Weekend Game Tip: Examples of Frame In Action (VIDEOS)

Happy Friday gentlemen and I hope this post finds you in good spirits with a week of productivity in your rear view mirror and excitement for what the weekend may hold, but before you get dapper for a date or you roll out for the night, watch these videos below on Frame.

Some posts I could write until I’m blue in the face to explain certain game techniques and it still wouldn’t do the game technique justice and this is one of those cases. It’s much easier to learn certain game techniques through video and today’s post is an exemplary example of that.

The following videos are perfect examples of men holding frame with women. In other words, they aren’t pushovers and they stand their ground in a smooth, but firm way.

Watch, learn and adapt it to your own personality.

Example #2 “I think you need to move on”

In this video Daniel Craig is being interviewed by an obnoxious little tart regarding the new Bond film Spectre. She’s rude and childish and he plays it perfectly, although by the caption of the video (by the video makers) you would think that Daniel was oh so mean.

Note: YouTube removed the video, however there is a breakdown of it on this article (where it’s also been taken down). https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/news/daniel-craig-shuts-down-reporter-050500410.html?ref=gs

Example #1 “We? Is that the collective ‘we’?”

In this classic clip Marlon Brando utilizes frame beautifully while being interviewed by a sexy blonde reporter.

Now note that holding frame isn’t about just checking a girl if she’s being rude, or shit testing you, but is also used when FLIRTING. That’s right, frame is used to a great extent when flirting because you’re GUIDING the interaction.

Note the use of his gaze of how he looks deep into her eyes and when he playfully teases her and keeps bringing her back into his flirtatious frame, especially at the 2:30 mark. She almost cannot keep a professional demeanor as a reporter and you’ll note her body language often in the clip.

Note: at around 1:00 minute in is where the real point of the clip starts.

Have a great weekend and I’ll ‘see’ you Monday with a brand new post. Cheers.

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