This chick told me this is all she likes to do. She was right.

“I’m in town visiting from San Diego”, the cute Latina blonde quipped as she seductively sipped on her overpriced sex on the beach drink while batting her eyelashes at me.

Her eyes told the story.

Every experienced player knows ‘The Look’.

‘The Look’ is when a girl is communicating her real primal sexual desire for you through her eyes. A girl’s eyes will almost shine when this happens and it’s your situation to ruin.

“Ah that makes sense”, I replied, then gave her a long look up and down before returning her intense gaze.

This is a ‘move’ where you’re essentially creating intrigue in her. You’re basically saying without saying that you know something she doesn’t and it’s catnip to girls.

“What?” she giggled. “What makes sense?”

“Everything about you”, then took a long drag off my cig while maintaining eye contact with her.

Let the games begin…

“You mean my dress?” she stood up on her own accord and turned slowly to the side while doing that thing girls do where they cock their leg to make their legs look longer. I grabbed her hand and spun her around slowly while examining her body. One of my favorite ‘moves’ because it’s honest as fuck. I’m examining her and I’m not ashamed to do it.

I didn’t respond and so she decided to qualify herself again.

“You like what you see?”

“Not bad. Choice of shoes is suspect, but hell we can’t all be perfect”, I smirked, let go of her hand and shifted my body away from her peering intently out on the casino floor essentially ignoring her.

“You’re an ass” she retorted while lightly punched my arm.

In like Flynn.

Then I dropped the one golden word that is a gift to players around the world: “Relax”

“Don’t tell me to relax!” Her lips struggled with concealing a smile and all I could imagine was my cock sliding between those pillow plush lips.

I extended my arm around her waist and pulled her in close to my side. There was that look again.

“I will tell you to relax and you’ll obey me” I firmly, but softly said.

She melted, but not without a ‘fight’.

“Oh really mister? And if I don’t obey you?”

“You don’t want to know” I said, purposefully lowering my voice and pulling her in closer.

We were now the scene of the casino lobby bar, not because we were being obnoxious, but it probably resembled a scene out of a million films.

Then she told me what she wanted…

“I just want to have fun” she whispered in my ear.


“This is why you came here, isn’t it?” I said and before she could respond we were kissing.

The little mating ‘dance’ we did all was summed up into her statement of just wanting to have fun.

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s easy as a player to forget, that all these chicks want when they’re out on a date, or on a trip, or out on the town is to have FUN.

If you can learn to master the ‘game’ of fun, then you’ll see your lay rates increase rapidly.

Everything is a game and the more you learn to play the puppet master when you’re approaching and talking to girls, the better their responses will be.

Does that mean that you’re being a clown?

No. If you feel like you need to be a clown, then you’re not doing it right.

It means, *gasp*, YOU are having fun too!

But let’s say that you don’t find game particularly fun, well first off, that sucks, but hell some cats just don’t catch the game ‘bug’ as hard as other men do.


Here’s some tips to help you have fun when you’re doing it. Cuz let’s face it: if you want sex from pretty girls without paying for it, then you have to learn game and it might as well be fun for you.

#3. Make the moment  your focus, not your end goal  the focus

Look, I get it, you get it, every man gets it: you’re approaching her because your end goal is to have her bent over your bed, so we KNOW that’s the end goal.

But, when a guy doesn’t allow himself to be IN the moment with a girl, a couple of things happen automatically:

  1. He gets nervous
  2. He over analyzes the interaction

Neither are good for seducing a girl and both will make the interaction stiff and boring.

You know what I’m thinking when I approach a girl and start chopping it up?

Nothing. Not a damn thing. I’m just throwing out shit and seeing if she bites. My focus is on that exact moment in time.

#2. Am I Entertained?

Does she respond to my quips and more importantly my touch? (I’m physically escalating within 30 seconds or less)

In other words, I’m seeking MY entertainment.

I’m not approaching her to be her knight in shining armor.

I’m not approaching her to see if SHE approves of me. I’m approaching because I want to and she’ll either be down or not.

See the difference? Most mainstream dating advice is tailored so that men must always be looking to get approval from the girl. That’s the fastest way to go home alone.

The moment you get that you can have fun with this stuff by seeking to be entertained when you approach, is the moment you’ll find the true joy in game.

Now note, that I’m not talking about expecting her to be funny, witty and actually entertain YOU all night, but what I’m saying is, does she respond enough so you can have fun with her? Does she laugh at your jokes (even if they’re lame, it equals high attraction)?

Does she easily allow you to get swept up in the moment where time is suspended for a moment or two and the magic can happen?

This is all crucial when it comes to Creating a Bubble as well and ties in, although it’s a precursor to the ‘heavy’ version.

#1. Lighten Up

Here’s the deal gentlemen: the world isn’t going to end if she turns you down and the world isn’t going to rejoice if she’s down for the cause. It’s just not that serious.

If you find yourself being too serious, then look at the levity of the situation.

She might be rude. Laugh it off.

She might never look up from her phone. Laugh it off.

She might put her hand up in your face. Laugh it off.

She might turn her back on you. Laugh it off.

You just found out the girl existed mere moments ago when you scanned the bar. Can her opinion of you really affect you that much to ruin your night?


She might laugh at all your jokes.

Respond perfectly to your teasing.

Start kissing you within the first couple minutes of meeting you.

Have sex with you that night.

It can go a few different ways and once you’ve experienced them all, then it almost becomes funny because you’ll start to realize that their acceptance or rejection of you is unoriginal.

It’s more than likely going to fall into that pattern, so be like water trying to reach its source, laugh off the rejections (and mean it. It is HER loss anyways) and like the rap song, adopt the mantra of ‘On To The Next One’.

The less serious you take these girls the more fun you can have with it and your success rate will increase.

Lastly, once you know that there will be tons of girls AFTER this approach (and for you experienced players how there were tons of girls BEFORE this approach), then you realize that she’s just another girl in a long line waiting to ride your cock. This helps relieve the pressure to perform and helps with adopting the Law of Abundance.

There will always be more girls and it’s always within your power to approach them.

Have a great weekend gents, be safe, and remember to have fun with game. It really is a blast when you’re doing it right.

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  1. Cool article. To add to the first point, learn to be comfortable with your desire and the tension. Focusing on the fuck can come from a fear of enduring and letting yourself feel the tension.


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