Carey Grant, A Hot Blonde and Road Rage

A Porsche once gave me a chub. Not a full-blown boner, but a firm chub. No one believes that story, but it’s true. I spotted a sick vintage Porsche and I felt a rustling in my briefs. Nuts.

I love cars. That’s no secret to many, but it’s rare for me to discover a new car that makes me drool.

The Sunbeam Alpine is one such car.

I was watching To Catch A Thief, a great classic film starring Carey Grant and the car the dame drives is a Sunbeam Alpine and it’s one helluva car. There’s a scene where Cary and her are racing through the French Riviera in said car being chased by the popo. It’s a great scene and Alfred Hitchcock (the director) did a helluva job with the visuals.

Here’s some pics of the car.



Can you say panty dropper?

Here’s a still of Carey getting freaked out by her driving. Ha, can’t we as men relate? Women tend to be maniacs driving. Scratch that. They’re maniacs anyway.


Here’s a short video clip from the chase when Carey gives her the death stare for her driving. Hilarious.

Here’s Carey putting the moves on the blonde hottie.


As for the popo chasing em…


This car is rare as fuck, but now it’s on the bucket list. That and a dip around the French Rivera with a hottie beside me. No, she won’t be driving.

Excellent movie that really captures the playboy lifestyle. Carey has some good game in it as well.

It’s hard to find these older movies, but if you google the title, plus ‘free’ you might just find it online. *Ahem.

Turn off the modern-day trash movies and turn on the classics.

You’ll learn how to dress.

You’ll learn how to spit game.

You’ll see what possibilities your future can hold.

I almost forgot. When I was a bright-eyed 18 yo lad, I was riding shotgun, while an equally bright-eyed 18yo cute farm girl was driving. It was snowing lightly out and as we headed towards a small bridge I told her to slow down. Of course, being a young chick she didn’t listen. We quickly approached the back of another car who had wisely braked and her futile attempts to slam on the brakes did nothing to slow us from sliding into them. She cried. I wanted to laugh and curse at the same time, but I stayed eerily calm for my young age. I handled it well and later that night fucked her in the ass using Vaseline as lube. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Oh, and it wasn’t in some cool place like the French Riviera. Nah, it was in boring Indiana and this was the car she was driving. Sigh.


This post originally appeared on my other blog. Since I don’t have the time to manage two different blogs, I’m merging those posts onto this site. Enjoy.

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