Episode #33 How To Be Cool (PART 2)


In Episode #33 of A Man In Demand Radio I continue this two-part podcast series with How To Be Cool (Part 2). The blog posts can be found here: How To Be Cool (Part 1 and Part 2), but I go into even more detail in this two-part podcast series.

Part 1 can be listened to here.

Show Notes:

  • Being cool isn’t always about what you’re doing, but what you’re NOT doing. I break this down inside.
  • The difference between being a ‘strong and silent’ type vs. a ‘confident and strong type’. What do people respond to more? The science behind this doesn’t lie.
  • How to give the gift of absence and how that amplifies your cool factor
  • Is exposing your weaknesses a strength or a weakness? I tell you about the difference and how limited exposure can actually be conducive to your rep
  • The power of being a connector: this is next level info
  • The one thing that differentiates men from boys and how to go about doing it the right way
  • One party ‘trick’ to keep your presence in demand
  • Doers and Sayers: which one do you think is actually cool and who gets shit done?
  • The final aspect of being cool and why it’s crucial for your success
  • And much, much more!

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Episode #33 How To Be Cool (PART 2)



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