped out of his zone of the familiar and I respect that and am receptive to the overture If they are polite, smart, relaxed and if I sense that they are cool headed but will be able to defend me should the need arise. : White men with accents. …”you had me at hello” 😉

    I also enjoyed your article on the facts of life and how to make your life the one you want. Fantastic blog. Thank you. 🙂


  4. Hi Christian:

    I just want to let you know that I have been reading the blog for quite a while. I have make some comments before and I have read some of your ebooks. I have been through some self development in the last 7 years. I really appreciate the time you give guys without charging a penny. I recently added you to instagram. I think you will understand the transformation I have made by looking at the pictures. The only part it doesn’ t reveal is the past and struggles, just the success. I hope one the day we can meet to thank you for all these material personally.


  5. Most of the Indian men who do well with white women are Indian men born in the West, rather than Indian men born in India. The former have fixed most of the problems addressed here.

    1) They lack the Indian accent.
    2) They are 4-6 inches taller than the FoB Indians, and are not puny (India is a toxic environment that greatly that prevents men from reaching full size).
    3) They dress well.
    4) They would never think of having B.O.

    The two groups are quite different. Even among first cousins (one being born in the West, the other in India).


  6. let me get your advice on something. A lot of men have a hard time getting an erection with a woman that they are not familiar with, so it makes casual sex basically impossible. How to get over this problem, so that a man can get an erection at will so he can fuck any woman?


  7. The white guy pussy syndrome is getting out of hand especially here in Chicago. A few stories.

    I met with a Polish girl last winter for a date. This girl was cocky for a Polish girl. Being in Chicago for 4 years gave her this sense of abundance. When I took her to the cocktail bar she was rotating her head looking at any guys that came through the door. Very disrespectful. So next time she turned her head I grabbed her face like a puppy that put something in its mouth. I faced her towards me and said “stay here with me” and kissed her. Her attitude did a 180 and her body crashed into mine. The rest of the night her body was folded into mine and I eventually took her home. She was venting her hate for the local guys saying how “guys in chicago are such pussies” her words. And I agree with her. It’s the dudes that are fucking girls up in the head with their pussiness to the point where girls default to disrespectful behavior even with alphas like me.

    This Friday I was at a bar with a friend. The place was empty but the bartender was this cute FOTB Serbian 25y. I had just been to the country and broke up with a Serbian so I was impressing her with my knowledge and lightly flirting. She was feeling it, leaning in to talk to me with strong eye contact.
    Then these drunk chumps crash the party. One guy starts talking to the girl about how he fell in love with her last month and he was looking for her all this time. That he made her uncomfortable but was sorry. He begins self deprecating and yelling that she is “sexy as fuck” “and your accent omg” making her uncomfortable. The whole vibe changes. So me and my friend decide to bounce and I tell her to get us the check and write her number on the tab. She gets the tab and holds up the pen to the paper and the drunk guy keeps yelling creepy shit. So she looks at her manager and and the communication was (don’t give your number to any of these creepy guys) and puts the pen down. She gives me the tab without the number. So I just smile at her and bounce.
    The point is that these white pussies are ruining it for the rest of us with game. Which is ironic because you would think that guys with less game would lessen competition.


  8. ^A LOT of great players are from Mexico. The direct game they spit and the frame they have is amazing. They have the abundance mentality and rarely pedastilize women. But the aggressiveness can get them in hot water with other Alpha men over there and thus fighting ensues…


  9. What has been your experience watching Slavic guys? They don’t have the smooth finesse of a slique Black American or salsa of a Latino but are more alpha than the typical white boy on average


  10. “she just want’s to know that you have your shit together.”

    Getting their

    “If you despise your race, culture and skin color, you will never find happiness and never find real success with Game because girls will sense your self-loathing and will be repelled by THAT more than anything.”

    Blue pill gold that is what being blue pill is to me. Red pill is the opposite and caring deep within yourself.

    “Get positive.”
    That is life and deep love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I rarely meet Hispanic cats with game issues. I’ve seen white girl fever where they love a ‘latin lover’.
      Use that natural machismo, develop swagger, dress well, build your lifestyle and play up the mysterious latin lover angle. Your exotic factor is your strength.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As a black male, What you said about our willingness to take average almost dirt looking women resonated deeply with me. I was a chump like that too; but I’ve grown out of it.

        My advise to my white Brothers is to be a gentlemen and a savage(savage in ruthlessness/cunning/ confidence/analytics/ when is comes to life&women)at the same time. Cater to your own needs, you see in a first person view because you’re playing a one player game (life)and you want to win! Come on my people(we don’t love thems h*oes)

        As rapper wale stated in a song “Long as your momma love you don’t ever love a women)


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