Episode #31 Special Guest: Loser2Winner.com How To Transform From Boy To Man


In Episode #31 of A Man In Demand Radio I interview the founder and creator of Loser2Winner.com, Brian, a young man, who through the power of game and self-improvement has transformed himself. In this insightful episode, Brian shares exactly what he did to recreate himself and in the process, escape depression and create a life of hope. We also covered everything from Kratom to online businesses to college life.

This is a packed one hour episode!

If you’ve been struggling with diving into self-improvement and you’re tired of feeling hopeless, then this episode will be a tremendous help for you.

Show Notes:

  • What it takes to split off from dead-beat friends and make a real life change
  • An in-depth discussion on Kratom, what it can do for you and is it something to try?
  • The best place to daygame and one ‘trick’ that will help you in your environment
  • How to get started talking to girls during the day
  • The necessary elements to transform from boy to man and how you can start right now
  • Making money online: great tips to get you started asap
  • And much more!

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Episode #31 Special Guest: Loser2Winner.com How To Transform From Boy To Man



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