How Being The Llama Can Help Your Body Language With Girls In Pictures

Have you seen this pic before? photo (4)

Every time I see it I about die from laughing.

A client of mine and I in Vegas one time couldn’t stop laughing about this damn pic to the point where a girl walked over and asked what the hoopla was about.

The ease at which the llama is staring back at the camera while his maniac, but hysterical friends surround him, is a classic example of how to take a pic.


“How can a picture of a llama with some party guys help my body language with girls, Christian?”

Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Note how the llama is relaxed, but poised and his concentration is NOT on the guys around him? They’re hovering over him making him what?

The center of attention.

Now for just a moment let’s forget the fact that he’s a llama on the streets of France and let’s act like that’s totally normal…it’s unmistakable who the ‘alpha’ of the group is: the llama.

Now let’s switch gears and see how this can help you with girls, using some photos of mine with girls as examples. For each photo I’ll break down my body language and the girls’ body language to explain the power of body language.

Example #1.

I dated fucked the one on the right (yes, the one with sexy lips) for a couple of months, then she couldn’t handle my crazy ways anymore (understandably).

5zJPVkT - Imgur

Now note my body language with BOTH girls: I have my hands around both of their waists, just above their asses. Some guys would think, ‘well, if he’s dating the girl on the right, why is his arm around her friend too?’. And here’s the answer…you ready?

Because they are in MY space. 

When you enter my space as a female, then you can expect that I will draw you in with my energy and dominance. If you are that close, then clearly you want me to embrace you. 

Now note HER body language: she’s literally hanging on to me like a Koala bear on a tree after snacking on weed leaves for an hour. I didn’t tell her to do that. She just did. In fact, if you look at her face, she almost has a defensive look on it as though she’s communicating “HE’S MINE!”, although she wasn’t even the one I was dating fucking. Ms. Sexy Lips is more chill in her body language with me, because she knew we were together.

Who’s the llama in the photo? Me of course. I’m smiling, but it’s from a position of being relaxed and giving a total of ZERO fucks. This is key, because at the end of article I’m giving you a bulletin point breakdown of what to do in photos with girls.

Example #2.

Here’s myself and a couple of friends a Vegas pool party. We had just met the girls maybe a mere five minutes before this pic was taken. Yes, I’m wearing douchebag white sunglasses, which I thought were a good idea at the time heh, but let’s examine HOW I’m using body language to communicate.

I’m purposefully standing on the RIGHT side of the photo (your left), because I know my right side is my good side. Hint: you should know your angles. My right side is my ‘better’ side so I prefer to take photos with my right angle, or straight on. Know your weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths. My right arm is also bigger ha.

Note MY right hand placement on the girl in front of me: It’s precariously close to her promise land. Now remember, I’ve ‘known’ this girl maybe 5 minutes if that. I’m relaxed and being chill. I’m not tripping out about a half-naked girl cocking her ass close to my schlong.

photo 1

Now note HER body language and her Asian friend’s: Her Asian friend has her tiny hand around my waist. You might have to squint, but you can see it right above her friend’s elbow.

If you didn’t the story behind this photo, then you could almost imagine that the girl in the blue striped bikini in front of me is my girlfriend. She wasn’t of course, but the point is it communicates VALUE to the other girls in the club/bar/venue.

Once again, if a girl is in YOUR space, you take ‘ownership’ of her in your body language. Think of yourself as being a magnet and chicks are paper clips orbiting your dick.

Example #3.

Met this chick in Hollywood at a club and she was visiting from Australia. Let’s just say it’s nice ‘Down Under’ ha.

In this photo I’m tired, I look like I have a gut (probably ate crap before going out) and that shirt is wrinkly and looks like shit.

Doesn’t matter, because I’m one strong ‘magnet’.

Now note MY body language: relaxed to the point of looking bored, but my left hand is firmly around her waist ‘tucking’ her into me and it actually looks like my thumb has disappeared into her shirt to find those gorgeous breasts. You can’t tell in the pic, but she had incredible tits I must say.


Now note HER body language: this girl is used to taking photos (as cute girls usually are), by how her arm is perfectly cocked out, but not the use of her RIGHT arm and hand. She’s draped around my shoulders with her hand on my deltoid.

Pro-Tip: look at how girls use their bosom aka stomach when they take pics with you. Do they almost push it into your stomach? This is her body saying “Give me your seed motherfucker!” and is a good sign of a girl ready to get fucked.

Example #4.

Here is another girl I had good times with (fill in the blank) and here we’re out after having known each other maybe a week.

