The Epidemic Striking Men Today

There is a widespread epidemic that is striking men down in droves in 2016.

It started a few years ago and has intensified to massive proportions.

The bad news is that many men have it. I’m talking a good portion of the world’s male population are infected with it.

The good news is that it is curable.

To show you an example of this epidemic, I’ll tell you the story of Troy.

Troy is an average looking man, with an average job and overall an average life. Troy is 28 years old and is infected with this disease.

Troy is out at a bar one night and the first signs of the disease start to reveal themselves when he interacts with an attractive blonde.

He notices her across the bar smiling, laughing and casting flirtatious glances at every man in sight. To the experienced player’s eye she’s DTF. She doesn’t need a date, she doesn’t need a bouquet of flowers and she most certainly does not need to be serenaded outside her window. She needs to get fucked.

Troy ambles without purpose over to the bar close to her to order a drink. She gives him a broad smile (remembering he’s just an average looking cat) and cocks her hip to one side. In the mating dance this means she’s showing her body off to him for approval.

Troy hesitantly darts his eyes around her, but never makes eye contact WITH her and then orders his drink.

He then takes out his super cool smartphone and blasts off a text to his best friend, Mark.

Hey bro I’m at the bar and a girl smiled at me. Should I approach her?

His buddy responds right away: Of course man. Just go up and open your mouth. Say anything.

What his buddy hasn’t realized is that Troy is infected.

What is this disease I’m writing about you may be wondering?

The disease is called OVER-ANALYZING and it has infected millions of men around the world.

Now I understand that common sense isn’t so common anymore, however, it’s getting out of control with the amount of over analyzing going on with men today.

Here’s what I’ve been noticing between forum discussions, emails I receive and talks with clients:

“A girl has expressed interest in hanging out. Should I?”

“A girl grabbed my cock on the dance floor. Do you think that means she wants to fuck?”

“My girlfriend disappeared the other night on her ‘girls night’ out and said her phone died. Today she acted extremely distant to me and had to go by CVS for some reason. What does this mean?”

“I texted a girl three times and she never responded. Do you think I should text her again?”

Now granted, these examples might seem extreme, but they are just slight variations on VERY REAL scenarios.

The reality is that any player who becomes great understands the value of good ole common sense. In fact, common sense is necessary for a player to reach his potential. Common sense is necessary to overcome the cockblock that over analyzing creates.

She doesn’t text you back after 3 texts AND your phone says ‘Read’. Delete her damn number.

Your girlfriend was out all night, her phone happened to die (it’s 2016, what girl doesn’t have a charger, hell there was a girl with a phone charger in her pussy at Art Basel. See pic below) and now she needs to run by CVS to “pick up something” AND she has an attitude the next day? Odds are she hooked up with a guy and had to swoop some Plan B.


A girl grabbed your cock on the dance floor? This might be a stretch, but pretty damn sure that’s her way of saying take me to the bathroom and fuck me NOW.

You get a girl’s number, she texts back right away saying “Yea, let’s hang out soon! :)” and you’re unsure if she wants to hang out?

Stop the damn over analyzing. It will cockblock you.

How come ‘Caveman Game’ works so well? Because there is ZERO analyzing going on.

It’s Caveman sees hot girl. Approaches and rambles. Grabs her ass. Takes her home.

The reason it’s so effective is because it allows a man the freedom to be a man: direct, aggressive, leading and going for what he wants.

Now here’s the deal: you don’t want to have to depend on alcohol to get into that state. You want to kick over analyzing out of your brain on its ass and just DO.

The classic and famous Nike slogan is brilliant despite it’s simplicity: JUST DO IT.

I’ll add to that: JUST FUCKING DO IT NOW.

The days of over-analyzing need to be over, unless we’re talking about MAJOR life decisions. Then sure, analyze until you’re blue in the face to a certain extent, but approaching a girl is a TINY BLIP in your life. It’s just not that serious, so fuckit, go!


Don’t over think it because that leads to questioning yourself and then usually talking yourself out of it. Don’t belabor the point.

Look at the girl’s actions:

She smiled? Go.

She glanced over? Go.

She looked at you for a millisecond? Go.

She DIDN’T look at you? Go.

A man in demand is a man who GOES. He doesn’t over think. He doesn’t over-analyze. He just does it.

On another note this relates to other areas of a man’s life too.

“Should I workout and what TYPE of workout should I do?”

I’ll sit on BodyBuilding(dot)com for 3 hours trying to find the perfect workout, then another 2 hours looking through supplements before I decide.


You could drop and do push-ups and dips on the kitchen counter until failure. If you want a supplement make it easy on yourself. “Oh, this one is top-ranked and has 34,891 Five-star reviews. Odds are it’s a good one. Click the Order Now button and be done with it in five minutes.

I can guarantee you if you break the bad habit of over-analyzing about common sense scenarios your game will skyrocket, you’ll become more successful in many areas of your life and you’ll be happier.

A hesitant man is an unhappy man.

A doubtful man is an unattractive man.

A over-analyzing man is a man who doesn’t get laid.

This weekend dedicate in your mind that you’re going to JUST DO IT. Go. Take action. You will learn more by doing, then sitting around contemplating and analyzing. You can do it, I’m in your corner. Now go and do.

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