Weekend Game Tip: What You Can Learn From Tyga Getting Dumped By Kylie Jenner

I could care less about celebrity news, however, every once in a while news stories get slammed in one’s face everywhere they look so you can’t help but get drawn in and read about it.

In this case, a famous couple provides a great real life example of what not to do in relationships.

Tyga is a rapper who had some hits a while back, included Rack City. Yes, even I would play it. It had a catchy beat and was relatively ‘alpha’ in nature. What’s more alpha then telling a chick to get out of the car on Las Vegas Boulevard and go make you some money? Heh.

Kylie Jenner is one of the never-ending sisters from the Kardashian clan. Her dad decided to turn into a woman and received awards for his ‘bravery’, however that’s neither here nor there.

I’m positive she has zero daddy issues. 🙂

So they’ve been dating. Everything is peaches and cream and then boom Tyga starts showcasing his neediness for the world to see.

It starts with him buying her a G-Wagon. Or rather, regifting a G-Wagon Benzo truck to her that he had given Black Chyna orginally, but then slapped a coat of paint on it. I digress.

Then he ups the ante and gives her a Lambo. I mean come on guys she’s 18 years old, so let’s start with a Lambo and have nowhere to go from there in the gift department.

Meanwhile she’s quickly building her empire including a subscription site and app that is bringing her in millions every month. Who knew subscription sites could be so profitable? Heh.

On the other side of the coin he’s slowly becoming less relevant in the rap game.

Lesson here:

ALWAYS focus on your career above the relationship. A woman does NOT want a guy whose life is built around her.

He then starts talking about marriage.

Somebody save him for his own sake.


Note the body language. She’s leading. Writing was on the wall.

Kylie, to you ole G’s who know better, understands that it will never work for two blatantly obvious reasons:

  1. She’s not from a traditional family (clearly) and certainly one that doesn’t value the gift of commitment. One or two of her sisters might be the exception, but do you really want that risk?
  2. Her age. If she was an Amish girl of 18yo and wanted kids and a family ASAP, then sure, but she’s not by any means: The girl has 42.6 MILLION Instagram followers. Do you really think you can compete with that amount of attention? She’s about to hit that stage of ‘experimenting’, excessive travel to ‘find herself’ and in the ‘just want to have fun’ mode. I’m not even knocking her, just stating facts.

So what happens?

She starts realizing that his value is LOWER than hers.

She jets off to Australia. Maybe she met a Thor lookalike who gave her gina’ tingles because he was aloof and didn’t act like her you know what was gold plated.

The news excuse is that Tyga did something and that’s why she dumped him, but put on your redpill glasses and think about it: he did do something.

He was too needy.

He gave too much way too soon.

He was more interested in being with her, instead of being about his business.

Does that mean Tyga doesn’t have game?

He could have great game in pulling a girl and let’s be clear: his fame comes into play, but having game to GET THE GIRL and game to KEEP THE GIRL are two different levels of game.

How does this relate to you?

If you’re in a LTR right now and you find yourself being too needy, giving too much and you can sense she’s pulling away, then do this:

Read this: The 41 Pussy Commandments

Print it out and read it every morning and night if you have to.

And lastly, but most importantly: if you don’t really have her converted and her begging for marriage, then don’t even think about popping the question. I can promise you it’ll blow up in your face.

Cheers to the weekend gents.

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6 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: What You Can Learn From Tyga Getting Dumped By Kylie Jenner”

  1. Well getting the girl is quite easier than keeping girl…most guys seem to ignore their frame once the get the girl.


  2. This kid definitely blew the wad way too soon and over a girl that would never be satisfied with the attention of one man. Less is more with women anyway-I’ve gotten girls way more infatuated with me by doing bare minimums and remaining aloof. It gets their hamster wheel spinning at mach 5. Lavishing them with gifts doesn’t give them the tingles. It’s a weak move of guys that don’t know their value. Mine as well just get a high end escort-same result and they don’t hang around.


  3. Some girls just can’t be kept no matter how tight your game is. Especially one on top of the social media whore pyramid. They live a life without consequence, and therefore are incapable of being loyal to any man. Necessity begets loyalty.


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