Note MY body language: since there’s some slight history there (a week), I’m showing a tender side with my face touching against hers, but I’m nonchalant in my facial expression and my arm is draped around her in a ‘ownership’ fashion.


Note HER body language: she’s swept up like jello. In the moment, happy and conforming to my body language.

Example #5.

Here’s two girls who are/were friends at the time and myself at a club.

Note MY body language: slightly cocky, but centered physically. Remember the llama: CENTER OF ATTENTION. Once again my arms are around BOTH girls, even though I was only fucking one of them. Can you guess which one?


Now note the HER body language: if you guessed correctly, then you noted that the girl I fucked had HER hand around my neck. This is her subconscious way of saying “He’s mine!”, even though it was a casual FWB situation. Now her friend had no problem shoving her breasts into my side as the pic shows and there’s another story there, but some things are best left unsaid. 😉

Example #6.

I don’t discriminate. If you’re a hot girl, I don’t care if you’re black, yellow, white, brown, or purple; jump on Daddy’s lap darlin’. Here’s a sexy black girl who’s clearly into me. I had met her maybe 10 minutes before.

Note MY Body language: cool as cucumber almost oblivious to her kissing my neck, except for my left hand that’s gently touching her face. I’m looking at the camera while she’s focused on the llama me. I have a slightly cocky smirk on my face…notice a theme here?


Note HER body language: her knees are jabbing into my leg, her right boob is smashed against me and her face, well you can see for yourself. She was a very pliable ‘paper clip’.

Pro-Tip: start noticing a girl’s legs and her knees and where they are pointed at when you’re sitting beside her. If they’re pointed TOWARDS you, then she’s probably feeling you. If her legs/knees are pointed AWAY from you then she could subconsciously not be feeling you.

Example #7.

Ah good ole’ Vegas where sexy girls are just waiting to be swooped up. This chick I met at XS about 5 minutes before this pic was taken. Actually, I think it was around 2-3 minutes before. Yes, I work fucking fast and you should too. Learn how here.

Now note MY body language: my impish grin gives away my thoughts here because I was imagining bending that sexy ass over, so I’m not as chill here, however, I’m standing tall like an oak tree (although I’m resting my LEFT elbow on the railing aka leaning literally BACK) and she’s fully turned into ME, the llama. My left hand is around her waist and pulling her in, but in the snap of the camera she’s pulling into me even harder thus my hand got some ‘air’ on her waste and isn’t firmly placed.

photo 1 (1)

Now note HER body language: is there really a need to explain this photo? I love Vegas.

Example #8.

This is a perfect example of my magnet giving zero fucks. These sexy girls are drunk, as am I in this photo, however it’s about as clear as day that I’m not the friend-zone. Now think about that for a moment: whenever you take a pic with a girl, will people who don’t the story think you’re friends, or lovers?

Note MY body language: it’s pretty hard not to note it ha, and this is pretty extreme, but it was on and I wasn’t leaving without them. Hence the barbaric style “I’m a Viking and I’m taking you girls home no matter what” physicality.

My eyes have a sort of challenge look to them and I’d be curious as to who was taking the photo. I don’t remember, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a guy and I subconsciously was saying ‘fuck off’ with my eyes. Or I could have just been drunk ha.


Now note the GIRLS body language: the one on the right is poised enough to throw up a smile, but her body is turned into me. Granted, my arm is around her neck, but you get the point. Fun cute as fuck girls.

Example #9.

This is a key pic because it shows how girls behave when in a group: like bees, or sheep.

Note MY body language: I’m standing tall, but almost cocked back from the waist up. My arms are as usual around both girls. Yes, I kissed 3/4 of them and fucked one of them. Can you guess who? I have a chill smile that says “I know”.


Now note the GIRLS body language: look at their KNEES and LEGS. Only one DOES NOT have her leg cocked towards me and guess who I didn’t kiss? Bingo. Body language matters. Start looking for clues in female’s behavior.

Pro-Tip: this is a BIG tip that I’ve never shared to my knowledge and it’s a bang-up good one! How do you get that ‘I know’ look when taking a photo?

Imagine that you’re about to fuck the camera? Huh??! Yes, imagine the camera is a beautiful pussy and you’re about to fuck it. You’ll subconsciously seduce the camera with a perfectly placed smirk. Try it out. Practice makes perfect.

Example #10.

This chick I met at a club as well and this pic is around an hour after meeting her. She is a model and knows how to pose, however let’s break this down.

Note MY body language: it’s hard to see my face heh, but I’m not even smiling. I’m stoic if you will. I’m relaxed and leaning back against the couch.


