2016 is upon us…

Happy New Year gentlemen.

2016 is going to be an incredible year for you. Own it. Believe it. Make it happen.

I woke up today sans hangover feeling good. I had one drink at midnight to toast the new year and was home and in bed by 1am lol. Could I be getting old heh…

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Cigars are to be smoke or chomped on, but ask Bill what he does with em… 😉

To kick off 2016, I’m opening up two game system carts for a limited time.

Many of you emailed me asking for me to open up the cart in 2015, but I promised I wouldn’t until 2016, so here you go.

CONVERT Deep Conversion Game System and Get Laid Tonight Speed System carts are now both open for purchase. I could go on and on about how great they are, but why not hear from users themselves?

“Busting through it right now.  Honestly wasn’t going to go through it until a later date when I got some time.  Only bought it now just to stay loyal to my people.  But I started it and now I can’t stop and am making time to finish it.  This is by far your best stuff bro.” -CONVERT User


“The system is great, the lines are great. This system shined the light on the bullshit indirect game I’ve been unsuccessfully running lately. I would imagine most guys go the indirect route. If that is you, then I’d say drop a few hours worth of cash and buy the program. It’s worth it.” -GLT User

Click on the logos below to snag your system before the cart closes.

          cropped-convert-logo.png                      Logo3-1-1024x512I’ll be returning to posting regularly in about a week and will update then.

Expect more lifestyle posts that are deeper and longer in length.

It doesn’t mean I won’t post about game, but I’ll be writing some new articles this year that will you help you become a well-rounded man covering a range of topics that affect all of us ranging from How To Deal With The Police, to How To Buy A Car.

Yes, that seems like a massive range, but these are areas that we all deal with at some point in our life no matter what for the most part. I’m excited to share my experiences with the idea that my mistakes and successes will better help you become the man you want to be.

Until then, welcome to 2016 and let’s start this year off by grabbing the new year by the balls and making it our bitch.

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  1. Happy 2016 to you McQueen from Chi-town! Keep up the great work here-looking forward to bitch slappin the new year.


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