6 Infallible Truths Every Man Should Know

In life there are concrete truths that stand the test of time. These are facts that the sooner are grasped by a man the sooner he can learn strategy to ‘combat’ them. These truths are sometimes at best uncomfortable, but willfully ignoring them will only cause a man to experience more hardship.

#6. Life Is Not Fair

One of the biggest struggles that this generation is dealing with, is grasping that life is not fair. Coddled to the point of harm, many people today live frustrated at the disparity in incomes, social statuses and overall quality of life. Understanding that life is not fair and that’s just the way it is, will allow you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead spend your energy on creating a strategy to get the life you want.

We are all dealt a hand. What you do with yours makes all the difference.

#5. Everything Is Impossible If You Don’t Try

Want a guaranteed plan to stay average? Don’t try. Don’t attempt to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t take calculated risks. Everything in life will be impossible if you don’t try. A fundamental difference between those who succeed and those who do not, is the successful see a challenge and the unsuccessful see an impossibility.

I tweeted this over the weekend (not following me? change that) and it perfectly encapsulates this point:


#4. If You Look To Women To Be Your Everything, Then You Will Have Nothing

Women are the accompaniment to a well-lived life. Focus on your goals, be disciplined, and yes, enjoy the company of women, but don’t make a woman your life, or you’ll quickly lose yours. I wrote in the past more in-depth on this specific subject here.

#3. You’re The Average of Your Five Closest Friends

The famous quote from motivational speaker Jim Rohn is known by just about everyone (unless you’ve been living in a cave), however, how many of you have made an active effort to clear the friendship benches of toxic people in your life? The quality of people you surround yourself with, will either raise you to new heights, or drag you down into a pit of bullshit. It’s your choice. It always is.

#2. Good Things Do Not Come To Those Who Wait; It Comes To Those Who Take Action

The famous quote praising the virtue of waiting is about the biggest load of bullshit every reiterated by generation after generation. If you plan on waiting for your lucky moment to come so you can be successful, then you might as well accept defeat now. Good things come to those who take action and make great things happen. Don’t be a ‘waiter’. Be a doer.

#1. Just Because Someone Is Successful Doesn’t Mean They Are Right

It’s easy to see someone who is successful and then automatically assume they must be right about everything, however, people are people and people are fallible.

Daymond John (founder and creator of FUBU) turned down investing in UBER, as did Mark Cuban (because he thought the taxi cab red tape would be too much trouble). Both mega successful men; both were wrong. Consider the source, examine their track record and then make an educated decision. You might just be on to something great despite what the successful people are telling you.

Here’s to a great week gentlemen!

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