Now note HER body language: she’s fully INVESTED in me even though I’ve only known her max an hour. She’s a pro model so there’s control of her body in the sense she knows how to pose, however, it’s not a shoot and she’s not getting paid. She’s met a guy in the club and an hour later wants to cozy up to him. Her hand is on my chest in an almost tender fashion, but let’s look at her leg/knee. Yep, point in to the point she’s basically resting it on my cock. I fucked her that night.

Pro-Tip: whenever you’re taking pics with hot girls, RELAX. For some dudes they do a hoverhand because they’re in shock a sexy girl wants a pic with them. For other dudes they try to look tough. How about being the llama? You’re a cool motherfucker, you know it, don’t have to prove it and she’s in YOUR orbit. I.e. YOU ARE the magnet and she’s drawn into YOU. 

Example #11.

Here’s a photo with porn star Jenna Jameson.

Now note MY body language: I hate my smile here, looks fake as fuck, but my hand is around her lower waist and I’m turned OUT towards the camera. This kind of behavior becomes habit with practice and eventually INSTINCT so you don’t even think about it. It just becomes a part of you, just like Game.


Now note Jenna’s body language: she’s fully invested in ME on the verge of kissing my face. I didn’t tell her to do that. When you become a strong magnet, paperclips (chicks) will be drawn to you no matter who they are.

Example #12.

Here’s an example of stripper ‘love’. I was out with 5 strippers on a Sunday night. Yes, that’s 5 strippers on a Sunday and they wanted a pic outside of the club. I had been banging the one for a couple of weeks and was itching for her friend, but it never panned out.

Now note MY body language: about as llama as one can be. Sure, I’m smiling (and definitely buzzed), but zero fucks are given, I know I’m the prize and this chick is driving me nuts.


Now note the GIRLS body language: well for one, the girl I was itching to fuck is on the OTHER SIDE OF ME. Oops! Her friend, who I was fucking, is holding onto me for dear life. She must have known. So you can see this pic isn’t all positive. I should have had her friend on my other side, but I didn’t. Body language matters.

Example #13.

I met this girl at a friend’s table at a club. This is after having known her around 30 minutes to an hour. The picture is small, but you get the idea.

Now note MY body language: relaxed and chill.

Now note HER body language: she’s turned into me, her stomach is close to mine, but not as close as it could be and her hand gives it away. She’s resting her hand on my chest/neck and has a beaming smile. Body language matters.

Example #14.

In this final example here’s a pic of me and a girl at a club. I had met her maybe 5 minutes before I believe.

Note MY body language: I look pretty peppy in this pic, but my crew and I had just gotten to the club, ordered a bottle and were hitting that sweet spot of the night. I have my hand by her neck/face in a clear sign of dominance and ‘ownership’. Alas, we lost each other so I didn’t ‘own’ shit after the fact, but you get the point.


Now note HER body language: it’s hard to tell in the pic, but she’s turned into me. She was quite a demure and poised girl which is curiously rare.


Alright gents here’s a recap of the article:

  • BE the llama. He’s cool, calm, collected and the FOCUS of everyone around him.
  • You are the MAGNET and chicks are PAPERCLIPS who want your dick.
  • Start looking for subtle clues with girls’ body language, notable her LEGS and KNEES. Where are they pointing? This is BIG.
  • Know YOUR camera angles. Which one is best for you? Or are you one of the blessed people who look great from any angle?
  • When taking photos IMAGINE the camera is a beautiful pussy and you’re about to fuck it. This will help you seduce the camera. Try it. Practice it. Make it your best fucking friend.
  • RELAX when taking photos with hot girls. Remember, YOU are the prize and the magnet, not the other way around. You ain’t no paperclip son!
  • Is a chick pushing her bosom aka her stomach into when taking pics? She’s ready to get fucked NOW. So go and do.

What are your tips for showing confidence through body language in pics with girls? Leave a comment below.

Go get laid tonight here.

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  1. You’re a true player my brotha. I know some guys will hate on you but I prefer to give kudos to my fellow boys that can score the top shelf poon. Keep spreading the word and the swagger so more guys can enjoy the same success.


    1. Especially if you do online dating. One tip that works incredibly well is make your main profile photo a picture of you with a girl, but crop her out leaving just a small portion of her face/hair. It’s subtle preselection at work.


  2. Solid advice. I actually looked at my past photos of girls that I fucked vs those I didnt. In girls that I banged I have the Llama look and those that I didn’t I have some shit eating grin that took me a lot of concentration to put on leading up to the camera flash. But I think it’s more a product of mindset than something that can be taught.

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